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The choice of the double bed is the most intimate decision that a couple will face in comparison with furnishings; the pursuit of a good rest, comfort and pleasant sensations always accompany those who are at the time of choosing the bed, naturally combined with their aesthetic sense. It is a choice that is made for themselves, as the bed will occupy a little-frequented room outside those who belong to the family.
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Choose the Double Bed

The choice of the double bed is the most intimate decision that a couple will face as regards furnishings. The desire to rest peacefully, with the maximum comfort and pleasant feelings have always guided those who have to choose the right bed for their home. In addition, there are of course different aesthetic tastes. That of the bed is a choice we make for ourselves, since the bed will be placed in a room that will never be too crowded. The people who live in the house will be the only ones to use it. In any case, the sleeping area is one of the most frequented areas of the home: just think of the amount of time we spend sleeping! Apart from sleeping, in recent years the multi-functionality of the bedroom and its furnishings is increasing: the reduction of the number and size of the rooms in our houses has brought each room to have more than one function. It is not uncommon, for example, to use the bed as a relaxation area: it will be a pleasure to listen to music or to read a good book lying on the double bed. Maybe next to the bed there will be a small desk with a computer workstation, so to use this area as a small study too. In short, the choice of the bed will define in a decisive manner a space of the house that we will have constantly have in plain sight. For this reason it is worth taking a bit of time to make a choice that will remain for several years. One of the latest trends is to choose a double bed that meets as much as possible our desires and imagination, by examining carefully our own tastes and looking for the solution of a double bed that is highly customized and responsive to our taste. It is never a forced choice: the only suggestion that we feel we can give you is: choose the double bed that puts you more at ease! On LOVEThESIGN, you will undoubtedly find the perfect idea for your nights, all of great quality and original. And so avoid banality and treat yourself to a double bed that you will still notice in ten years. Classic or contemporary, Nordic or ethnic, conceptual or padded like a comfortable sofa, every taste will find a match with several proposals that are never banal and many materials available: wood, iron, leather… Moreover, you can range among thousands of shapes and colours. Precisely because of the reduction of the spaces in the majority of Italian homes, we are witnessing a real boom of beds with container: these beds have under the mattress a practical compartment to use as an additional room for storing bedding, boxes, winter blankets, and any component that you only use from time to time. Comfort and ergonomics are always guaranteed: the container is easily accessible thanks to its hinges that make it easy to lift, and in many cases you can have a special mechanism that brings the in a horizontal and raised position, perfect for the reorganization of sheets. In general, the lines can be extremely sinuous or rigorously squared, but in all new double beds we find a strong personality! The aim is to make the bed the undisputed star of the room, a true piece of furniture and design, not just a useful item for your rest. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the creation of the first pallets made of leaves and branches... The ancient Middle Eastern civilizations before (Mesopotamians and Egyptians) and then the Western ones (ancient Greeks and Romans) started a cultural evolution aimed at making beds increasingly comfortable. Ordinary people only had available poor fabrics stuffed with straw, while the most noble classes already used mattresses in soft wool installed on wooden structures, perhaps enriched with curtains. The famous Roman triclinia were used not only to enjoy some rest but also to accommodate the guests during lunches and dinners. The canopy bed became widespread over the following centuries (among the wealthier classes), up to the twentieth century: the spread of wealth and the middle class has revolutionized the design and construction of the structure. Usually, the mattress rests on a metal or wood bedstead that can be self-supporting or supported by an external structure with or without headrest. The beds of the Eastern tradition, the typical futon, deserve a paragraph on their own. The key aspects for choosing a good double bed, as well as the design, are the quality and ergonomics of the product, which can be combined together to give maximum comfort to those who use the bed. There can be many differences between one model and the other, starting from the raw