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Audacious. Brave. Eco-friendly. Innovative. The philosophy of Knindustrie is to make cooking and the presentation of food easier and even more enjoyable. A dream that has become stronger thanks to first-hand experience, direct observation and the cooperation with established chefs, professionals and common people. The result is a wide range of versatile, sustainable items, created with high-quality materials.
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KnIndustrie is a young Italian brand that was born on January 19 2011 with the first official presentation to the press in Milan at the opening of the store in Corso Como. This company is characterized by the innovation and environmental sustainability of its products: the idea behind the brand is to simplify the use of kitchen utensils, cookware, dishes and all the objects to we all use to cook and present the dishes on the table. The design of each object is developed according to the instructions and the suggestions of famous cooks and chefs, professionals and ordinary people who love to cook and are aware of the disadvantages, limitations and contraindications of kitchen utensils. In addition, they also know how to innovate these utensils to make them more functional and easy to use. The key words underlying KnIndustrie collections are high technology, respect for the environment, attention to regional traditions, high quality and respect for the rules of the international gastronomic culture. The characteristics of classic kitchen products are redefined but not distorted, enhanced through a new interpretation which guarantees better performances due to better technological achievement. All KnIndustrie items are flexible in use and very versatile, and the raw materials they are made of are chosen through an accurate selection and undergo a sustainable processing.

KnIndustrie production is characterized by an extreme attention to the quality of all products, to the design and all the details, thanks to the adoption high technology. This brand combines an industrial capacity among the most important in Europe with a great creativity, in order to create innovative collections with the tradition of Made in Italy, but sophisticated enough to be considered timeless artworks. It's a way to innovate the Italian tradition as well as to allow it evolving naturally. In fact, despite what many people think, the objects and utensils for cooking receive a great attention from the world of design, especially regarding their shape and materials. Although it could seem a new trend, truth is that great craftsmen have always created beautiful items for the kitchen. Among other things, design is a concept that interprets the changes in culture, technology, shapes, materials and use of the objects. It is a great added value that expresses the new desires of society and users. KnIndustrie's catalogues follow three important elements: innovation, fair price (and a good price/quality ratio), and the will to meet all users' needs. KnIndustrie products are in fact born from the personal experiences and way of life of their creators. The first prototype of every item is to be tested again and again to check the full compliance of the product's purpose. Key roles are played by creativity and irony to make these objects even more appealing.

All these features are achieved through the collaboration with several designers, photographers and Italian graphic designer like Barbara Toselli, Stefano Pilato and Ivan. Barbara Toselli, for example, was born in Milan and currently lives and works in Rome as a photographer and writer of recipes and she publishes nearly 800 of them on the magazine Cucina Naturale since 2005. She specializes in the photography of food and in 2012 she opened her personal blog Bread & Butter. Her collaboration with KnIndustrie began by chance, but it immediately delivered some excellent results thanks to their common passions such as the attention to innovations in the international gastronomic culture, the love for Italian tradition and high-quality cuisine. The first result of this cooperation was THE FLOOR, a kind of virtual restaurant where KnIndustrie objects are used to implement the creativity of the cooks.

Among Kindustrie's collaborators there are also the designers Stefano Pilato and Rodolfo Dordoni. The first one is from Tuscany, while the second was born in Milan in 1954 and is a designer graduated in Architectur at the Politecnico di Milano: he soon became responsible for the artistic direction of large design companies not only in Italy but also worldwide. From 1997, he became the creative director of Minotti and therefore responsible for the design and development of all the company's collections. He also works privately through the Studio Dordoni Architects which he founded, specializing in interior residential and commercial design. It was Rodolfo Dordoni to transform the dream of KnIndustrie in reality, giving to classic items and kitchen utensils a new interpretation: After experimenting with dozens of parts and functions, various materials and finishes, he created almost by accident the Foodwear collection.

The objects that form part of this collection are mado of 18/10 stainless steel, processed with care and polished in the inside; this line is characterized by a bronze-coloured exterior finishing, made through a special process. The bottom of the kitchen utensils is made of trilaminate (one of steel, one of aluminum and the last one of steel): this allows to use the pots on any kind of stove. Foodwear applied in an innovative way also another mandatory feature of all KnIndustrie products: convertibility. In fact, KnIndustrie adopted a very comfortable handle/clamp that works on all the items of the collection, allowing an extreme versatility. The system to use these special handles is easy, fast and safe, so as to have the required tool according to the needs of the moment. This versatility is not only fun, but also extremely functional and useful. For example, applying the handle to a bowl, it becomes immediately a large pot where to serve spaghetti or soup. While removing the handle from a pan, it immediately turns into a fruit bowl or a container for chocolates and candies. The material used, is high-quality steel, which ensures that you have furnishings and accessories of great design. The dual function of KnIndustrie products provides two significant advantages: first of all you won't need to buy a whole set of pots because a few utensils can adapt to suit all your needs. Secondly, thanks to this you will also reduce the space required for storing tools because they will be only a few.