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Carpet Edition

Carpet Edition creates contemporary design collections that come from the combination of Indikon's experience and the creativity of professional architects and designers. The experience acquired over the years, together with the company's know-how based on experimentation and creativity, makes Carpet Edition's rugs absolutely unique.
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Carpet Edition creates contemporary design collections that come from the partnership between Indikon's experience and the creativity of professional architects and designers. The experience acquired over the years, together with the company's know-how based on experimentation and creativity, makes Carpet Edition's rugs absolutely unique.

Indikon was born in 2005. This company is based on over 40 years of experience in the carpet industry and soon it became a leader in the production and distribution of exclusive carpets all over the world. Indikon produces and distributes unique and original rugs hand-made by skilled weavers, knotted and hand-woven on antique looms. Together with its partner company Barry Mills, the company has some facilities in India and offices in various parts of the world (Japan, USA, Italy).

Carpet Edition is an innovative brand emerging from the collaboration between Indikon and some highly-talented designers and architects, who, thanks to their creativity, have signed many collections of carpets with an innovative style that are always unique, original and up with the times. The new demand of furniture characterized by innovative styles such as the contemporary or minimalist ones, has brought the company to a completely new concept of the oriental carpet, but always preserving the exceptional manufacturing of the traditional ones and revolutionizing the most recent ones through modern techniques, bright colors and shapes, and brilliant design.

This is how the company has created its collections of exclusive and beautiful carpets, which gather a selection of sophisticatedly elegant carpets, which are easily adapted to any decor both classical and contemporary. These carpets are created through elaborate processing techniques, and they are made of modern and innovative materials; thanks to a long experience in the field all Carpet Edition's carpets easily match any modern and contemporary style and give a new interpretation to the traditional oriental carpet.

The materials are selected through a careful research process aimed at making these carpets even more resistant to light, water (which contains chlorine and might ruin them), stains and microorganisms. They were all carefully tested and thanks to their high quality level can be used also outdoor, especially during summer. The new materials used to produce the carpets prevent the formation of bacteria and mold, they are mite-proof, water-proof and UV-resistant, which means that you do not fade over time and they can be easily washed and dry quickly.

Moreover, thanks to the wide range of colors available, which are bright and charming, and also thanks to the perfect manufacturing and the elegant and refined taste with which they are made, these carpets are the perfect interior decorations to make every room romantically elegant. Carpet Edition carpets are unique and hard to find and this exclusivity make them perfect in every room, in the living room or in the study, in the dining room or in the bedroom, because their class will make every environment original and innovative.

Because of their exclusivity, Indikon's carpets are real artworks, and they come with a certificate of authenticity attesting they are hand-made without child labour exploitation. These carpets are created through a long and elaborate process and in some cases also by retrieving antique wool carpets from Turkey and Persia (from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th). These old carpets are bleached by exposing them to the sun for 5-6 months; then they are washed and dried and finally subjected to a new color bath with plant pigments. In fact, this company is always careful in the choice of products that are eco-friendly and as natural as possible.

And so these carpets - real artworks, unique, original and refined pieces created in an ancient and fascinating past - are brought back to life by the magic hands of expert weavers who turn them into real design masterpiece with a beautiful and unique look that can wonderfully suit every room of every home. The skilled hands of these artists, these master weavers, are able to create in their frames carpets in various yarns, from the more traditional ones (like wool) to the more modern such as hemp or polyester that makes these new-generation carpets soft, smooth and resistant, but also spectacular, hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

They also make the room warmer and cozier, since they are perfect for thermal insulation and they are made with an anti-pilling technique, which means they are lint-free and their appearance won't change over time. Some of these carpets, thanks to the modern production techniques, are so durable that they can be placed without worrying in the bathroom or in shops and stores. Carpet Edition takes care of the processing and realization of its carpets in every detail.

In fact, each carpet is made with the ancient technique of the frame and, after the weaving, the taftatura technique is applied. It's made using a gun-shaped tool that works with a needle that inserts the material that will form the fleece on a base made of cotton where the drawing has already been created. This modern technique makes it possible to obtain carpets with a very thick fleece. Once the taftatura has been made, on the back of the carpet a cotton canvas with silicone is applied. Precisely because these carpets are well-finished, nothing is left to chance and even the back of each carpet is processed with great care and attention.

Carpet Edition is a company that has made its own innovation and research to create contemporary and always elegant carpets, relying on its experience in the sector, but also entrusting the creation of new carpets to emerging talents who with their creative ideas have revisited the ancient Persian carpet in a modern perspective. But always with a great respect for the techniques of the ancient master weavers and always relying on their experience also in the use of new materials and new geometries, in order to make higher the standards of these carpets that are dedicated to people who love to be surrounded by beautiful things, stylish artworks, which thanks to their flowing and harmonious lines can easily fit in their homes with taste and class.