materials used to build the individual components of the structure and coatings. Of course, the most used materials for this purpose are wood and metal for the frame, while leather, eco-leather and fabrics characterize coatings and fillings. Wood comes in many facets: solid or, more frequently, wood products that combine exceptional strength and good value for money. Wood products are obtained by mixing or impregnating the vegetable fibers of the wood with chemicals that bind to the natural fibers and form a new material, robust and powerful, more durable than natural wood. Often the newest frames contain special anti woodworm products. Often, the structure’s and headboard’s coating (where present) is completely removable for an easy cleaning. The most used material is full grain leather, but is gradually spreading among designers the habit of using a faux leather: a synthetic material mounted on a cotton weft that reproduces very faithfully the texture and look of traditional leather. The aesthetic result is guaranteed, the softness is amazing, and even the people who are most sensitive to the environment and animal welfare will be happy with a product that also has the advantage of a lower cost. There are also dozens of different fabrics, from cotton to linen, passing through velvet and natural/synthetic mixed materials: textile technology continues to develop innovative products to increase their ease of use, beauty and quality, always keeping an eye on the environment and personal tastes. When choosing your new double bed, you’d better take into account the size of the room: this parameter is often essential, and includes of course the dimensions of windows and doors, the wardrobe doors, the space to reach the bed and electrical outlets (without mentioning other furniture pieces that may be present, such as cabinets, chairs or tables). On LOVEThESIGN you will find beds of various sizes, starting from the size of the mattress. The Italian standard double bed (160x190 cm) is often joined by a double bed that is even more generous (180x200 cm or 160x200 cm). You should always consider to leave about 50 cm of space all around the bed, to allow a smooth movement in the room and the integration of bedside tables. The space around the bed reaches at least 70 cm on the side of the cabinet (if it has regular doors). Of course, it is a general rule not to overfill a small room with a bed that is too cumbersome: the result might a suffocating feeling that is comfortable at the beginning but often overwhelming on the long run. On the contrary, if the room is large you can play around with all the forms you like: if the ceiling is high enough you can even choose for your bedroom a romantic canopy bed. Do not forget then the specific requirements you need, in addition to unquestionable personal tastes: if you love to read in bed and relax watching television, choose a model with a nice high and padded headboard. If you suffer from allergies to dust mites or dust, there are hypoallergenic models easy to clean and with good air circulation, which is essential for this kind of problem. On LOVEThESIGN you can combine all your needs without giving up style: the best brands with their wonderful beds are waiting for you, often with unbeatable promotions! Noctis presents its super comfortable padded beds: the Marche-based company is specialized in modern and innovative solutions, bold shapes and classic revisited always in the sign of quality, softness and a hint of irony. Geometric lines also characterize the """"London"""" model, available with a beautiful storage box. Fully removable fabric, aluminium feet, elegant finish and ergonomics at the highest level, for a style that fits all furnishings. """"Miles"""" will welcome anyone who is looking for a snug and large bed, making the incredible operation to characterize it with a design that is at the same time soft and conceptual: padded frame (with or without box, with feet or with innovative slide foot ). And then there are “Duck"""" and """"Jeannine"""" for those who want a large headboard with square lines, for a double bed that is elegant and sophisticated. The eccentric """"Stones"""" has very soft padded stones that rise up to the ceiling, creating a headboard that is hard to forget! """"Dream"""", """"Eden"""" and """"Street"""" provide romance and style, timeless lines and the highest quality. We close the overview of Noctis with the """"Tolo"""" model, with an ironic and nostalgic design reminiscent of the deck chairs of old beach resorts: wood and colourful canvas for your nights give the feeling of a long-lasting holiday. All proposals by Noctis have an exceptional quality/price ratio, and this company is destined to enter many Italian homes. Bonaldo, manufacturer of ideas and design items for over seventy years, presents a collection that expresses modernity and experimentation: the best designs combine their mastery with the latest technology, for a double bed that will remain extremely beautiful for a long time. """"Mister