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Mind your step! If you are looking for a furnishing solution that won't go unnoticed, stop here. Rugs decorate adding a touch of warmth and personality to all spaces. These rugs are manufactured with a special eye to quality and materials.
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What's the Perfect Rug Style?

To make a piece of furniture which is really complete, we must enrich it with simple but effective details. Some rooms, such as the kids’ bedroom, require a lot of attention in the decoration because you have to create a warm, serene and at the same time cozy atmosphere. And here rugs are perfect to joyfully decorate the floor! They are the right choice to complete the furnishing and allow children to have fun safely.

When it’s about children, it’s never too expensive to take care of them, and the rugs offered by LOVEThESIGN are high-quality and very suitable for all the needs of style and taste. So you can show off a large rug in the middle of the kids’ bedroom with beautiful colours, shapes and fabrics, on which the children can play without touching the floor and the cold tiles. Or you can also opt for smaller and simple bed mats that will welcome and embrace the small feet of your kids when they wake up.

Of course the catalogue that you can browse virtually on in the Rugs category will give you the chance to choose from many rugs with different features from the shape to the colours and sizes but all of a very high quality. In this way LOVEThESIGN helps its users by providing imaginative rugs, solid colours or coloured rugs, with dots, squares or particular forms as clouds or stones, simply decorated but also very effective with suitable drawings for children such as arrows, hearts or geometric shapes, but always with the natural material on the surface where the children will play, grow up and develop their creativity safely.

Then the children and the entire family, thanks to the rugs for kids offered by, will always find a warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the softness of the fabrics on which to play and walk, with colours that match the rest of the furniture and particular or simple shapes. High quality is the common feature of all the products on the catalogue, because wants to offer elegance and practicality at the same time. It is crucial that a product, such as a rug, has a quality that is higher than average and than the market’s demand, especially if you will use next to children with delicate skin and the risk of allergies.

The rugs must obligatorily be produced with natural materials that guarantee their durability over time, do not attract the dust, and are easy to wash. These rugs are not ruined by washing, they don’t make that lint that can be dangerous if swallowed by children. Of course we don’t forget about the aesthetic side of the issue because, again, the rugs are made to “dress” the environment. And here comes the chance to combine business and pleasure, since while the children are offered the possibility to play, lie down or walk on a cosy surface, the home is enriched with a piece of furniture that emphasizes colours and enhances the entire environment thanks to its particular shape.

That's why it is advisable, if the rug is very large, to enrich it for example with a pillow, a small element that gives a touch of living to a room that, certainly, will be cheerful and lively with the games and laughs of children. The range of rugs that you'll find on is really wide, and you will certainly find the rug that is perfect for you and for the furniture of your home, be it modern or more classical, because the catalogue is vast and can satisfy all users' needs with a tug that is at their homes height.