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Outdoor Lighting

Evening breeze, moonlight, a perfect ambience. Make the most of your outdoor areas in the dark too with beautiful outdoor lighting solutions able to light up your dreams.
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Outdoor Lighting

Stephen Littleword used to say: "The moon goes up and the curtain goes down of a new world."The evening breeze, the moonlight, the right atmosphere: enjoy your outdoor space even at night with the outdoor lamps available in our catalogue: we have chosen them among the best brand in the lighting industry and they all ready to light up your dreams.

A garden mustn’t be enriched in details and well-cared only when the sun shines; true elegance lies in not neglecting details that, at nightfall when the view is no longer so clear, become spectacular and fundamental functional factors for the outdoor area. In order to illuminate the balcony or the garden of the house, it is necessary to choose each light point with the greatest care: if for example you have a garden that is as neat as greenhouse if not even more, and you wish to give prominence to your beloved plants, place an upward light under the flowerbeds; in this way you will get a really impressive visual effect. Is there a stone path to reach the veranda in front of the house?

How to Find the Perfect Spot

Then set it up with spotlights embedded in the ground: they will illuminate the road and welcome your guests with a triumph of elegance. Garden lamps should be placed in strategic points, so that you have the right lighting intensity in the whole area; it is also important to choose a light point that is in line with the style of the furniture. If the garden is set up with country tones, do not be tempted to buy ultra modern lamps, because it would destroy mercilessly the harmony of your location.

A veranda or terrace decorated with a traditional mood on wood tones and a style slightly “saloon-like”, the pendant lamps Bella Vista by Seletti will perfectly fit in. It is composed of ten wires of LED lights and it is really simple, but also able to create a very special atmosphere. The string of lights Bella Vista can be used to decorate and illuminate gardens, terraces and outdoor areas, because it is designed to resist humidity and bad weather. It is also very easy to install: it can be hung between trees or even on the wall, horizontally, vertically, in a circular shape or in any other way you like. Thanks to the length of the wire, in fact, it is adapt to easily reach any plug. Moreover, the choice of LED light bulbs allows to create a diffuse and well distributed light while keeping power consumption under control. Technology, eye-catching contemporary design, energy saving: these are the three fundamental concepts that underlie the philosophy of outdoor LED lighting.

Configuring the correct outdoor lighting and insert light points in strategic positions will help bringing out every corner, plant or complement of your little green paradise. Your large garden is the thing you are most proud of? If it is very large and maybe located in a area that is not well illuminated, the most suitable choice is to install spotlights along the perimeter, so as to illuminate every corner for good and to not leave any shadow area. Lampposts, flashlights, spotlights… the tools at our disposal to bring out outdoor lighting are so many that we just need stop for a moment to identify those that are better suitable for the needs of our house.

If you have a small space

Even the small balconies of modern houses need to show a touch of colourful style. If we have set up a small area as a playground for children to entertain them during our dinners with friends, it is better for this recreation area to be illuminated properly in order to be able to keep an eye on the kids while they play. Install the lampposts all around the playground, or apply some large spotlights on the walls of the house creating a beam of direct light, so to have a steady light on the area we need to see.

For a traditional setting, spherical or wrought iron lanterns are some classic garden furnishings; while, for a touch of contemporary style, it’s better to prefer spotlights embedded directly into the ground, that are decorative and ideal for illuminating paths and trails.

Anyone who’s looking for design outdoor lamps, perfect for illuminating with elegance the driveway, will find the perfect solution in the Floor Lamp Belvedere Spot Single F2 9th by Flos: a stake-shaped lamp designed by the Italian architect Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen, with an adjustable spotlight with double rotation, both vertically and horizontally, and a tube body made of aluminium.

Always choose a warm light tone, that is ideal for outdoor areas because it is able to create a much more intimate atmosphere, compared to cold light beams. So, before buying a lamp, be sure that the intensity and tone of the light that it emanates are exactly what you want. Bringing out with a strong light a particular corner like a rose garden, a statue or an important tree, risks darkening and overshadowing all the rest of the garden. Designing the garden lighting, in fact, is not simple: it’s not just about installing a few lights here and there. Before thinking to the choice of the lamps for your garden, make sure you have in mind a project that enhances the outdoor area of your home, adding to it comfort, style and elegance.


The staff of LOVEThESIGN is here for this reason: in our catalogue you will find all the must-see outdoor lighting proposals created by the best Italian and international designers. By installing the right light points you will increase by far the perception of order and sophistication that will surround you in your outdoor area. A garden or a terrace set up with an elegant and eccentric style calls for a spectacular lighting that can not go unnoticed. If your goal is to own furnishing elements that leave your guests’ mouths wide open, here are some of our advice for you.