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Coffee & Tea

A good breakfast is the best way to start off on the right foot. Tea and coffee accessories serve exactly this purpose - provide you with a happier start of the day. Pick your coffee cups, mugs, teapots and coffee makers and smile away!
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Coffee & Tea

Coffee, tea, herbal teas and infusions are drinks that are thousands of years old and which warm the heart. They are fully included in the small world of the great joys of life. On LOVEThESIGN there is everything necessary for their preparation and for their impeccable service, thanks to objects full of charm and style with which to decorate the kitchen.

Brands that have made history like Alessi and Pantone, designers of high levels as Koziol and Livellara, guarantee products of unquestionable quality, created with the best materials and designed to be part of your furniture forever. Coffee makers, kettles, cups and teapots, are all items to which it is easy to become attached, because they transcend their function to become accessories that speak of us, of our personality and the style of our cuisine. Gifts become undisputed art of conversation and are essential elements of those who know how to enjoy the pleasures of life, serving tea and coffee with the right style.

Coffee: a unique aroma due to the right coffee. A good coffee must meet certain criteria in order to define it as such. First of all the functionality and usability: only a tool which is practical, quick to clean but also of good quality ensures a quality coffee, with an unmistakable aroma, perfect for waking up in the morning and for a chat with the guests. Another essential component is the aesthetic expressed by the style and design of the object. The eye wants its part, well aware of the masters of design, not the creators of simple coffee mahcines but unique and irreproducible art.

Original forms or classic games of colors and materials ranging from steel to aluminum, give to those who love to enjoy the pleasures of life and true beauty, the quality of Made in Italy, and the most avant-garde aesthetics, a long series of enjoyable coffees.

The eternal tradition of tea

Another great protagonist of our daily lives, from the beginning of civilization, is the tea. Every culture has given the tea leaves and fascinating drink that is generated for infusion, a very personal interpretation, and gives birth to several tools and rituals for its preparation. Kettles, teapots, infusers and service cups, still color and fill the corners of the houses, not only as tools of use but with decorative presence and filling. Teapots, a constant presence in our tables, witnesses confessions and confidences, the breakfast of our children, becomes a moment of inestimable sentimental value, to show off to friends but also to relate with affection on a daily basis.

They are a symbol of good times, the keepers of the fondest memories. Steel, cast iron, porcelain, original forms or classic, efficiency and simplicity, are some of the intrinsic components of tea articles available in the catalog of LOVETheSIGN, a perfect combination of modernity and tradition.

The importance of a cup

Of merit and special mention are the cups and mugs because they make up a sort of family among the furnishings of the house. Two, six, eight, coffee cups, mugs or tea mug in Anglo-Saxon style, are different in shape, color, materials but united by the charm of their forms and the constant presence in every kitchen. Among the items at LOVETheSIGN there are cups for every mood. For the more nostalgic, vintage variations are recommended, with which to travel through the centuries thanks to the ancient porcelain, a timeless floral decoration that awaken great and sweet childhood memories.

The most modern and fashionable must not lose sight of the latest collections of avant-garde design, minimal, essential, and perfect to optimize their forms. The grouping also includes pieces such as the inevitable sugar bowls and mini milk jugs, big shots to show off to give guests unforgettable moments, satisfying their every desire. And for the habitual, you cannot miss the choice of a mug for life, the cup of heart, a faithful companion for all breakfasts. Round, square, mini, curved, white or colored: you are left spoiled for choice of these components that will inevitably accompany your breaks all of your days!