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COEDITION is a French producer of modern and creative furniture. Its collections include exceptional new products designed by Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin, Michael Anastassiades, Marco Zanuso Jr and other prominent designers. Each object is different and unique and born out of a passion for design.
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COEDITION is a French producer of modern and creative furniture. Its collections include exceptional new products designed by Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin, Michael Anastassiades, Marco Zanuso Jr and other prominent designers. Each object is different and unique and born out of a passion for design.

CoEdition is a young French brand born only a few years ago which aims to make high-quality and modern furnishings. Its collections are designed by brilliant and well-known designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin, Michael Anastassiades, Aki and Arnaud Cooren, Marco Zanuso Jr., Rodolfo Dordoni and Alain Moatti. Starting from 2014, CoEdition has began to expand its range of products in order to include new items designed by emerging talents such as Olivier Gagnère and Shin Azumi. The items offered by CoEdition are the result of an exhaustive and meticulous research and they are suitable to be used by designers in their sophisticated technical innovations.

CoEdition's history
Coedition is the result of the shared intent of some designers (Charles, Samuel Coriat and Silvera) with the aim of expanding the horizon of home furniture, which was developed from a relationship of friendship and professional respect. The universe of drafts and ideas in which CoEdition designers move finds the lowest common denominator in the passion for design. Today CoEdition is a brand that is trying to set a new industry standard, rigorous and precise in all its phases. By sharing the talent and creative vision of renowned artists, producers and distributors, CoEdition enhances the real estate market with sophisticated pieces made of precious materials, while maintaining a strong commitment to the manufacture of each piece. While the style goes in the direction of modernity and contemporary times, it is also true that there is no lack of references to classicism, especially in those elements related to simplicity and elegance. Samuel Coriat is remembered for being the founder of Artelano, a company of contemporary furniture since 1972 which succeeded in anticipating the evolution in trends over time. According to Chantal Hamaide, chief editor of the Intramuros magazine, "Samuel Coriat is the most Italian of all French publishers", since he was able to bring to the attention of the international audience pieces of furniture with iconic features, but also functional and produced in Italy. In fact, although the company's head office is in Paris, the furnishings are all made in the Brianza area (Northern Italy) by the same producers who have always worked with Artelano. And the company has many other links with Italy. Patricia Urquiola, among the most important representatives of the brand, is Spanish by birth, but Italian by choice: she has been mentored by some of the masters of Italian industrial design, such as Achille Castiglioni who has also curated her final thesis.
The new CoEdition company resumes the ingredients that led Artelano to success: dedication to the shapes and the production of a furniture that is out of the ordinary, the selection of blameless construction methods and the use of noble materials. In an interview, CoEdition's Commercial Director Charles Coriat, son of company founder Samuel Coriat, said that CoEdition, despite being a recently born brand, is already standing out thanks to the farsighted vision of its creative staff. The key words for this company are: rigor, emotion, innovation and mental comfort.

The CoEdition collections
The collections offered by CoEdition are the result of a mixture of styles coming from ancient skills that blend with the innovative ideas of emerging talents. It's for this reason that CoEdition collections include products with some kind of timeless sophistication, with the purpose of becoming a solid reference for French design and beyond. CoEdition selects the best of international products to expand its collections of furniture in an ever-changing scenario. After 35 years heading the Artelano company, Samuel Coriat allowed his son Charles to become the catalyst for a new story. CoEdition basically operates as a multi-functional business, where the collaboration between many people is a fundamental value. Thanks to the intervention of Patricia Urquiola it was possible to do the restyling of the famous Altay chair, while Michael Anastassiades contribution has resulted in the creation of T-Square, a shelf that remains attached to the wall as if it's magical. Each designer offers his or her own ideas and expresses some specific requests. For example, Victoria Wilmotte has engaged in the design of special glass furniture. In terms of style, CoEdition claims the sophistication of a timeless elegance. The CoEdition's designers' attention to detail ensures that each object is different and unique. Among the most important projects carried out by the French brand are the Tour Eiffel Chair designed by Alain Moatti for the Gustave Eiffel Pavilion and the Nouvelle Generation Chair by Dominique Perrault Architecture & Associés (DPA) designed exclusively for the reading rooms of the French National Library. Both projects confirm the objective to aim for high-quality standards and share an intense professional experience. In 2015, CoEdition has created the Scala collection for the Rivea restaurant in Las Vegas by Alain Ducasse, and has developed some projects for Chanel and Max Mara. CoEdition offers its French and international customers collections that stand out for their originality, simplicity and affordability.

CoEdition's future projects
CoEdition has just begun its ascent in the universe of high-end furnishings. It is a long way to go, but this company is determined to succeed thanks to its determination, passion and patience. The response to the first collections all around the world is very positive. Another objective of the French brand is to design custom-made furniture for specific architects. Despite knowing very well the current problems of the furniture sector, CoEdition has great confidence in its own potential. CoEdition products are on sale in Beirut, Mexico City, Jakarta, Singapore, Miami and France. The plan is to start a process of enlargement which will include in the collection also chairs and sofas. The company that manages the Eiffel Tower (SETE) has already received the aluminum chairs designed by the architect Alain Moatti, while Dominique Perrault has designed a new chair for the National Library of France. Step by step, CoEdition is about to become a brand of real excellence in the design field.