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Ensure a "wow" reaction from your guests by serving food in a unique way. These practical yet elegant trays will be the means of serving food and cocktails in style, while allowing you to easily move from kitchen to dining room.
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Trays: Unique and Original Style

A unique and original style makes one's home particularly elegant and the realization of this style happens through the attention to details and the choice of unique and very decorative items in every room of the house. The kitchen, which is always the most lived environment, is the beating heart of the house and it is in here that we need everything to meet the needs of our family.

The kitchen is also where you need to surround yourself with beautiful and functional objects, because it is the place where the family gathers together, or where to go for a quick snack or a coffee during the day. In this section you can find everything you need for cooking and for the table, to prepare impeccable lunches and dinners, for both formal and informal occasions.

Multiple Trays for Multiple Needs

Due to these multiple needs, trays are indispensable in a well-functioning house. Trays are useful in the preparation of the table, to move glasses, plates and cups from one place to another, and to bring dishes for lunch or dinner in another room or outside or wherever we want to have our meal. They can also be used as serving dishes to be put on display on the table. Moreover, some of these trays are bed trays, meaning they have foldable supports that allow to eat comfortably in bed. The trays can be made of ceramic, wood, plastic, silver, glass and even marble. The latter are very versatile because, by turning them, you can use them as cutting boards and you can serve cold-sliced meat directly on the tray. Others, such as those in stainless steel, are very innovative because they retain the heat, they can be fitted with a lid, for keeping the food warm, and you can also put them in the oven to heat the food directly in the tray, since they are heat-resistant.

The trays’ world is a world itself

A whole universe of different shapes and colours ranging from plain colours, to pastel shades, to the more flamboyant and bold shades of red and blue. Their design is very important in order to match them with the surrounding furniture: we will have finely decorated trays of glass, silver or ceramic for more classical and romantic furnishings, with harmonious shapes that are perfect for setting up a stylish and original table. Or there are trays with pure and linear shapes that are perfect in their simplicity for a minimalist decor. Trays are small masterpieces to serve tea or coffee to your guests, to bring out the colour of the food that you put on the table or to exhibit the delicacies that you have prepared.

The tray is meant exactly to do that: to ensure the enhancement of the dishes and to stand out as an original and decorative object when it remains empty on display on the table. And it is also a useful item, since it allows you to easily bring on the table everything you need. Today, trays have a very innovative design: they are classy objects designed in a new, modern and sometimes surprising way, like the tray that has been created with a pouf that serves as a small table to put it on full of aperitifs, drinks and snacks. Some trays have also some useful holes to grab them in a comfortable and safe way; others are made of recycled materials, which together with a very original design make these products unique in their style.

Trays can also be used as decorative elements, but they are also perfect to serve tea or coffee when needed. These trays are made of felt, obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles and fibres extracted from recycled materials. And those made of porcelain are also beautiful, made with an original and stylish look for those who love classic lines and furnishings with a romantic and vintage style. These recall the oriental porcelain, and they are perfect in their style to amaze guests with their design reminiscent of the past but projected into the future thanks to a high level of functionality. In these beautiful trays, divided between Eastern and Western decorations, past and present merge in one object to stay together forever.