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Shelves and Floating Shelves

Filling out your room with shelves and floating shelves is a way of channelling your inner-creativity. If the wall is your canvas, then shelves and floating shelves are brush strokes to your masterpiece: the house. Have a look at our selection of unique, witty, original and practical shelves and floating shelves. Mix and match, overlap, just do you.
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Shelves and Floating Shelves

Combinations and overlays. This is the perfect solution for our home thanks to modules and shelves, furniture designed by famous designers from around the world and selected by LOVEThESIGN, to give you a chance to let your imagination roam free and decide with creativity the ideal arrangement for environments in which you live.

LOVEThESIGN offers you a choice of shelves with simple lines and the most sophisticated and versatile lines such as the Module Due Steelwood Concept, for example. Module Due was made in walnut and iron, and has been conceived and designed to be three products in one: acts as a low table, library module and desk if arranged vertically. It can be used as a single piece, but can also be assembled to another module of the same line or to Module Uno to create a real wall "library", or even assembled in four to become a a very special library from the ground. Our house will never be the same even with a single piece of Module Due.

If you search for a shelf for an original home with ultra modern furnishings in white and black or at least neutral, the suspension with four hemispheres steel and glass Mono really does the job. The hemispheres can be used for different purposes: on the terrace to plant small flowers or herbs, to organize spices in the kitchen, in the bathroom to order to keep the bath salts.

And what about the line Moustache Inga Sempé, a talented designer who has designed this small round beechwood shelf of just 14 cm in diameter, equipped with a screw that is used to place it directly on the wall. Hiding all support, the shelf seems to stand in air. An outstanding idea which takes up very little space if you need an empty pocket in a narrow entrance, a soap dish or a place to accommodate the best alarm clock.

How then, do not think of decorating the shelf String Rocket? Its design is simple but ingenious, and has not changed over time, since the Swedish designer Nisse Strinning created this shelving system. And the shelf String, which is not just a shelf, but is a system of modular shelves, answers all your needs and your personal tastes. With its light-weight and its minimalism, it decorates every room in the house with glamour and good taste. You can use them in the bathroom, in your workshop in order to keep crochet wool, and cotton fabrics, to equip the entire wall of the living room and keep pots, books and photographs all on one side of the room. In short, the possibilities are endless.

If we then want a touch of eccentricity in most of our apartment, rather than our house in the country or at our studio in the city, why not choose Module 3, Mademoiselle of Officinanove? A perfect set of three shelves, one high, one medium and one low to generate multiple transformations in your spaces. The tubular and steel sheet give dynamism and freshness to customize the environment and make it a comfortable space to live in. Very nice are the names that distinguish the three different heights of the shelves Module E Mademoiselle: Relève, Plié and Grand Plié. These are the steps of a classical dance show, for their elegance and sobriety, they are a truly unique piece of furniture when you think that we can match them with other shelves in the same line along a large wall or in the center of the room to divide it into two living spaces.

A shelf or a module design, which we can find a wide choice in the selection of online Lovethesign, are the best solution to hold books and objects with personal style, that is original and unique. With a modular solution we can choose how to customize most of our space and large walls, with Flapps shelves in birch plywood and stainless steel that can also recover corners that we never thought of decorating. And being able to choose from the wide range of materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood and marble we have no more excuses: we found the place where one can find everything we need to make our home a place full of comfort and design.