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The philosophy of Sabre is based on the 'mix & match' concept, in opposition with monotonous old-fashioned table setting. Established in 1993, this French brand creates colourful, happy collections that can be combined in endless ways. It answers the need for freedom in modern homes, where different tastes meet.
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Sabre is a French brand founded in 1993 that deals with the creation of accessories for the kitchen and table. Its accurate and trendy design combined with the use of quality raw materials have made this brand famous all over the world. The group has been operating for over twenty years presenting collections always characterised by a careful study of details and the use of trendy colours. A pret-a-porter for the table where each piece is a small masterpiece. Plates, cutlery, china, glassware and everything you need to decorate the table and make every social occasion special. Sabre has taken all over the world its universe made of simplicity, innovation and colour. All its products are the result of a wonderful combination of aesthetics and functionality. Modern and attractive lines in which styles and colours are mixed with wisdom and skillfulness.

Certainly, one of the most striking feature of Sabre's items created by the group is the beautiful match of sunny, lively and vibrant colours that will be able to give a special touch to every table. Spoons of different shapes, dishes of all kinds decorated as if they were paintings and fine porcelain for special occasions. And also the surprising use of different materials to create common objects. Magnificent combinations that surely will add style, grace and harmony even to the most anonymous table.

Reinventing everyday objects to make them even more interesting without losing efficiency and functionality is one of the cornerstones of the group's way of thinking. A winning philosophy that is based on 'mix & match' to break the monotony and the static nature of the regular table setting. All this brand's products are a fine example of a careful planning for the creation of inimitable models of their kind that are also suitable for everyday use. For each proposed piece, there is the possibility to choose between an infinite range of colours to give life to the service of your dreams by forming personal and exclusive combinations and pairings. The cutlery is made of stainless steel and it is all dishwasher safe, and so are all the dishes and porcelain items. The only trick for a perfect maintenance is to avoid abrasive sponges to clean the products. Sabre offers the opportunity to create a table that can be informal but at the same time presents a strong visual impact.

Many different sets are available, and setting the table with these items means using safe products, guaranteed and manufactured in accordance with current regulations. Salad sets, cake servers, forks, knives of all kinds and whole sets very refined, elegant and original. What makes Sabre accessories so special? It is enough to have a look at the line Tea Spoon line to understand the difference between using a normal spoon and a piece of this kind. A spoon with the shape of a small bird on the top to drink one of the most popular drinks of the world with absolute joy. This is just a small example, since every line placed on the market presents so many wonderful features that it becomes unique and incomparable.

Whether you want to prepare a special lunch or dinner, or you just want to enjoy a normal meal in a new way, Sabre always has the right solution at hand. Each person can decide how to create an exclusive service including starters dishes, soup plates, dinner plates and dessert ones. And all these plates can be combined with an extensive catalogue of design cutlery to amaze with class all your guests. The splendid porcelain by this brand deserve a special mention: colour is the true and absolute protagonist of each item.
Buying a Sabre product means relying on a brand that has high quality among its strengths. All its items are not only beautiful but also very durable over time despite daily use. Decorate your home with inimitable accessories making it unique and personal. Each Sabre model represents all the beauty, the class and the style of Made in France. Each dining room can be made special by the use of these products that have an excellent quality/price ratio. A new way to organize spaces and create unforgettable moments. Every table finds a new life and acquire a new light with the placement of a single Sabre item that will certainly make the difference. The combinations that you can create mixing shapes, colours and sizes are endless: your table will never be trivial and it will always appear fashionable. When art serves interior decoration, it originates some accessories that never go unnoticed. Every breakfast, lunch or dinner will become real parties and depending on your needs you will be able to give an elegant touch, or a breath of newness and freshness. Enter the colourful world of Sabre: it is the best way to give the house a new life because sometimes little accessories can make a real difference. Sabre offers all you need for the table: a high-class solution for any occasion and need.