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Decorative lamps and shine objects

Light objects and furniture, technique and imagination. The choice of the perfect lamp does not only respond to the need to illuminate a room, it is fundamental to create a unique and special atmosphere.
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Luminous Objects

Luminous objects are essential complements in any home as they are useful to illuminate, to create amazing light games and to complement the interior or exterior design of the house. Among the many elements to be taken into account for the purchase of the lamps for our home, safety is very important: each element must be compliant with the standards, made of safe materials, durable, innovative and high-quality.

Among the many luminous objects for the house there is the table lamp Bubo designed and produced by Slide with the collaboration of the famous designer Fabio Rotella. It is available in orange and white and it has the shape of a cute owl. Bubo forms part of the lamp collection by Slide inspired to the animal world.

The lamp has an original design, lively, informal and casual. It is very original and colourful, has a cheerful style and it is able to add a touch of alternative domestic and sobriety to any room. The lines are soft and the lamp can be placed both inside and outside the home, so as to give a touch of originality. The owl lamp is entirely made of polyethylene worked with the rotational mold technique. It is 44 cm high, 24 cm long, and 26 cm deep, and it weighs 3 kg.

Luminous Objects by Seletti 

The floor lamp Lightree, also made by Slide, is entirely made of polyethylene, worked with the rotational molding technique. It is 45 cm high, 30 cm wide, 12 cm deep and has a weight of 2 kg. This complement represents a mix of all the key elements for the producing company that always aims at creating products that provide an essential but adequate light and at the same time ensure a perfect livability of the room and the maximum comfort and relaxation.

This lamp is functional and presents a design that allows you to decorate any corner of the house, illuminating and furnishing it to at its best. It presents a unique and innovative style. It has an original design, unusual and cutting-edge. Lamps plays a fundamental role in the house: an element that become the center of the attention in an ironic way and at the same time is able to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The Christmas tree-shaped lamp (available in red, white and green) is stylized but with sharp and clean lines; its style is very elegant and refined. The Lightree lamp is suitable for any room of the house (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom), and for any style (modern, classic or contemporary). A very important thing is that the floor lamp Lightree can be used with energy saving light bulbs, always keeping a strong visual impact.

The table lamp Peggy, designed and built by Slide, presents a very peculiar shape: a transparent polyethylene pig that is 40 cm high, 32 cm wide, 42 cm deep and weighs 3 kg. Installed in any room, the table lamp Peggy is very witty and cheerful, and able to keep away boredom and monotony by making the living room (or the bedroom or bathroom) very original and unique. It is shock resistant, non-yellowing, at it can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

Moreover, it is not dangerous since it is made in accordance with safety standards. It spreads the light evenly, it is cheerful, humorous and its design is inspired to the animal world. The manufacturer has decided to create a product that combines usefulness, functionality and fun. A very original luminous object, inspired by the desert, is the floor lamp Cactus by Slide. The design is modern and attractive, the lines are soft, sinuous, lively and fun. What makes this lamp original is the combination of shape and colour: a green cactus with red flowers on it, placed in a light brown vase. The style is very sophisticated and exclusive, and the visual impact is remarkable to the point that this lamp transforms completely the room in which it is placed.

The LED light is produced by a 15-watt bulb E27 and creates a truly magical atmosphere. The style and design of this furnishing element make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The functionality and versatility of this lamp are given by its countless possible uses: in the afternoon, when it’s dark, it serves as a lamp; but when it is switched off it can also be used as a coat hanger, and in any case it is a great piece of furniture of its kind. It is safe, it complies with current legislation in matter of safety, it is easy to clean, made of polyethylene and quite small in size (height 130 cm, width 54 cm, depth 42 cm and a total weight of about 5.5 Kg).

The lovers of white and simplicity, of a pure and unmistakable style, can opt for the white floor lamp There, created by the designer Alessandro Mendini on behalf of the company Slide. It consists of circular shapes that intersect and merge with each other to create an original and unique structure. The lines are very soft and are intended to lighten the entire structure, making it smooth but at the same time appealing and unique. The lines also create games of light and shadow, solids and voids that seen as a whole give rise to an abstract form. The lamp There is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, and it perfectly matches any style (modern, contemporary, classic). There is made of polyethylene worked with the rotational molding technique. It requires about 14 hours to charge up, and it has an average duration between 8 and 24 hours. On demand, you can buy the lamp with translucent or lacquered finishes. A piece of furniture with abstract forms, 100% recyclable, cutting-edge, ironic, with clean lines and a strong visual impact. A star of the house that gives it a further touch of originality, harmony and peculiarity.

Original Luminous Objects 

Studio Eero Aarnio has created the Double Bubble M table lamp in order to create a functional and versatile luminous object, able to adapt to any room of the house creating some sort of harmony and adding a touch of originality. A modern, simple, charming and cheerful point of light; these are the elements on which the designer Eero Aarnio has focused when creating this lamp. This article is a piece of furniture and a lamp: it furnishes, enlightens and enlivens the rooms. It has 3 spots in which energy-saving bulbs can be installed. Its particular shape with soft and sinuous lines gives the room a young and cheerful touch. Being entirely made of high-quality plastic, the Double Bubble lamp is durable, washable and long-lasting. Being 53 cm high, 58 cm wide and 28 cm deep, it can also be installed in the darkest corners of the house, adding a touch of style and joy.

