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Patio Furniture

Armchairs, bean bags, coffee tables, sofas… Everything you need to live life to the fullest in the outdoors is up for grabs here. Durable products that withstand rain or shine will have you thinking about nothing more than how relaxing it feels to stretch out on the terrace.
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Patio Furniture

Here comes the warm season. Do you feel like adding a touch of originality to the furnishing of your garden? Get creative on LOVEThESIGN! South America Indians used to call them "cradles of the gods”: now hammocks are a fantastic piece of furniture perfect to transform your garden or terrace in small islands of relaxation. Lie down, close your eyes and let the rocking of the hammock relax all your muscles.

Do you Want to Choose the Perfect Hammock?

Modern hammocks are objects characterized by a skillful craftsmanship, capable of combining practicality and lightness with a design in line with the latest trends. From the Caribbean to the Andes, hammocks have always been the favourite beds of pre-Columbian peoples. Then they have become a furnishing complement with a strong historical and cultural identity besides a great beauty. A comfortable place to enjoy a sunny day, to read a book, to play with children, but also a nice alternative to other garden seats.

Besides being a comfortable piece of furniture, hammocks let air circulate around your body, so they are the ideal bed for your summer rests. And do not underestimate the more practical aspect: unlike deckchairs or chairs, hammocks - thanks to their raised position – avoid the contact with annoying insects or various creepers that often wander around in the lawn. Therefore, hammocks are also a good solution for children to sleep outdoors, with the safety they deserve. A hammock is a synonym for joy, joy of living, well-being, cheerfulness and love for details and small things. On hot summer days, there is nothing more relaxing than lying in the hammock and enjoy some peace, letting the rocking movement cuddle us and dissipate everyday stress. An excellent solution for your afternoon nap, the hammock is the cooler bed we can choose for a garden or a large terrace.


The catalogue of LOVEThESIGN offers a wide range of hammocks for every taste: from those made of a synthetic fiber, to those designed to accommodate more people at a time and made through a technique handed down for over a thousand years that makes them resistant and able to bear heavy weights. There are many models available and you will be spoilt for choice: from the classic hammock, to the one with a wooden structure that makes it seem more like a bed, from the hammock chair typical of the Caribbean up to the most elaborate ones. And who says that beanbags are to be used only indoor? You can use them even outdoor if you choose the right ones. To create a pleasant corner of relaxation and wellbeing, we at LOVEThESIGN have created a selection dedicated to outdoor furniture: a wonderful range of brands that have made beautiful beanbags to enjoy your outdoor areas with the greatest comfort.

The Beanbag

The beanbag is a versatile and multifaceted furnishing complement. It is a comfortable seat in the living room, but it can also be useful in any other room of the house, and even outdoor. If the beanbag structure is rigid, it can easily be used as a table. Otherwise, if we are talking about the usual bag-shaped beanbag you just have to sit on it and it will reshape around your body becoming even more comfortable.

Designers have created modern beanbags in the most extravagant shapes: square, rectangular, soft or crushproof: the design beanbags you will find in the dedicated section of the online catalogue by LOVEThESIGN have a special personality in forms and materials. Made of fabrics such as polyethylene, polyester or cotton and produced by international home design leader brands (such as Sitting Bull or Fatboy), these modern beanbags adapt to any environment and decoration style, in both indoor and outdoor areas, providing a comfortable and colourful alternative to the chair.

Armchairs and Deckchairs

Armchairs and deckchairs are the ideal furnishing elements to start tanning in the first sunny days, to listen to your favourite music, read a book just to enjoy a short nap. Choose your style, that normally should reflect the interior of the house, even if you could also choose something completely different and create a pleasant visual contrast that will amaze your guests. Of course, before choosing your outdoor furniture, you need to consider how much space you have available. You should not fill the space with too many objects or the risk is to create a barely livable setting.

Avoid cluttering the space: a garden must have space enough for children to run and play football with their friends, or to organize tasty barbecues and outdoor dinners. Therefore a few decorative and functional elements are enough for outdoor areas. An outdoor space must always have some comfortable seats and a table to enjoy warm days in the open air. Chairs and stools are essential furnishings to sit outdoor in the early summer afternoons, enjoying a break or reading our favorite book. If our home is decorated with a keen eye for detail, we cannot fail to bring our elegant taste even in outdoor areas.

In order to give a sense of order and continuity, you can choose a furniture made of the same material, but if you're in love with objects made of different materials, try to match them with taste and harmony. Wood, teak, wicker, iron or polyethylene are just perfect to furnish the small domestic oasis of relaxation. There are innumerable materials suitable for tables and chairs. But armchairs, chairs and table tops are not enough to set up with style our outdoor space.

Decorative Objects

The personal touch, one that represents our personality, comes from the research of the right accessories and decorative objects, a touch of exclusive design to amaze all your guests. From everyday objects to real works of art: contemporary design chairs have become pieces of furniture able to make the difference in any room. Wood is certainly a fine choice for outdoor tables and coffee tables. In fact, this material is suitable for staying in the open air and it can be treated with special coatings that make it resistant to mold and waterproof.

Tables and Coffee Tables

Moreover, the sense of warmth and familiarity provided by this natural material has no equals. It is unthinkable to furnish a terrace or garden with no chairs, armchairs, tables and coffee tables.

No matter how much space you have available, the important thing is to furnish it with aesthetic creativity but without neglecting functionality. Round, oval, rectangular or square tables: it all depends on how much space you have available and the use you want to make of it. To create a comfortable outdoor sitting area, you can choose a set with dining table, chairs, armchairs, and a coffee table. An elegant and stylish setting to feel always pampered like at home.

For an outdoor with a contemporary inspiration, decorated with pop and modern accessories, the B-Line brand offers its line of Tables Adam, composed of a laminated top and a polyethylene base, available in a rich multitude of bright shades of colours that will create a cheerful and lively atmosphere in the garden or on the terrace. We at LOVEThESIGN do not leave anything to chance. Any outdoor space, be it large or small, requires not only a dining table (which sometimes we cannot use for reasons of space), but also small coffee tables that are essential in their function, and can be used as a table top or as an irreplaceable accessory to enrich our relaxation corner.