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Cutting Boards, Blocks, Knives

Cutting boards and knives play a major part in food preparation, whether for raw or cooked ingredients. Cutting, dicing and chopping will affect the final result in insurmountable ways. Our selection of designer cutting boards and knives will keep sharpened blades, stable cutting areas and ergonomic grips within arm’s reach, all the while keeping your style as sharp as ever.
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Cutting Boards & Knives

No need to be a chef to appreciate a wonderfully sharp knife, the perfection of a clean cut, the comfort of a balanced yet handy cutting board. All this, seasoned with a generous pinch of great design in order to create the professional tools you need in preparing your dishes in the kitchen. Bring to the table simple or elaborate recipes on a cutting board with an irresistible design, able to trigger emotions that go beyond the colors and flavors of the dishes.

Steel blades are designed for slicing meat or vegetables but also cheese and fruit. in filleting fish or cutting a pineapple into slices, everything is made easier by the use of the best kitchen knives. Alternatively, you can surrender to the idea of slicing in in ten minutes what usually takes no longer than 30 seconds - provided that you use the proper set of knives. Cut the cord with the past and replace your old knives. Avoid torturing that delicious steak by using knives with blunt blades that force you to scratch the bottom of the plate and create a sinister creaking noise. Choose to use a knife of high quality, that allows you to slice into thick steaks with a few taps, and preserves its perfect integrity. Wouldn't you deem a steak much tastier if you don't have to work hard into it with your knife? Bring on the table a beautiful cut of meat on a dramatic cutting board that preserves its taste and properties.

The ideal solution to satisfy the palate and the eyes of all your guests

Within seconds you can cut a crisp pizza or focaccia in absolute simplicity. Slice after slice, savor the pleasure of using great utensils to slice your bread or watermelon. A sharp and precise blade, if necessary, will always guarantee extreme precision in cutting food of small or large size. You'll get thin or thick slices without having to resort to special techniques, all cut with the same accuracy without any effort. Using our sets of knives in the kitchen, you will not have any difficulty in completing any task with confidence. The ergonomic handle of the knife allows you to cut, chop and shred anything without running the risk of the knife slipping off your hand.

You can slice and cut through your favorite foods with the certainty of a product designed to provide you with maximum efficiency and ultimate peace of mind. Thanks to wooden or ceramic cutting boards, you will have safe and reliable allies you can count on for slicing meat or sausages or to simply spread the jam on a fragrant slice of white bread. Using blades so sharp will not be a problem having to cut a large quantity of slices, as it will be less of an effort to cut each slice saving time and sweat.

A set of cutting board and knives provides the reliability of sharp cutting blades and the valuable support for cutting and slicing, with no compromises on style. Among many styles for any occasion, choose the one that makes your mouth water. Made from fine wood or ceramic, squared or round, elegant or simple - depending on the type of guests you invite over for dinner you can show off the right cutting board. A frog, owl or tree brings to the table a bit of fun and colour. Want to impress a special someone? Choose a heart-shaped cutting board! And if the visitor turns out unpleasant... well, you can always cut off the conversation!