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21ST DESIGN LAB is a laboratory of ideas. Its purpose is to combine emotional creativity and rational design, desire and satisfaction, aesthetics and functionality; in a nutshell: to create design objects. The close and constant cooperation with designers allows 21ST DESIGN LAB to push borders, vary viewpoints, develop creativity. Because cooperation amplifies Knowledge.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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The idea of creating a design studio as a part of an existing company may seem an ambitious and extravagant project, but the 21St brand has believed so much in this idea that it has created 21ST DESIGN LAB, a real workshop of ideas.
Its purpose is to combine creative emotion and rational design, desire and aesthetic satisfaction, all without forgetting functionality. Basically, the 21ST design studio creates innovative design objects that go beyond the already known. The close and constant collaboration with various designers allows 21ST DESIGN LAB to extend its boundaries, vary its points of view and develop a new creativity.
Each of the products created by the Paduan company wants to combine aesthetic needs to technical and operational requirements, shaping design objects with an unusual mood, ready to meet the needs of contemporary customers.

One of the most popular items by 21ST DESIGN LAB collection, is the synthetic resin lacquered bookcase Wintertree. A bookcase that comes with no compromise, inspired by the most natural form: a tree. The stylized tree lines serve as storage for objects, books, souvenirs, in a highly original form that is not bound by the surrounding furniture style. A complement that lives its isolation within more or less original living contexts.
Innovative shapes that will help to change your perception of art size in a new way to experience and enjoy your private spaces.
Many of the creations by 21ST DESIGN LAB are made of polyethylene, like the seductive high table Nanà whose beauty and elegance are born from the skillfulness with which its curved and sinuous shape was created. The Nanà table is suitable for any location: public spaces and lounge bars, unusual private homes full of quirky character, typical of those people who want to abandon old boring furniture, without giving up elegance and sophistication with a touch of originality. On the bottom of the Nanà table is a hole that allows you to fill the unit with water, sand or any other material that acts as a "ballast", so that you can use it in outdoor area without worrying for it to capsize.
Travelling, discovering, exploring, going beyond the borders and the limits of what is already known: the complements by 21ST DESIGN LAB want to take us over.

Human beings are never satisfied of what they know, but their innate curiosity and desire to know always push them to find a new target, a new result to achieve. This is the leitmotif behind the productions of the Paduan brand, where technicians and designers feel like sailors travelling towards the unknown, discovering unexplored routes to overcome the limits and propose a new creativity that is generated by a growing knowledge.
The furnishings line designed by 21ST DESIGN LAB, represents a new result of the collaboration between different professionals, but also new materials, colours, shapes and images. You will have the chance to re-discover a new form of art that can excite both body and spirit.
The eccentric Beato Pouf is a seat in polyethylene with a strong evocative value that mixes traditional and modern characteristics, made with the help of advanced technologies in harmony with the eye of the artisan that is evident in the attention to the finest detail. An important reflection on the search for a new function of the object of tomorrow. The pouf Beato becomes part of our moments of relaxation, integrating with the surrounding location almost like a piece of history with an iconic design coming from faraway atmospheres symbolizing the concept of "peace and serenity" for several millennia.