Other two basic features are its versatility and functionality; this means that the lamp serves as a bright object but also as a clothes rack (when switched off). Finally, it can be used as a surprising gift idea or simply to decorate your home. An alternative bright object, original, versatile and able to make your home even more special is the floor lamp Cube, conceived, designed and produced by Slide. It's very simple, it has the shape of a cube and it is essential and modern. It can be installed in any room of the house, and it matches any decoration style. The lamp is entirely made of polypropylene, a very durable material, resistant to corrosion and isotactic.

An object that illuminates and decorates characterized by a neutral shade of colour that provides an impalpable and delicate look. It is very functional and practical because it illuminates when you turn it on and it serves as a furnishing accessory like a stool or a tabletop when switched off. Cube makes the space where it is placed modern, fresh, unique and understated. It can be easily moved from one place to another because it has a weight around 0.7 kg and it is 20 cm high, 20 cm wide and 20 cm deep.
The table lamp Tulip S is perfect for colour lovers and for those who want to add to their home a touch of originality and particularity. Designed and produced by the company Myyour, this item can be purchased in red or orange.

It is very versatile and functional, suitable as a courtesy lamp to be placed on the bedside table or on the kitchen table, in the office or in the living room. It produces a soft light, very pleasant and relaxing. As for its shape (a stylized tulip in a vase) it recalls nature and the splendor of flowers. It consists of an invisible shoplifting plate that is windproof and needed to fasten the lamp to the ground safely. It can be installed wherever you want: in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom. It is very convenient and practical, it has simple, soft and appealing lines that make it unique in its kind. The table lamp Tulip S is 40 cm high, 10 cm wide, 15 cm deep and weighs 0.5 kg. It is entirely made of printed embossed and it has a low-energy LED conductor.

Those who prefer a touch of elegance and refinement will surely notice the floor lamp Penelope designed and produced by Myyour. It represents a figure of an apparently icy woman, characterized by contamination and surprises. It presents an aesthetic inspired to ancient statues used in the past to decorate villas and gardens. A lamp that conveys calm and irony, with the sinuous lines and touches of Etruscan style. A linear element, but surprisingly at the same time, with a strong personality. The lamp is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is 210 cm high, 38 cm long, 48 cm deep and weighs about 15.5 Kg. The Penelope lamp is entirely made of printed embossed, it is easily washable, weather resistant, anti-rust and does not yellow. It gives the room an original touch of class, elegance and sophistication. It is also perfect as a gift. The wall lamp Heart is made by that has tried to create an object inspired to the greatness of love and its profound simplicity. It is very delicate, with a rich soul, and it presents smooth lines and an essential and candid style. It can be installed in any home (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) to add the warmth of love and sentiment. The lamp Heart is made of Tyvek, a material that looks like paper; it has a red cable about 3 meters long.

The design is unusual, alternative, original and able to fit all styles (modern, contemporary, classic) being very simple, neutral and warm. The lamp can also be used as an alternative gift idea. Floor lamps are very appreciated elements useful to decorate and give style and character to any room of the house. One example of a floor lamp is the small Bijoux, designed and built by Slide. 32 cm high, with a diameter of 60 cm and a total weight of about 5 kg, the Bijoux lamp can be installed in indoor and outdoor areas, also thanks to its adaptability to any style and design, from the most classic to the most modern and contemporary. It is very versatile and functional, as its gemstone shape allows you to fix it wherever you like. At one end of the lamp there is a 1.5 meters power cord so as to make it even more practical.

It spreads in the surrounding environment a strong positive energy, simplicity, lightness, refinement and elegance. It plays a fundamental role in transforming the room in original locations. It is very sturdy, strong and durable. The designers of the Bijoux floor lamp are Constantin Wortmann and Benjamin Hop who have managed to transmit with this lamp their typical originality and sobriety. If you want a slightly larger floor lamp, you can opt for the big version of Bijoux, also made by Constantin Wortmann and Benjamin Hop on behalf of the company Slide. The special features of this product is its versatility and functionality.

It has a strong presence. It is an exceptional floor lamp with a shape studied in details with a classic and brilliant style. It can be installed in any room of the house and it will always add a touch of simplicity, delicacy, lightness, humour and originality. It has a maximum weight of about 9 kg. It is elegant, with a minimalist and simple design. It is also suitable as a gift. The Bijoux floor lamp is a great luminous object that when switched off turns into a complement of truly alternative and special decoration. Always with an eye to natural elements and the environment, the floor lamp My Flower is a creation by the designer Flavio Lucchini on behalf of the company Slide. An object in which you can observe the magnificence of the Made in Italy, characterized by the highest quality products that are safe, versatile, functional and original at the same time.

The lamp is entirely made of pink or white polyethylene, and when you turn it on, it produces a very bright light, colourful and intense. The shape is characterized by stylized flowers and bright colours, and it is designed to divide and decorate spaces with a great originality. Its functionality and its use as a furniture element are very evident, making this object unique in its kind. The lamp is powered by an electric cable and the light is produced by four light bulbs of 25 watts. The size (height 180 cm, width 120 cm, depth 20 cm and a total weight of about 10 kg) makes this floor lamp perfect to illuminate any corner of the house. Suitable only for indoor use, this lamp can be placed in any room of the house, since it will match any style (classic, rustic, minimalist, contemporary or modern). Also suitable as a gift, My Flower will illuminate any room in the best way possible, and it will create a sense of peace, relaxation and tranquility in the whole house.