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Ivano Redaelli

The Ivano Redaelli brand was born in the historical tradition of the district of Como, Italy. In three decades, the strong roots in "haute gamme" handycraft tradition grew up to become a proper luxury brand. Clever creativeness, selected raw materials, high-end italian craftsmanship and natural elegance blend into the Ivano Redaelli brand.
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The furnishings and home accessories brand Ivano Redaelli was born around the ‘50s, after the tragedy of World War II. Soon, sheets, blankets, pillows, rugs and textiles come to life, above all due to the desire to provide a bright alternative to the gray of the times. Moreover, the origins of the company find the first confirmations in the tradition of the province of Como whose representatives are Ivano's father Piero Redaelli – who is now Cavaliere del Lavoro - and his mother Iside, both at the head of the company with the goal of producing hand-embroidered bed linen. It's in the ‘80s, however, that a crucial step for the business was taken. The leadership of the company passes into the hands of the brothers Ivano and Nicoletta and this allows the brand to grow even further, thanks to an entrepreneurial attitude more and more international. It's Ivano the real experimenter of the brand and, alongside with his sister Nicoletta, he made additional changes to the corporate vision which is now based on innovative concepts, experimentation, new solutions and capabilities that combine the past and the respect for the traditions of the family with the future, giving space to modern styles and new designs. These trends certainly do not go unnoticed, especially during the years when they are well-established in the Made in Italy textile sector. After about thirty years and some fruitful periods of creative stabilization of the brand, Ivano Redaelli begins to personally run the creation of valuable items, putting together the root of the ancient family traditions and the modern focus on new tools, especially taking into account that there is a new costumer, modern and increasingly demanding.

And so it ended the simplistic and reductive vision which associates furniture to the practice of collecting and on the contrary it becomes a serious mission that aims for quality and competence always with elegance and excellence, also thanks to the use of selected raw materials and a special attention to detail and strong themes related to the internationality of the product. The most curious features of the Ivano Redaelli brand are related to the ability to play with the concepts of space, time and decoration, always represented like intimate and seductive but never surreal, since they are marked by modern essential elements, synthesis and sophistication. In one word: style. Style that becomes research of a personal taste, aesthetic attention to the object, in a multidimensional vision of purity, simplicity and complex observation of what forms the desired setting, halfway between the real and the ideal. In other words: achieved and achievable. Luxury, prestige and universality characterize these products that are never vulgar and incapable of expressing ostentation. What is being showed is pure class: form and substance that intertwine to respond to the customers' demand and meet the needs of all users. And this is the ultimate difference between the characteristics of common and cheap furniture and that proposed by Ivano Redaelli. And so the cost of furnishings is not only related to the quality of the products, but also to the benefits they provide, especially when they are combined with each other to create a project that defines a specific lifestyle and the realism of building a familiar setting which is able to meet precise requirements never improvised but carefully studied and in every detail.

We are talking about warm atmospheres that can give light even to the most hidden and unseen corners through the use of precious fabrics or even cashmere, linen and cotton, but always being aware that it is possible to propose a universal language that goes beyond time. A design that expresses elegance at 360 degrees and that adds to the decoration of the present a new sensory dimension, so as to have a responsive setting and at the same time capable of upsetting but also to remain faithful to the viewer, in order to give meaning to the general overview and produce unique sensations. And so, Ivano Redaelli's products are all elements that make it possible to achieve this goal while looking for the maximum functionality: never flashy, but always sober and consistent with the setting you want to create, where the leitmotif is always the style, where the mood created is able to seduce, convince and welcome.

For example, you can find a similar situation in a hotel room, in which the chamber music fills the air and the images of an inner journey begin to flow in the mind of the person who booked it. In this case, in fact, it is easy to get the story that is counted through the furnishing style: it becomes appropriate to create a unique space-time dimension which includes the setting and the lifestyle of those who is living there. Textures, colours, sensations, all signed by Ivano Redaelli. The same can be said of those who for example need a quiet space to spend some time alone, like a waiting room or the study of a psychotherapist. In these cases, the dynamic interaction between the real and the ideal takes on a new meaning that is even more penetrating into the consciousness of those who are in a context that should be above all friendly, reassuring and capable of containing the anxieties of everyday life. Also for these reasons Ivano Redaelli's style is internationally recognized by the industry masters, such as 'Maison & Objet' in Paris.

You too need a place like this? Is your dream something that thanks to Ivano Redaelli you can actually have? The idea has never been so achievable: you just have to browse Ivano Redaelli's products on LOVEThESIGN and choose the one that is more suitable for you.