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Ambivalenz creates innovative solutions for modern, mobile and flexible spaces since 2012. The philosophy of this brand originates from the new needs due to demographic changes in the cities where the number of people living in small or micro spaces is constantly increasing. Ambivalenz offers great solutions for small spaces, in harmony with its motto: "strikingly discreet".
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Ambivalenz creates innovative solutions for modern, mobile and flexible spaces since 2012. The philosophy of this brand originates from the new needs due to demographic changes in the cities where the number of people living in small or micro spaces is constantly increasing. Ambivalenz realises great solutions for small spaces, in harmony with its motto: "strikingly discreet".

Where does Ambivalenz come from

Ambivalenz is a young and lively German company that produces interior design furniture and offers innovative, flexible and modern solutions for living rooms and home environment in general since 2012. The main purpose of the brand is to offer foldable, space-saving ideas that mix usefulness and comfort. Ambivalenz's products are conceived to meet every kind of need and they are able to fit in any personal environment. These are the basic values leading the creation of each piece of furniture by Ambivalenz. Its products originate from a deep awareness of the trends and demographic changes affecting modern society, especially the big cities. Another important fact that Ambivalenz takes into account is the new lifestyle of the majority of the people: it's increasingly common for people to live alone rather than with their families; and they often decide (for many different reasons) to live in compact houses which are not excessively roomy, such as studios or one-bedroom apartments. If we add to these data the will to experiment new ways to bring the highest functionality in the smallest possible space…the result is Ambivalenz!

Our motto

The company's motto is "Strikingly discreet, splendidly undecided!" and it has its roots in the quest for a solution that offers space instead of occupying it. Ambivalenz wants to create design pieces that are imperceptible but aesthetically pleasing, folding and moveable but at the same time solid and functional. And the subsequent question is: "Is it really possible to create an interior design object which is useful but also capable to disappear when needed, without using a magic wand?" Apparently the answer is yes! Ambivalenz offers great solutions for small settings, in a wide range of sizes and prints in order to better match any space, style and taste. Splendidly undecided! Ambivalenz products give you the chance to not define: you are always free to move, change, redesign, use or not use…they offer an absolute freedom of choice, the higher flexibility! Our pieces of furniture are design space-savers for a lifestyle that is in compliance with the modern society we live in: flexible and mobile, perfect for people who don't need to decide but can comfortably keep changing and avoiding a permanent solution. And it's not by chance that the company slogan is from the beginning "Ambivalenz- Stay Undecided! Surprisingly discreet!"

Do you need an instant desk to write on while you are on the phone in the living room? Or maybe you'd like to have a temporary laptop stand to read recipes while you're cooking? You don't know where to put your soaked jacket in the narrow hallway of you apartment? These are just some examples of problems that could be fixed by Ambivalenz products. Ambivalenz design objects prove their best features when in use. They are highly modern pieces of furniture designed to disappear or become small and almost invisible wall ornaments when not needed.

The products

What are the products offered by this brand which seems to come directly from the future? Every home must have free surfaces where to put our things. And this is why Ambivalenz offers Shelves of any kind and size, but all with a thing in common: they can disappear. There are Tiny Shelves (for notebooks, I-pad or tablet), Small Shelves (40x40x1), Large Shelves (80x40x1), and Multi-layer Shelves. In compliance with the mission of the company, Ambivalenz Shelves can fit in any space, also the narrowest, and they can create the smallest shelving-unit systems ever. Small shelves can perfectly fit in hallways, but they can also be minimalist night tables, vase stands or bookshelves…just free your imagination!

Large Shelves are useful to store magazines or to place the coffee machine; or they can also be used in the bedroom to organise our clothes. Anyways, whatever the size is, the Shelves are there when you need them, and they are not there anymore when you don't, but they are always pleasant to the eye. You can choose from a wide range of prints and colours and create the combinations you prefer in the space you have. They are easy and safe to install thanks to the wall stencils provided that allow to install, uninstall and move the product at any time and anywhere, without damaging it, no matter how many times you will change your mind!

In order to add even more functions to an already iper-functional product, Clothes Rail Shelves have been created. At a first glance they look exactly like the standard shelves mentioned above; but if you look more attentively you can notice the narrow space where to hook hangers. And what if you need a Make-up Cabinet in you bathroom that is comfortable likewise? Ambivalenz has the perfect solution: it offers Folding Cabinets that once folded give no clues about their real function (like every other Ambivalenz product). But once unfolded these Cabinets have everything women need – illuminated mirror and plenty of space!

And not only women will have their needs satisfied: Ambivalenz also offers Working Shelves and Wall Desks that can be installed and uninstalled at any height, depending on the needs of who's using them. And when the work is done, you can make everything disappear with a simple touch, and have your space back once again!

And then there are Chairs. Folding Chairs, of course. Easy to open and close with just one click, decorated with art prints and just 20mm high when folded. Ambivalenz Chairs are ready to be used (or not used) at any moment. And the Stools are no less so. They are so easy to fold that they could be children toys, light as a small purse but at the same time solid and stable as any stool worthy of the name. Just pull the rope, and the Stools will magically fold. Finally, you can find other innovative solutions like Folding Laundry Baskets that can be turned into room dividers or supports and basis for tables and desks.

So, honestly speaking, if you want some design furniture to decorate your place, which is a space saver, versatile and of good quality, what you're looking for is an Ambivalenz product!