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Modern materials, light and yet incredibly resistant such as carbon and glass fibres, up-to-date technologies, a minimalist yet refined design: these are the distinctive features of the brand Karboxx. With a special eye to evolving lifestyles, Karboxx combines technology and design in order to create unique lighting solutions.
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Karboxx is a company founded in 2005 that deals with the creation of lighting products. It produces very characteristic design elements, technological and with a certain elegance and sophistication. All are made with modern and advanced materials, such as glass and carbon fibre (hence the mechanical strength and lightness of all products). The union of these two materials creates very refined and minimal products: fundamental features that distinguish the company and its products. The designers base their creations on the theme of well-being, which is why they study lights and colours to create lamps that are suitable for chromotherapy. Each item is designed with the greatest attention to detail, always taking into account the principles of chromotherapy, technology and a very distinctive and original design. The use of carbon and glass fibre has the main purpose to get innovative, light furnishings, mechanically strong and especially beautiful to see. All these feature lead to a different vision of lighting compared to that of other companies operating in the same sector. In addition to all this, we need to say that the creation of each lamp takes place in Italy, thanks to the work of experienced designers such as Enrico Franzolini, Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Brian Rasmussen. The Karboxx collection includes pendants, floor and table lamps, outdoor and wall lamps. What distinguishes the products by Karboxx from others on the market, is not only the price but the characteristics of the product itself. First of all, remember that each item, before being created, is carefully studied, designed and adapted to the needs of the period. Then the product is brought to life: the implementation of the project by Karboxx designers, in addition to the use of high-quality materials and a well-thought colouring, guarantee the creation of a great object. Karboxx, despite being born only in recent times, is conquering an important slice of the market.

Going back to the company, from 2011 it belongs to the Quadrifoglio Group Furnishing Systems S.p.A., who was born in 1991 and deals with the creation and production of furniture for the office. The team that constitutes the Karboxx company is composed of highly qualified personnel, and each member with their own style. Alongside with designers, inside the company also works Moreno De Giorgio, who has a degree in architecture and a great professional interest in the combination of light and space, and in lighting products in general. From this concept it was born the need for the use of LED lighting to replace common light bulbs. Serena Papait shows a keen interest in photography and art, and especially a real passion for light in all its forms. Massimiliano Mornati, born in 1970, is a designer for setting, architecture and design, creating products that afterwards are turned into items for the furniture market. Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli are Karboxx designers and interior designers. Their creations are born from an in-depth study and critical reflection on the issues of design and living. Thomas Feichtner follows a more original line oriented towards experimentation and the creation of artistic aspects that totally break with the patterns of the past and tradition, overcoming what today is called mass production. David Dolcini combines in its creations different methods and the experiences acquired during the years of study abroad. All these professionals' knowledge, experiences and studies make it possible to create unique products that differ from each other not only for the external structure but also for shapes and colours.

Alongside with the designers mentioned above, also Fabio Flora works for Karboxx. This designer carries out a completely different study elements: he analyzes the geometries and their symbology, the models and what are the design values giving the product its own style but at the same time trying to meet the needs of all customers. Princic and Righi are also designers, highly skilled in performing this work, and they cooperate with each other and with Karboxx to carry out projects relating to interior design and architecture. As you can see, by mixing high-quality materials to in-depth study, design, market analysis, costs and highly-qualified staff, it is possible to create very special lighting elements. It's good to remember that every product is different from the others because every designer has made different studies, has received different influences and follows a specific philosophy. Precisely for this reason, everyone tries to create his own imprint and then relate it and enclose it inside the product they are working on (this can be a floor lamp, a pendant, a table or wall lamp, and so on). Very competitive, versatile (all complements illuminate and at the same time decorate), able to blend in with any kind of home environment, safe (because they are made with the highest quality materials and designed very carefully), durable, easy to assemble and transport (lightness and mechanical strength are very important to this company), and with an excellent price-quality ratio (the cost is really low). A number of elements that lead to an increase in sales and in addition to meeting the needs of those who are increasingly changing customer. In conclusion, buying a product by Karboxx means having an article for your home that is functional, safe, durable, stylish, elegant, unique and able to fit in with all the other furnishings of the house. And of course to add a touch of originality, sophistication and modernity.