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Bar & Wine

Very few things are more pleasant than a good glass of wine with the right people. Organise your home cellar and serve your wine in style, or create the best frame for your colourful cocktails.
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The Wine Tradition

The wine tradition has always been part of every Italian’s life. Sipping a good wine from your favourite winery with your friends or family is one of those pleasures you cannot give up. It’s part of Italians’ identity, of their family and culture. Organize your cellar In every home is needed a small home cellar, a corner of the house that is completely dedicated to wine, where to store the bottles waiting for a special occasion, or a special person to share them with. Because it is not enough to buy the bottles, you also need to treat them with special care, as the objects of value they truly are. And so, your small personal winery can not fail to have a style that is refined and sensual like the drink of the gods it contains.

Let’s organize it at its best, indulge in the taste for Italian design, the one that only the most famous brands can guarantee, and let yourself go to a universe of accessories of all kinds, that will make your experience even more intense. Only quality products That you are looking for a single bottle holder to exhibit the wine you will drink after dinner, or that you need a particular shape, with the ability to contain your entire collection of valuable bottles, here you can find products at the height of your expectations.

From the cork to the corkscrew, all our items are characterized by attention to detail, love for design and careful selection of high-quality materials. In your accessories you will detect the artisan's patience and the meticulous attention to detail of the expert designers: the proof of the passion that only the most reliable companies can demonstrate. This is because you are purchasing products designed and made by people who, like you, love the little ritual of a glass of wine that inspires conviviality, tasting the drink for excellence and sharing this pleasure with the people you love.

The outcome of tradition

The art of good wine is one of those popular traditions handed down for centuries. Turning grapes into a full-bodied wine, full of different textures and alcoholic at the right point is much more difficult than it looks. But when care, knowledge and patience can produce something that is more than just a drink but more a work of art, it is mandatory to treat it with the same care with which it was produced. Enjoy with class Let’s sip your wine from a special stem glass, which you only use for this purpose; do it at the right time, relaxing, possibly in good company, and trying to feel as much at ease as possible.

Take care of your wine, be sure to store it and serve it in the most appropriate manner possible, never confuse a bottle of wine with some cheesy drink. Put it on your table with class, in an ice bucket, accompanied by a refined cap to prevent damages due to the contact with air, and serve it with your favourite dishes. Be sure to uncork the bottle the right way with a corkscrew, and take a look at our catalogue of the best glasses. After the bottle, the stem glass is the container in which your wine may undergo the greatest changes: a poor quality material or an unsuitable shape could ruin the taste of the wine forever.

Everything you need

Everything you need to enjoy a good wine in the best way and without compromising is included in our catalogue. Whether you need a corkscrew, a wine cooler, a bottle holder in the unmistakable Monkey Business rope, on LOVEThESIGN you can be sure to find products by the best brands and the maximum reliability of an online shop, which will accompany you in every stage through its dedicated customer service. Do not accept a mediocre experience, do not give up the pleasure of elegance and the art of the best designers. Explore our catalogue and when you spot the product that you like, just trust Italy’s most safe and reliable online shop.