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Armchairs & Chaises Longues

Comfortable and classy, armchairs can add a special touch to the whole sitting room. On the other hand, you can't beat a chaise longue when it comes to unwinding with a good book. Find the perfect ones for you!
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Armchairs and Chaises Longues 

In a modern, dynamic home, sofa-beds and chair-beds are essential parts of the decor. Comfortable and practical, elegant and modern, perfect for any kind of environment, these furnishing items are a must-have if you happen to have guests staying the night and don't have a spare room to devote to the purpose.

Imagine yourself reading a good book on your armchair, while outside it's raining cats and dogs and the rain is tapping on the window; or a lovely afternoon spent with your family watching a movie on the sofa. The first sensation that you feel is that of a warm hug, the flavour of peace, the harmony with your own home. Follow us through this game of ours.

Now picture yourself doing the same things on an uncomfortable, hard chair where you find it hard to sit still for more than two minutes. Or on a sofa that squeaks and creaks at your slightest movement, forcing you to watch a movie while absolutely still, in fear that your wife will reproach you for any noise you make. Needless to say, the peaceful, serene image previously created is now entirely gone out of the window. Blame the creaking sofa! If you have seen yourself in this scene, you now fully understand the importance of the quality of sofas and armchairs in fully enjoying your relaxing moments.

This is precisely our aim: to make you live everyday as a small, great pleasure. Each detail of each item is designed to provide maximum comfort: the choice of high-quality materials, modern and attractive designs, and the accuracy and precision in every finish are the cornerstones on which each masterpiece in this catalogue rests upon. Whether you choose to use our products as sofas and armchairs or as beds, in both cases we offer a guarantee of strength, comfort and style. In the design of each piece lies the experience and expertise of the best artisans and major brands in the home furnishings industry.

Every detail is designed to make our products special and unique: the style and elegance of the best sofas give way, when necessary, to the comfort and strength of the best beds. Such flexibility makes every single piece of our collection ideal especially for those who do not want to give up on quality. The conversion from sofa (or chair) to bed, or vice versa, is extremely simple in all products. This is the result of a thorough research over the years that has led to improvements in the innovative opening mechanism, which enables faster and more frequent switches without any risk of breaking or blocking the item.

Clearly the reason why you choose to buy a sofa bed instead of a simple sofa or chair is a willingness to welcome your guests. So let us say this: "We know that hospitality is sacred!"