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Kids Room Lighting

If the night gets too dark to handle, give your children a friendly nightlight to keep them company. A kid’s room will be more approachable and sleeping will go smoother with these adorable nightlights with tender and playful looks.
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Kids Room Lighting

It has happened to all of us, when we were kids, to be afraid of sleeping in our dark room alone, without mom and dad next to us: it is a phase all children go through. We've accustomed them to contact, and maybe when they were babies we used to leave some little light on to help them when they happened to wake up in the middle of the night.

But now they are old enough to get used to sleeping alone, and it is our task to accompany them in this delicate phase, better if in a fun and playful way. To help you choose the perfect “light friends” for your children, we at LOVEThESIGN have made a selection of lighting products dedicated to them.

You will find many functional accessories with original shapes that will immediately catch the attention of the kids. When we want to teach our children something new, we have to find a way that is efficient but also nice, playful and fun. This is the best way to gently accustom them to new situations - such as it might be sleeping alone in their bedroom - without causing unnecessary trauma.

Among our brands that have created some amazing objects, able to excite the imagination of children, we can mention Slide, SuckUK and Officina Crea: these brands have created some points of light that are able to eliminate our children’s fear of the dark by illuminating their rooms with a touch of magic.

Wall Lights

Wall lights for children to be placed next to the bed, or ceiling lamps to hang: it is up to you to decide which will be the most suitable model for your kids to sleep peacefully and without any fear. The room will not be scary anymore, and the kids will sleep better thanks to the sweet night-lamps with a tender and funny look. 

Lights are fundamental to create the right atmosphere in any space, therefore they deserve the same attention to detail we use when choosing the most important pieces of furniture for our home, like the living room or the bedrooms. And it is precisely in the kids’ section that we have to be more careful; we must choose functional lights such as ceiling lamps, wall lamps or small lamps for the bedside table, but we must also choose with particular care the points of light to help our kids defeating their fears.

The small light that accompanies our children in their sleep is a fundamental element for their serenity. Therefore, choosing a model that recalls the shape of their favourite animal or a character of cartoons they like, could be a very nice idea to help them to trust this new "light friend".


We have selected for you only the best creations with certified quality. In fact, these items will be really close to your children and as usual in these cases, safety comes first. For the bedroom of our kids, that is also their favourite hiding place, we have to choose elements made of the finest materials to ensure maximum safety.

When you buy friend of light for your kids, you must ensure that it does not include toxic materials or paints, that is shock-resistant and that it does not contain potentially dangerous small removable parts. Moreover, all the electric part of the object must be tightly sealed. Also the lighting in the kids’ bedroom grows with them. You must adapt the objects that surround the kids to their growth.

In the nursery for a newborn or in the bedroom of a 2-year-old child, the dim and suffused light to switch on as soon as the sun goes down, creates a relaxing atmosphere that will help him relax before going to bed, perhaps while listening to his favorite story. For older kids, a bedside lamp that they can easily switch on and off is a fundamental element. They will use it during the day while playing in their bedroom or to read their favourite books and comics while they are in bed.

They will decide by themselves when to press the on/off switch... they are old enough now! A collection of products dedicated to kids – “light friends” designed to accompany your children's growth and help them overcoming all the normal fears of their age. This is the best way to help them in a caring and funny way, without forgetting to add a touch of design to make children appreciate beauty since their early age.