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Innermost believes humour to be the best source of inspiration. Innermost is a catalyst for creative minds from all over the world that share its passion for anarchy and create something beautiful by recycling common everyday material, or sitting on someone else's painting, or doing some other crazy thing.
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Innermost: design out of the box
Innermost is a London brand that was launched in 1999. The idea of creating a different way of conceiving lighting and furnishings came to two creative and revolutionary designers. Steve Jones and Russell Cameron gave life to a project that represents the realization of a dream. They used to work for a furniture company, and one day they decided to share their ideas. They have a great harmony and together they managed to create a unique and exclusive brand.

A brand that is varied and changeable like London
The two designers' project was based on the idea to create a brand that is varied and multifaceted like London. The city, in fact, is well-known as the more changeable and diverse place in the world. In it, in fact, different cultures, fashions and customs coexist forming a complex unity that makes it absolutely fascinating. The Innermost brand wants to reflect all of this. The products are so heterogeneous that include countless styles, materials and patterns. Common objects become the inspiration to create lighting or furniture elements.

Many designers, many ideas
The two designers who created the Innermost brand, Russell Cameron and Steve Jones, involved in the project other famous professionals from all over the world. Internationally renowned designers have been called to London to give a contribution to the growth of the brand. Each head is an idea. In fact this is what happened. The designers who collaborated with Innermost have given the right creative contribution required for the brand to reach its intended purpose. The experiences and inspirations of the many designers gave birth to revolutionary ideas. The lamps are Innermost's main product. From table lamps, to floor lamps, wall lamps or pendants they always offer an alternative way to conceive lighting. The products can match any kind of location. The perspective from which they are meant to be interpreted goes beyond the traditional concept of decoration. A touch of creativity can renew classic furniture styles making them contemporary. The contrasts created will be the realization of the brand's project: as varied as London.

Lighting... but not only
The lamp models proposed by Innermost go beyond the classical schemes. The contribution given by designers called to take part in the project was essential. A beautiful and suggestive lamp is the one created by Jake Phipps. It is made of felt derby hats turned into a lamp. With a sharp Anglo-Saxon sense of humour, this lamp wants to represent the perfect English gentleman. A great effect is provided by the golden colour that cover the inside of the hat. It's available in three versions: pendant, with base or for the wall. Corinna Warm, a designer from Berlin, took the inspiration for the creation of her work from Victorian circus tents. The colours are soft and neutral so that they can adapt to any type of setting. The wallpaper by Deborah Bowness has given life to imaginative lampshades with the Graffiti collection. Flynn Talbot focuses on the space and dimension in which the viewer is transported while maintaining the connection with the surrounding environment. The idea of the reflector is proposed with the concept of flexibility with which the light can be oriented. These are just some examples of Innermost products. The materials and their use tend to fool the eye of anyone who looks at them. Steel which seems glass like in the case of Tom Kirk's lamps. The designer, in fact, has given thousands of facets to steel in order to make it shine like crystal.

Surreal idea of furnishing
Lighting is what started the plan of Russell Cameron and Steve Jones. In the same vein, however, they have also realized other items of furniture that do not go unnoticed. In addition to being very original, it must be said that these objects are presented to the market in the same way with which they are made. Hitting the attention of those who see Innermost products on display at some fair or in a store is a completely fulfilled goal. This is the case of Tela. It is a reproduction of an armchair and a sofa drawn on canvas. The great optical illusion that they wanted to get is perfectly reached. Watching the item it is not clear whether the model is sitting on a real or a surreal chair. Also as part of the furnishings, it is really beautiful the coffee table Origami with its sinuous shapes, made of metal and glass. HiHo is a cute rocking horse designed by Jarrod Lim which represents the materialization of the child in every of us. In fact, it seems like a toy but it's not. The rocking horse can be ridden or used to relax on it. The fur is synthetic, but the coating is natural sheepskin. It represents the playfulness and the free spirit of abandoning to original and unusual ideas with attention to detail and leaving nothing to chance.

Hitting the attention
As we said, Innermost is an innovative brand. The whole philosophy it is based on is also innovative. The two designers have a creative and imaginative mind. The ingenuity and creativity can hardly remain within certain ranks. Spaces are tight and that's why we try an alternative dimension where ideas can ride free without constraints and without rules. The love for the city of London is revealed through creations of high artistic value. The "Made in Britain" is the leitmotif of all the collections. The flexibility of London's character in opening up to whatever is new is reflected in the decorative elements that are well suitable for all situations. Every side, every corner, every aspect, every facet of the city is represented and it stimulates the ironic smile of the observer. The brand, therefore, does not offer just simple elements. It provides creative, free ideas and a great practical genius. Behind every lamp there is an idea born from the inspiration of the moment. The inspiration is personal and difficult to reproduce. The brand has won awards and recognitions at an international level. His reputation is international and its products are universally known thanks to the work of professional designers from around the world.