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Cookware proves that design isn’t just about looks: more than just that, designer cookware delves into proper choice of material, durability and range of use. However don’t overlook appearance: the kitchen will still have its share of onlookers.
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Quality pots and pans are a must have of every kitchen worthy of its name. Just by watching some TV cooking show, it is easy to realise that food quality often depends on where it is cooked. It’s an evidence, even if it may appear just a banality. This is the reason why it is fundamental to pay attention to the choice of pots and pans, not minding to costs. The first thing you must take into account is, no doubt, the material pans are made of. Thus, first and foremost functionality. Of course, when you have to do with food, you can’t not taking into account technical information about pots and pans.

Aesthetic, then, is not less important. Luckily, nowadays it is easy to find the right trade off between functionality and beauty. There are several alternatives available on the market, with a wealth of choices, so let’s see some of the most interestant ones at the moment.

Some Alternatives

By spending 130,00 euros you can purchase a wonderful and practical pot signed Kinindustrie. As highlighted by its price, this pan is high quality, capable to satisfy every need. Perfect for both professional chefs and for amateur ones, this Kinindustrie pan is entirely made of borosilicate and transparent glass. This glass is resistant to every type of flame and is particularly thick. Its lines are simple but elegant and, thus, suit every type of furnishing. Moreover, being transparent, it is suitable for every type of kitchen. The only protagonists are, thus, the ingredients that will spread their perfume throughout the house.

What about glass? It is among those materials that, time after time, have proved to be the most used ones in kitchen. Actually, not only is it a safe material when used on stove, but it is also non toxic and thus ideal to prepare whatever type of dish. Overall, when it is tempered, it is able to withstand any temperature and, thus, it is absolutely flameproof. There’s more. It is a non-porous material, and, as such, it doesn’t absorb neither taste nor smell of food.

An other important thing to pay attention to when buying a glass pan is being sure no chemical reaction takes place when cooking. What about the cleaning step? Glass pans are extremely easy to clean, and they are dishwasher safe, too, with no need of specific care. Of course, some tips must be given. In fact, glass is a fragile material, and though pans are treated, it is important to pay attention when using them. Actually, a small hit could be fatal.

What about advantages?

First of all, this pan can be used without problems on magnetic induction slabs. Moreover, it perfectly keeps all the organoleptic properties of food and, as such, allows to cook flavourful dishes with no efforts at all. In short, it is a product with perfect balance between price and quality, that perfectly fits in every furnishing.

Another great opportunity is the one offered by Alessi, which proposes the set Pots & Pans at 399,00 euros, all in stainless steel, a material that grants resistence and allows to cook in a natural and healthy way. This set is composed of seven pieces with a magnetic base, which also allows to cook on magnetic induction slabs. Let’s see the different pieces that compose the set. The first one is a saucepan with two handles. Its diameter is of 20 cm, which renders it perfect to cook different types of food. In the set there is an other saucepan with an lower height and with a diameter of 24 cm. A third saucepan is characterised by a particularly long handle and a diameter of 16 cm.

Then, included in the set there are a pan with diameter of 20 cm and three covers that match the dimensions of the saucepans. Noteworthy is the liter counter with which the pans are equipped, which offers the possibility to add liquids precisely. What about handles? Although they’re made of steel, they’re also tempered, thus there is no risk to burn at all. All pans in the set are strong and long lasting. The covers have innovative pommels that can be easily held and are characterised by a non-slip system. The pommel has three segments united at the base, that originate a sort of Y by crossing with each other.

The design of this set of pots and pans is innovative and aesthetically pleasant. For this reason, pans of this set perfectly suit every kitchen. They’re also easy to clean: they’re made of a material that doesn’t allow food rest to stick to its inside, and, consequently, there is no need to use scraping surfaces to clean it. All pans of this set are high quality and dishwasher safe. Their design is studied in detail and are particularly functional. What makes the difference is the presence of polished finishes, reason for which they are unique in ther style. Alessi constantly demonstrates that its only aim is to satisfy its customers.

This set of pots and pans, actually, is studied in every detail, both from the point of view of aesthetic and of technical characteristics. The modern lines of the product also fit in vintage furnishings and make this set a desirable gift. Pans are fundamental utensils in the kitchen, reason why it is important not to leave them to a chance. There is a wealth of choices on the market, and for this reason it is important to pay attention to materials, so as to grant food to mantein its organoleptic characteristics while cooking.

Knindutrie, for example, makes available the elegant wok pans both in the version of 28 cm and of 24 cm. According to the pan chosen price varies, even if it is always kept between 30 and 50 euros. Pans by Knindustrie can be used as wonderful and practical bowls or salad bowls. You just have to detach pincer-handles. Therefore, they are functional pans to which you can give a sort of second life, capable prato satisfy every need without problems. A not less important matter is their ecocompatibility.

These pans are vitreous enamel polished and are made of aluminium. The inner part, instead, is made of nano-technological ceramic, nowadays considered as the best non-stick material ever. The inside of the pan is smooth, compact and non-porous. For this reason these pans are perfect for food lovers of dishes baked or cooked on whatever hob. The lines of these pans are all very simple and armonious and perfectly suit every type of kitchen. Before using these pans for the first time, it is advisable to pour inside some oil, and then dry it with a soft cloth. For what concerns their use, it would be advisable to place the pan taking into account the right dimension of the flame and be careful not to overheat it uselessly. Before washing it, the pan should be let cool down. It should be washed with non-scraping materials and, possibly, with warm water and neutral detergents.

It is evident that you have a wealth of choices, and that the only thing you can do is choosing according to materials the pans are made of. Moreover, another perspective which could help you in the choice of the pan, could be the awareness of what type of food you are going to cook in the pan. Not all pans are perfect for all the recipes. By paying attention to these details, making mistakes will be impossible. Food lovers, it’s time to indulge your whims and cook some delicious dishes.