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More taste to your recipes! Often underrated yet essential, oil and vinegar are must-haves on any table. Give them their right place by choosing the set that best suits your style. Minimal or playful, classic or romantic - which one will be yours?
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One Italian Passion

There is a passion that unites all Italians, which causes them to forget all differences and to go beyond all barriers: the passion for food. In front of a table laid in a workmanlike, we rediscover the strength and the love that binds us to our roots, to the warmth of a cozy kitchen and the products of our land. Such is the care and attention with which we set up the table and the dedication with which we go in search of good food that every detail is important, each choice results in a gesture of love, in a tribute to ourselves and to our guests.

Nothing is left to chance, from the imagination of a tablecloth to natural products that enliven our dishes, not to mention the choice of dishes and the search for the perfect seasonings. And it is among the condiments that we find some of the most precious fruits of our land and the finest products of our culinary tradition, which for decades contribute to the celebrity of Italian cuisine in the world, which has always been synonymous with quality, taste and health.

Obviously I'm talking about oil and olive groves scattered throughout the boot, but also the infinite variety of vinegar, balsamic or classic, which together with salt and pepper are an obligatory presence, no diet will ever make us give it up altogether. Among the most common flavors on our plates, able to carve out an unobtrusive role but is always essential, oil and vinegar are a must-certificate of tradition and "Made in Italy" of our tables, a must in our family meals, reuniting us in the home.

In the passion we put in laying out the table even aesthetics are central and there are no childish objects, each element that will end up on our table represent, like the other, an opportunity to express our personality and style. Here then, the choice of the set to be used to bring oil and vinegar on our table becomes important, deserving care and attention as any other piece of furniture or decor of the kitchen. On you can choose the set for oil and vinegar that comes closest to your own style and that best fits into your kitchen environment, respecting the line and harmony.

Which Solution Are You?

We offer you the opportunity to also give weight to this element of the table and you must never be content to choose from a limited number of solutions. Are you? Classic lines, to those romantic, from the most ironic to those minimal, the solutions that you can find for your set for oil and vinegar are always numerous and constantly updated to give you the opportunity to make the choice that best fits your personality and that of your kitchen. Now try to imagine your favorite meal without seasoning and answer a question: the set for oil and vinegar deserves an important role on your table? The magnificent four, dressing or oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, are elements that cannot be missed from a table set with taste and love.

Our challenge is to give you the opportunity to bring them to your table with functional solutions and impeccable aesthetics. Why settle for the usual bottles when you can satisfy the desire to see a table where everything is perfect? Why give up the opportunity to bring to your table a set that respects and values ​​the style of your kitchen? We give you the guarantee of finding a practical and refined solution for you, choosing from among the most prestigious designer brands.

By Alessi in Brandani, through Bugatti and Menu, you can choose cruets and professional bottles that will make you forget the bottles dripping constantly with the remaining fat. Our solutions are suitable for every situation, from everyday meals to the most important occasions where you will want to impress your guests.

You'll find yourself well to handle products not only beautiful and to your taste, but also functional, thanks to the application of little tricks, like the nebulizer, and the drip cap “antirabbocco”, with results significantly higher than the usual plastic dispensers. We have sets of each size (500 ml, 1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter) and different materials: glass and steel for those who wish for more refined solutions, in plastic for those who prefer the life of the product, and finally, terracotta or wood for those who aim to achieve an original and never fake.