Sam"""" has a cylindrical structure instead of the traditional headboard, which runs on top of the bed and lifts the cushions, combining comfort and rigor. """"Stealth"""" is a masterpiece of balance and functionality: it is lightweight, nearly invisible, and yet solid and unforgettable. The faux leather coating makes it easy to clean and simply beautiful in appearance, with a moderate need for space that makes it suitable for all bedrooms. """"Basket"""" has a soft rounded headboard padded on the sides, and a covering in linen-cotton fabric. """"Joe"""" presents trapeze lines and metal feet, for an extremely elegant result. For those who aspire to the ultimate comfort for their sleep, Karup presents """"Twist"""": the Danish company, founded in 1972, seeks to combine innovative design to the quality of construction. The production is carried out in full respect of environmental sustainability. The bed """"Twist"""" has a body completely made of pine wood, available in white or natural wood. The feet, also in wood, keep it separated from the floor and make it easier to clean under it, for a deep and healthy night sleep. Ethnicraft is a company that attracts those looking for exotic and colonial vibes. A rational collection, with simple, square lines, but at the same time warm and welcoming. Ethnicraft chooses to use solid wood, simple but characterized by a great functionality and comfort. For the """"LF"""" model the company has selected teak wood, with a rich natural finish of knots and veins. Temahome produces """"Float"""", a double bed that really gives the illusion of being suspended in mid-air: an internal support allows this spectacular optical effect of rigor and lightness. Ivano Redaelli shows the world the textile tradition of the Como province and established himself firmly among leading high-end manufacturers. A brand can constantly anticipate trends and tastes, for a contemporary luxury tradition. His bed """"Newport"""" is tasteful and comfortable. The fabric, in a very elegant ice gray nuance, will surround you with a soft padding (viscose, linen and cotton), and the essential but generous lines of this bed create a modern item that does not go unnoticed. """"Privè"""" aims to create a modern and luxurious atmosphere in your bedroom. The unique texture of the fabric, in dark gray, and the wonderful capitonnè working, make this bed majestic and unforgettable. This bedroom also includes a particular network with adjustable slats, for the ultimate sleep comfort. """"Melody"""" presents a headboard with a retro style, with an abundant padding that makes it extremely soft and warm. The dark gray fabric makes the lines of the design a little more romantic, characterized by ruffles of fabric that soften the bed frame. """"Timothy"""" is the perfect bed for lovers of opulent and deconstructed shapes: a bed that conveys relaxation even at the sight. The beige shade of colour emphasizes this feature and makes it perfect for a room in warm tones. There are regular beds, and then there's """"You and Me"""", the transformable bed able to satisfy all the needs you might have. The structure is very large and it has rigorous lines on which you can place the mattress at will. This way we can create a frame all around, or donate the bed an asymmetric distribution of volumes, like putting the mattress on one side, creating one only large lateral support area: the best choice for design lovers. A soft oasis for relaxation, fun, and style. For those who want to maximize the space, here is """"Dominique"""": its thin quilted headboard combined with the deep storage box makes this bed perfect as a space-saving solution, without giving up a modern and pleasant design. On LOVEThESIGN there are double beds for everyone. Everyone will have the opportunity to compose the ideal environment for their night rest. Other furnishings and accessories are available to make your bedroom an oasis for your relaxation and to renew your energy, day after day. If you love a classic style, choose a bed with romantic and soft lines, with a large upholstered headboard. If you have space anough, you could re-create a reading corner in your bedroom, with a chair, a thick carpet and a beautiful lamp in warm tones. If it is a more modern look that you are looking for, then you should choose cleaner lines and cool colours, but you should add some warm element anyway. The modern style will stand out even more, and at the same time the vibration of the bedroom will be softer and more personalized. Choose a beautiful chandelier and other bright accessories: it is important to have different lighting solutions to create the right atmosphere for any mood or occasion. On LOVEThESIGN you can also find ottomans, screens, armchairs and chaise longues, dressers and bedside tables, wallpaper and any other accessory that can give an original touch of character to your room. Not to mention the textile department: blankets, sheets and curtains will help you to make the most of your bedroom, whatever its size.