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While playing, children not only have a good time, but develop creativity and intelligence. This is why toys should be chosen carefully - LOVEThESIGN ensures top quality materials, maximum safety and endless fun!
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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When children play, they are not only having fun, but also developing creativity and intelligence. It is therefore important to choose their toys with care: LOVEThESIGN guarantees top quality materials and pure fun! Our games are planned to have a modern design, without losing their "beloved and immortal" nature of toys.

The games at LOVEThESIGN, in fact, do not move by themselves, do not have a motor or even a memory card, do not speak and do not least in the eyes of the adults! We let our children give life to animals, talk about the puppets, make the cars go at full speed or to play with the little musical instruments provided for them!

Promoting Creativity

Our wooden toys, are not designed to distract our children, or to "keep them quiet" and be totally passive. On the contrary, they have been designed and made by Italian and international brands to actively promote the creative and relational development of children, and to rediscover the joy of sharing their games with their friends and fly with imagination! The games that you find in our pages are very long-lived, designed to accompany your child, or children, in the delicate stages of infant growth. They will not be thrown into oblivion anytime soon, and, thanks to their durability and quality, are meant to be lived by successive generations!

The LOVEThESIGN toys are extremely versatile, are suitable for any use which the children desire, without endangering their health and care of their development, increasing their growth opportunities such as developing problem solving skills that only a quality and cleverly designed toy is able to give. There are also games that combine design, shapes and original ideas. We just have to look at our iphone - whiteboards, sets that are meant to bring to the table and eat even the most exuberant of children, to appreciate the professionalism and creativity that we, first of all, put in our creations. Looking for a great gift for a special boy or girl?

LOVEThESIGN has the toy, which is just right for you! An excellent product and a surprisingly original and innovative one to impress the young and old! Games of any size and actual furnishings for childrens’ rooms, that will leave kids speechless. All our games are also easy to clean, easy to carry and also very practical to be organised and sorted ... so mothers are also happy! Children love to play with everything that can stimulate their imagination, they like to keep in their hands a toy that is able to catapult in their fantasy world, where everything is possible! But, above all, they love to build by themselves their magical universe.

How to Stimulate Your Children Imagination

With LOVEThESIGN all this is possible! Our games are designed to stimulate the imagination of our children, to keep them entertained safely, with high quality materials. What are you waiting for? Discover the world of designer games that we selected for your children with just a click! Only on LOVEThESIGN, you can find offers with lots and lots of toys in stock! Buying a toy on LOVEThESIGN is simple: just a few clicks to browse our extensive catalogue: there are games for all ages from €9!

Have a look at our porch swings, you'll be amazed by the elegance of the design, but most of all it is your children that will be impressed as they would have never seen so much games: essential, suitable for many uses, ready to be viewed with the eyes of the imaginative and creative children. And how can our cars not impress you? Perfectly suitable for children, as they are simple, elegant but also safe ... the perfect way to develop their psychomotor skills.

Choose LOVEThESIGN to gift a toy to a child, choose the quality of the raw materials, combined with the professionalism in the implementation, but above all the seriousness in creation. Choose games that are designed by those who really care about the growth of children, by those who are interested to stimulate them in the right way, and by those who love to surround children with objects that have been produced with children in mind, only looking for: quality, safety, hygiene and…fun!