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For fifty years Flos has been crafting objects of light and shedding brightness on generations of dreams. For Flos, light is the substance for expressing new ideas and illuminating unexplored emotions. It writes the future, reading the past and expressing the present, in a continuity of positive challenges and bold choices that have shaped its image and identity.
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Flos: light and shedding brightness

For fifty years Flos has been crafting objects of light and shedding brightness on generations of dreams. For Flos, light is the substance for expressing new ideas and illuminating unexplored emotions. It writes the future, reading the past and expressing the present, in a continuity of positive challenges and bold choices that have shaped its image and identity.

Flos was born in the early sixties, thanks to the Dino Gavinàs wish, Emilian businessman, that met Arturo Eisenkeil, a lamp manufacturer from Merano. From the trial collaboration of these two personalities the biggest and most important Italian design company was born. Flos only manufactures lamps and chandeliers, over the years meeting the most genius International designers, above all Italian ones, like Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni or Carlo and Tobia Scarpa. Some of the lamps created by the designers' talent collaborating with Flos are today exhibited in the most important worldwide museums of modern art; not only as furnishings accessories, but real artworks that Flos is still manufacturing, thanks to the collaboration of contemporary designers.

Achille Castiglioni

Has been one of the most important Italian architects and progressive; from his pencil lots of design objects were created, from the sixties up till today they are considered a symbol of Italian genius. There are a lot of permanent museums, like the MOMA in New York that exhibits Achille Castiglioni's works, from lamps to seats. He collaborated with many companies manufacturing furnishings accessories, among these Flos stands out, above all for the extended and fruitful collaboration, that generated a lot of very original design objects.

There are not so many designer brands like the Achille brothers, and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni that have wrote the history of the art of worldwide design. Pier Giacomo Castiglioni was born in 1913 in Milan and after graduating in Architectural School of the Polytechnic of Milan he had a stunning career in the design and the academy, winning even nine gold compasses together with his brother, and exhibiting his works in the most famous museums in the world. Achille Castiglioni was born too in 1918 in Milan and together with his brother from a very young age, has been doing research on industrial products. Achille is focused on design, architecture and city planning, and with his brother Pier Giacomo wrote the history of national and international design.

Philippe Starck

Important French designer, over the years Philippe Stark has been collaborating with some Italian design companies like Flos and Alessi. Some of his works are real cult objects, representing the industrial design, like for example the very famous Alessi orange juicer, Juicy Salif, or the Flos lamp Arà. The objects generated by Philippe Starck's genius are recognisable and they are often considered an everyday item in a completely original way.

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is one of the designers collaborating with Flos, and he has the big credit to have given to the world the "Mini can can" lamp. The artist is very famous, mainly because of the manufacturing of the Knotted Chair by Droog Design which was put on the market in 1996. In addition to the collaboration with Flos, Wanders has an enviable resume, which includes the names of Alessi, Cappellini, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Moroso, B&B Italia, Puma and Target. Furthermore Wanders works, through his architecture studio, for some projects like Kamaha Grand Hotel in Bonn, the Villa Moda store in Bahrain and the Mondrian South Beach Hotel in Miami.

Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades is a designer from Cyprus who opened his studio in 1994 in London, he is specialized in industrial design and engineering, peculiarity that makes his works unique. Indeed the projects are manufactured combining industrial design, sculpture and decorative art. The products are created with a minimal style but they have luxurious shapes with adequate sensuality. This is due mainly to the materials employed that can interact with surrounding spaces in an absolutely light way and strong personality.

Tobia Scarpa

Famous for his designs with elegant and well-finished shapes, Tobia Scarpa started his career working in the field of Murano glass; in the same period, he started also the collaboration with Flos. Graduated in Architecture at the University of Venice in 1969, in 1970 he immediately won his first gold compass. Some of his products are exhibited in museums all the world, and his industrial design projects are considered real standards of aesthetics and functionality.

Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio is a designer that was born in 1950 in Meda, and launched his design studio just before graduating in architecture. In the years between 1987 and 1996 he was active in the manufacturing of many buildings between Europe and Japan. During these years he collaborated with Terry Dwan. In 1999 the design studio "Antonio Citterio and Partners" was founded in collaboration with Patrizia Viel. The studio operates all over the world, creating very complex products of any size and counting on high-level consultancies.

Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic was born in 1965, he is characterized by the accuracy and the humour of his products. Started to work as an interior designer at John Makepeace School, in 1991 he started his own activity founding in Monaco the Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design (KGID). Many of the manufactured products gave him prestigious awards. Grcic worked for clients like Muji, Nespresso, Serafino Zani, Thomas-Rosenthal and Flos. Many of his creations are exhibited at MoMa in New York and the National art and cultural centre Georges Pompidou. Over the years Grcic has been participating at different international exhibits; in 2010 Design Miami honoured him with the title of Designer of the year.

Rodolfo Dordoni

Rodolfo Dordoni was born in 1954 in Milan; soon after graduating in architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, started to work as designer and architect for some of the most important Italian companies in the sector of lighting and furnishing. From Flos to Moroso, from Cassina to Roda and Dolce & Gabbana, Dordoni designs, in Italy and abroad, home furnishings and spaces for hotel and commercial sectors.

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is a designer that was born in 1959 in London where he graduated in design. In 1986 he opened his first design studio in the British capital. Nowadays the Jasper Morrison Ltd is made of three studios, in addition to the studio in London, it has been inaugurated the Paris branch in 2002 and the Tokyo branch in 2007. He collaborated mostly with famous brands in the manufacturing of objects and furnishings accessories. During his career Morrison collaborated, apart from Flos, also with Rowenta, Alessi, Samsung, Sony. His production is characterized by a sober style, oriented to the practicality of the manufactured objects.

Marc Newson

Marc Newson is one of the most important designers in the world, he is from Australia but since he was a child he travelled around Europe and Asia. Soon after graduation, thanks to an Australian Crafts Council scholarship, he set up his first exhibit, a work that later on became very important: the Lockheed Lounge. During his career he focused his work above all in the furnishings accessories and some of his works are presented at MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art) in New York. He also holds a job also in architecture and sculpture. He received several awards and prizes from all over the world and he is the proud holder of the tile of associated professor at the "Sidney College of the Arts" and at "Polytechnic University of Hong Kong". He inspired several books and documentaries. A living legend thanks to records reached in the auction sales of his works.

Ronan e Erwan Bouroullec

Two French architects that since 1997 have been collaborating in the manufacturing of furniture and furnishings accessories, for home, food service and office. Their collection is very wide and they have been able to collaborate with many design companies from all over the world: like Flos, Alessi, Katell, Issey Miyake, Cappellini, Mutina and many more. Their collection is characterised by an original use of materials and by shapes that generate very versatile and ergonomic objects.

Nicoletta Rossi e Guido Bianchi

Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design is the name of the design studio leaded by Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi, protagonists of a new generation design with their light and minimal creations, characterised by the fine and eternal wish of defining spaces with lights. The two architects from Milan focus their research in the evocative power of light and its primordial sense, translating them into creations that are able to fascinate and touch those admiring them. In each project they try to simplify the structure of the light works and leave the light flowing freely exciting the viewer, generating a unique and absolutely individual experience.

Patricia Urquiola

Passion for the unconventional forms and the capacity to interpret everyday items with modernity, Patricia Urquiola is a designer known all over the world for her home furnishings characterized by exclusive shapes. Originally Spanish, she graduated in architecture at Polytechnic of Milan, with the famous architect Achille Castiglioni. After working with De Padova and Lissoni Associati, she opened her own manufacturing studio and she collaborates with International companies and brands.

Johanna Grawunder

Johanna Grawunder was born in 1961 in California and she is one of the most famous architect and designer of Milan and San Francisco. Among her most famous works there are the manufacturing of a limited edition of lighting elements presented in different galleries around Europe and the United States. She collaborates actively with the most prestigious design and home furnishings brands worldwide.