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Comfort, elegance, design. Relaxing times at home revolve around it – your sofa. But its tender embrace can't be chosen at random! For your downtime, dive into the plush comfort of a designer sofa. The details help them stand out, whether traditional or, when it comes to the chaise longue, extra large. Choose quality and style as your nightly companion or for rain-filled Sundays.
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Sofas - ever the eye-catchers

A sofa is the place, at home, where we head for our highest peaks of relaxation. Choosing the right sofa isn’t always an easy task - it depends on your taste, needs and habits. There are some who like to read a book while sitting in a very proper way (they will then look for a narrow seat and a stiff, vertical backrest), while some others just love diving into their plush sofa and get lost there while watching a movie (these people will prefer a wider seat, soft armrests and a well padded backrest). And there are those who use a sofa as a bed as well, either in their everyday life or to accommodate the random guest.

Designer sofas on sale are of a thousand types, and often finding the right one for you proves quite complicated a task - two or three seater? L shaped or not? Modern, classic, vintage? Leather or fabric? Just a sofa or a sofa bed? One basic principle: look for quality. You don’t want to change a sofa every second year because its edges are worn. Needs may change over time. Ask yourself if it’s wise to buy something that - due its bulk - is not easy to move around. Why not a modular solution, then? Smart sofas are made of moveable parts, so that you can rearrange the layout any time you want. The big family of sofa beds has certainly something that is right for you. Originally though as convertible solutions for small spaces, sofa beds prove very useful even where space is not an issue. Elegant as sofas, practical and comfy as beds.

There is plenty of choice for you - Karup, Innovation and Bonaldo are just a few among the manufacturers of quality sofa beds. Always choose design Back in the day, sofas were required just to provide comfortable seating. Nowadays design is just as important. Make sure that your sofa matches the style of your interiors - bearing in mind that going for a bold choice could revolutionise the look of a room and dramatically change the feel of a space. A touch of designer style is never out of place - on the contrary, it provides the best means to achieve a completely different look and revamp the style of your home.

The word, then, is - dare. A contemporary sofa will look amazing along with a classic, traditional décor, bringing out its finest features. By choosing a modern designer sofa, you will enrich your home with a refined touch and with top quality lines and materials. Just pick the sofa that best suits your taste and needs - there are so many you can choose from! From minimalist silhouettes - for instance, Amelie Duetto by Slide or Tokyo Pop by Driade -, to soft, embracing lines - Swell sofa by Normann Copenhagen.

From unconventional shapes to cosy ones

Shaping your spaces around a designer item made from modern, durable materials is hands down the best decision you can make with regards to your home. How to choose the perfect sofa First things first. I.e., sizes. Your goal is optimising the use of spaces at home, therefore you should determine at first how many people is your sofa supposed to host. Then choose a shape-slash-function - decide whether you need a sofa-bed, or an angular sofa, or a storage space inside your sofa. It's then time to pick the right colour for your interiors.

Given the bulky dimension of a sofa, many opt for neutral shades that are less likely to tire your eye and go out of fashion. You can then personalise them by adding vibrant details such as a throw, a cushion or a cover. The opposite approach sees the sofa as the key piece in the sitting or living room - boasting bold colours and shapes full of personality. Light colours are ideal to add brightness and lightness to a space. Solid colours offer the advantage of blending in easily with any kind of space or décor. Dark colours, on the other hand, are the most suitable choice in case of exceptionally high ceilings.