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Kiko+ brand was born from the imagination of the Japanese designer Kaz Shiomi. This designer is always able to surprise thanks to the simplicity and refinement of her ideas. In this line of wooden toys and objects, the natural creativity of all children has the opportunity to express itself.
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Kiko+ is a brand born in 2011 with the aim to realize toys and other products for children following a specific target. The idea of creating this company occurred to the Japanese Kaz Shiomi, a designer that immediately developed the need to impress through the simplicity and delicacy of her ideas. In her line of wooden toys and objects, she makes a lot of room for the natural creativity and artistic vein of every child. A very important year for Kiko+ is 2011, when it debuts at the show Maison & Objet in Paris. The theme of the forest, the children and their playing with art is fundamental for the company. Precisely for this reason, each product has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council certification): in fact this brand produces wooden toys but always in full respect of the environment. In this way, there is a kind of cooperation with international organizations that are on the front line for the responsible use of forests.

The safety of each individual product is essential for the company Kiko+, in fact each of them respect the ASTM standard. Moreover, given the increasing demand of the market, national and global, each toy is made according to EN71 CE European conformity rules. Kiko+ is a name that has a very special meaning: in Japanese, ki means tree and ko means baby. In other words, we have tried to create some kind of connection between children and nature. While the + has a much broader meaning; it represents the gratitude of the creator of the company (and the brand itself) to the people, to customers who place their full trust in products for children. A thank you to all those people who have inspired the brand and at the same time it represents some kind of generations overlapping. When the young buyers of Kiko+ products will grow up, they will buy their children the same toys, creating a sort of generational exchange and a return to childhood. As for the products made by Kiko+, the choice is very wide in order to meet all the needs of children. Each object is studied in detail, safe for both children and the environment, and it is characterized by an excellent value for money. Children between 3 and 12 can spend some spare time playing with three gorgeous tops of different sizes. One is decorated with silver lines, another with gold dots and the third one bears the mark Kiko +. When the tops are not spinning, you can pass in silver thread and use them as cute necklaces. Among the objects designed for boys there are the cars characterized by real design and style. Suitable for children aged between 3 and 9, these toy cars are entirely made in FSC wood. They can be chosen in different colours including pink, black, black striped, white polka dot and green pea. The cars have a design made of smooth lines, a minimalist style, and without details that risk weighing down the global design. The designer and founder of Kiko+ Kaz Shiomi wants to represent through these objects the old beloved times. A toy which can be defined innovative, but at the same time linked to tradition is the small sandal with animal footprints on the sole: when the children are tired of building sand castles with the mold and want to enjoy the time between a dip in the water and the other, they can wear the fantastic sandals made entirely of wood and non-toxic plastic.

These sandals differ from ordinary ones, first of all because they cannot be considered real shoes, but they are meant to be used only to play in the sand. Entirely made of FSC wood, they are suitable for children aged between 3 and 12; they have a weight of about one kilogram and can be purchased in sizes 24, 27, 30 and 35. The upper part has the shape of the typical Japanese sandals, while the lower part is marked by a coloured animal footprint so that at every step the children will leave sensational footprints behind them, and enjoy creating hypothetical routes of animals. And Kiko+ offers many other products (airplanes, road maps drawn on paper, toy cars, small gems for girls and other), different but equal in functionality and design, in the sweetness of the forms, in the lines, in the material safety in sophistication and in the minimal style. One the purposes of this brand is to detoxify the children and keep them away from the now ubiquitous technology. Kiko+ is a mixture of simplicity in toys structures, and object from the past, thanks to which the children can enjoy their free time following their creativity. Toys with which to have fun and learn at the same time. Safe products that respect the environment in every aspect; key elements for the adults of tomorrow. A special feature of the company Kiko+ is to organize courses for kids to help them developing their natural creativity and to give them the satisfaction of giving birth to a unique product, original and built with their own hands. Also these laboratories inspire Kaz Shiomi in the creation of new toys for children, combining the use of high-quality materials, hypoallergenic (non-toxic dyes and paints), safe, free of small parts that can be swallowed by the youngest children, and all mixing art, design and the philosophy of the brand.