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Established in Denmark in 1972, Flexa creates furnishing solutions for nurseries and children's rooms in a typical streamlined Scandinavian style. All products by Flexa are designed to create a safe, encouraging atmosphere able to adapt and transform in order to meet children's changing needs while they grow up.
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Flexa & egrave; a Danish company that is interested in the design, production and sale of interior solutions for children. Born in 1972, it is; constantly evolving and always attentive to the needs of children. In any case, Flexa tries to always interpret what children's wishes are, designing and studying continuous technological innovations to their products to achieve the highest quality; and a great functionality. From bedding to bunk beds, Flexa studies and makes products to satisfy and amaze children. Its bedrooms, with a modern and functional Scandinavian design, are transformed into enchanted worlds, where children can leave their creativity free, play without problems and in complete safety.

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Children's Room

Every solution for the realization of the children's bedroom always studied with parents, to ensure that all the wishes and all the needs of their children are fully met. All this is combined with a high quality & agrave; of the materials and to a great technological innovation, in fact, all the Flexa products, from the bed to the sack for the duvet, have a high standard of quality & agrave; and they are made to measure for children.

Flexa founded its first store in Nice in 1999 and has been a great success ever since, opening 140 stores worldwide. As well as being very attentive to the needs of children, this company studies innovations a lot, to create high quality furniture; and very durable over time, to give a gift as well; to the children an excellent and safe product.

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Furniture and Materials

The materials used to make Flexa's products are all environmentally friendly, while the furniture is they are tested for safe use, they are child-sized, safe for their development and not just beautiful to look at, they stimulate curiosity & agrave; and creativity & agrave; of children and they are really exclusive. Flexa designers design new shapes and test new materials to ensure their collections beauty and safety.
Flexa uses PEFC certified wood, a special certification that complies with the strict European and international standards for sustainable forest management. Flexa wood is harvested in cold countries, where trees grow slowly and for this reason, quality is achieved. of this wood & egrave; excellent and Flexa working it, makes it of high quality & agrave; for the realization of its products.

The logs, the shavings and the sawdust, the waste material of the processing, are carefully recycled respecting the environment. The pellet that is obtained is equal; without CO2 and lacquer and therefore can; to be used as fuel, because it is always ecological. Flexa therefore guarantees a careful processing of products and respect for the environment, trying to pollute as little as possible, because it is you can not build furniture for children and pollute the world, as it would be a contradiction.
All Flexa textiles, bed linen, pillows, fabrics are certified, being free of harmful substances and products chemical and toxic, they carry the Oeko Tex brand that guarantees it. The lacquer with which the furniture is painted is also used. ecological, highly controlled and certified, lasts over time and is not; toxic.

Flexa & egrave; a company that takes care of children's safety and creates these ecological and beautiful bedrooms at affordable prices, ensuring not only quality, but also economic savings.
Its products are not only ecological, but they are also beautiful, practical, functional, robust and wear-resistant.

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The catalog of products & egrave; infinite, there are sunbeds, cribs, changing tables, bunk beds, desks and many other products, all made to the size of a child. These rooms, cheerful and colorful, are small oases where the child feels safe and secure, but they are also very functional, in fact, the wardrobes inside are equipped with shelves where they neatly store all the linen, the colored benches are large and capacious to keep their games in order, the baby changing table has a cabinet with various drawers to keep all the necessary equipment for changing the baby.