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Nonna Peppy

Nonna Peppy offers a variety of mix & match, cheerfully designed tableware for a total look concept. Its high quality items harmoniously complement any home, create an uplifting atmosphere in any space, enhance and support a sense of well-being.
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Rinat Ungar is the Interior Designer who founded the brand of accessories and home textiles "Nonna Peppy - Home Decor & Accessories", with the specific intention of bringing joy, light and fun in every corner of your home or office. A collection, that of Rinat Ungar, which also includes a large number of kitchen accessories with cheerful and bright patterns, all ready to bring a bit of verve in the house.
Its products are so creatively effervescent and at the same time simple and clean, that they can easily fit into any location, cheering up the atmosphere with vibrant colours and exuberant patterns. The Nonna Peppy brand offers a wide range of accessories and items for the house, designed in accordance with the highest quality standards and using the finest materials such as bone china, high-quality porcelain (also microwave safe), polymer and melamine. Kitchen objects & table accessories, fabric tugs, linoleum rugs, ceramic tiles, wallpaper, textiles, lamps and furnishings.
The vision behind Rinat Ungar's creations is simple and nice; she designs Nonna Peppy collections in order to have a happy influence on people, bringing well-being in the home and spirit of those who own them. A natural creative philosophy according to which even the smallest change in a space's furniture or colour, or in the placement of an accessory, can add a touch of balance to the setting.

This is why "Nonna Peppy" designs, creates and produces a very large catalogue of wonderful items, made to illuminate everyday life and to help you beginning your day with a nice smile. Individual products or also fun, fresh and endless "Mix and Match" combinations to bring the latest fashion trends into your homes.
But where does the name "Nonna Peppy" come from? "Peppy" was the nickname that Rinat Ungar's grandfather gave to his beloved wife. Their pioneering spirit, the courage to follow the heart, the humility with which they used to live, the ability to appreciate and enjoy every little thing and the deep love they have for each other, were a source of inspiration for the designer. This is why the company is called "Nonna Peppy".
When she was young, Rinat Ungar spent endless hours flying on the wings of her imagination, she used to design and create objects for fun. Since then and over the years, she kept dreaming aloud, in a language rich in shapes and colour, just as it is the essence of her personality. The designer claims to be one of those people that are always busy, getting involved in creative projects that her mind imagines and constantly develops, in an original, brilliant and witty way. The leitmotif of her imagination is inspired by the relationship between human beings and the nature around them. Nonna Peppy's mission can be easily summed up: after dreaming for many years, Rinat Ungar wanted to share her fantastic creations with all of us, to tell us a bit about her, making us savour her idea of happiness.

A family gathered around the dining table surrounded by a sweet and harmonious atmosphere; delicious moments to be savoured with the people we love the most and enriched by the tableware collection by Nonna Peppy. The brand provides design and style services for the Institutional business sectors, as well as styling and accessorizing services for architects and other Interior Designers.
The Nonna Peppy brand offers a really wide range of designs and materials to be used in mix & match fashion, also the "total look" projects. High-quality products that create an exciting but at the same time serene atmosphere in any room. All products can be customized and managed according to particular customer requests; also the words printed on some objects can be ordered in different languages.
Nonna Peppy's rugs can also be used in commercial businesses, so that it is possible to choose them in different sizes and patterns, depending on personal needs. The wallpaper collections are designed to create a stimulating effect, and are available in different textures, all made to measure.
Nonna Peppy also offers a collection of ceramic tiles suitable both for coatings and floor covering; also these accessories are customizable and manufactured in different sizes.

Her name is Rinat Ungar, she is an eccentric and talented designer of interiors, of Israeli origins. She is married and mother of four beautiful children, and for many years she has designed homes and businesses both for individuals and for the commercial sector. However, she could not avoid to follow her true passion. Rinat has always dreamed of being able to create something that would bring a happy and pleasant positive influence in the spirit of as many people as possible, worldwide. The designer takes much of her inspiration for Nonna Peppy collection from the nature that surrounds us, but also from the simple and magical moments that we live every day.

She founded the Nonna Peppy brand to fulfill her wish; she produces accessories for the house and home-decor, embellished with fantastic colour combinations, models and graphics (words or phrases), that aim to bring a pleasant sense of well-being in the house, enjoying the extraordinary nature of everyday life, which we often tend to forget in our chaotic contemporary lives.
Nonna Peppy wants to take a step back in time proposing objects with simple lines, yet colourful; those accessories that leave you speechless and just able to say "wow". The pleasure of a meal shared with family or friends, when we want to create a pleasant atmosphere with a mise en place that does not leave out any details; all to make the people we love feel comfortable.
For those who enjoy a simple and elegant table, the Unfolding Grace tableware collection in high-quality melamine is a line created in cool shades of lilac and blue, which can be freely combined with all the other pieces of the collection, creating a mix & match with a refined and sparkly design.