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Modular Bookcases

The strongest trend in design world penetrates widely in the category of libraries: Modularity. Shelves, cubes or containers of any size fill the rooms by letting vent your personality and your passions. You can play with shapes, colors and measurements, getting really special effects; you can take advantage of the depths of environments or heights, the polychrome of the various pieces of the structure, or the different functions that each shelf or container can have.
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Modular Bookcases "The incomparable pleasure of reading – what better companion than a good book, which can make you travel and experience unique emotions? That's why bookcases have become a ‘must have’ in terms of décor: they can hold all your books and memories, help you experience special moments, decorate a room. In short, they are true design elements, very versatile and suitable to any space and room in the house; numerous styles are available and that leaves space for creativity and imagination. Shelves, cubes and containers of all sizes fill the rooms allowing you to give free rein to your personality and your passion. You can play with shapes, colours, and sizes, achieving truly special effects; you can take advantage of the depth or height of the spaces in your house as well as of the colourfulness of the various pieces of the structure or the different functions that each shelf or container may have. Many different objects can be placed on a bookcase: pictures and mementos of past events, small gifts and souvenirs from your travels, books, plants or frames, both simple and more original. Specialists and lovers of design find in bookcases a leading furniture element with which to indulge and make every corner of the house special. From a more minimal effect to an artsy untidiness, bookcases allow you to express every side of your character that hardly would be shown with other pieces of furniture. The key issue is therefore to decide the décor in order to choose the bookcase model that best fits your personal style. The wide range of models that can be found on the market can definitely suit the needs of all of us: all you need to do is understand and correctly interpret your interests and then focus them on the piece of furniture you are about to buy. There is something for all tastes and many different styles, from the most sober and minimal models which however do not lack class and elegance, to the more whimsical models able to tell a story, to those dedicated to lovers of vintage or industrial design. The choice is wide, and it is impossible not to find one’s dream bookcase. The materials in which the bookcase is made vary greatly: from the most precious wood types, tasteful and with an old-fashioned flair, to the most modern and lightweight polypropylene foam which can be modelled in different shapes, playing with colours and sizes. You can create very interesting plays of light, details and refined contrasts, as well as a special and romantic atmosphere. It is important not to settle with products of lesser quality, those that can be purchased at a low price, as they will only give a common appearance to your house, similar to dozens of others. Instead, choose originality and quality to achieve amazing effects and you will not get tired of your décor over time: your bookcase will become your dearest companion in life, a witness to all those beautiful moments that you will experience in your home. Each structure can be extended and customized according to your taste, adding parts that you deem indispensable or removing those that do not fit in with the room where you want to place the bookcase. Definitely one of the most convenient solutions in this case is the modular bookcase, an item that allows a personal choice of the pieces to be included and that allows you to adapt it to smaller rooms or to peculiar ones, ensuring your décor is really unique. Choose this piece of furniture with care and attention: it could really accompany you for many years and a careful choice will make you enjoy your room to its full potential. The décor of any office or living room cannot possibly be complete without a bookcase, a truly unique and indispensable piece able to stylishly fill your house. There are several options available, from the tallest to the lowest, in special materials or in classic wood – whatever you choose this piece is useful to store not only books but also photos, souvenirs, plants, or other small items. To fill the space available as best as you can, a valid alternative can be a modular bookcase, which can be composed as you see fit, filling in corners that might have been inaccessible to more traditional fixed structures. An example of this is a bookcase made with three basic rectangles, stacked one on top of the other but staggered to give a particularly dynamic effect and a touch of personality to your room. Made entirely of recycled polyethylene – therefore environmentally friendly – this bookcase can be purchased in different colours, depending on what best matches your décor. You can also combine several modules, giving greater liveliness to the room, or you can use it in outdoor environments. The lower shelves can support weights up to 15 kg while on the two upper ones weight cannot exceed 8 kg. The glossy lacquer and asymmetric look will make any corner of the house that you choose to decorate with this modular bookcase truly unique. You don’t need to have millions of books to decide to buy a bookcase as this is an excellent basic piece, able to decorate the parts of your house that might be empty and without character. Exactly thanks to these specific characteristics, bookcases are very versatile pieces of furniture which can adapt to any shape and style. An excellent solution to overcome this problem is a bookcase made with overlapping cubes. With such a model you can completely customize the structure simply by adding or removing a cube from a particular location to create a more dynamic composition or leave it where it is for a standard bookcase. The various cubes are very easy to insert and assemble thanks to a special nylon mechanism that helps you in the building of the piece. You can then also buy a back to close the cube on three sides in case you choose not to lean the bookcase against a wall. All panels are made of chipboard coated with a melamine resin and equipped with a safety edge. The lacquer is available in different colours, which means you can choose to match modules in different colours (red, yellow, white) and get a more vivid effect. The standard structure is composed of five blocks and measures 175x168 cm, with a depth of 33 centimetres. Obviously these sizes are purely indicative as you can choose to create the bookcase as you see fit, a feature that makes this bookcase easy to place anywhere, be it the living room, bedroom or study. This is why modular bookcases are so popular. Do you like design and books? Then what better way to take advantage of these great loves of yours to decorate your home with style and personality, buying an absolutely unique and special piece? Choose a handy modular bookcase, made of iron and painted to give colour and protection to the entire structure. Its peculiar aesthetic is given by the possibility to stack the cubes as you see fit, placing the result in the most suitable locations. This makes it possible to create an object with a more dynamic style and to ensure that the final look is both classic and traditional. The various geometric shapes that make up the bookcase can be changed at will for a different look every day, should you decide to give a more personal and dynamic touch to your furniture. This is why this modular bookcase is named ""Joker"" – it is as mad and crazy as this character, ever changing and so varied that no one will get bored with this item in the house. About 142 cm both tall and wide and 30 cm deep, it can accommodate a great number of books as well as knick-knacks, photos and various souvenirs. It can be placed in a small space: in a corner of the living room or the bedroom, close to a door, against a short wall. Thanks to the iron base, this structure is very durable but, at the same time, not too heavy which means you can move it easily and place it wherever you prefer. The design is really sophisticated and unique, something that will make this piece of furniture a ‘must’ in your home, and the envy of all who come to visit. A great versatility is offered by this modular bookcase made of painted wooden planks and steel fittings which make the structure suitable to store books, to use as a hanger for clothes, or to transform it into a simple cabinet on which to place any kind of object. Its basic function, however, remains that of all modular bookcases, which is to contain the books belonging to an avid reader. The different colour combinations and various types of wood available for the rods make this a very versatile bookcase and one that is well suited to any style of furniture, from classic to modern, thanks to its great range of colours. This is a very handy structure on which you can place souvenirs, books, and other items for a tidy home decoration and a display of your personality at the same time. Don’t miss this opportunity: make up your piece as you see fit and enjoy your home to its fullest potential – only like this will you feel really satisfied with your purchase. If you are looking for a bookcase that can both fit in tight spaces and that, if desired, can be extended to furnish longer walls, then buy a fantastic modular structure which allows you to assemble its different parts to recreate the shape you most prefer. The main block is a true object of design that fits in any environment. From the living room, to the study and finally to the bedroom, this bookcase has a very versatile look that easily combines both classic tones and more modern ones. Its lines and shapes are very simple and minimal but classy and elegant at the same time, thus giving it a very nice look. A basic structure allows the insertion of white cubes that can be placed where and how you see fit. In particular, the cubes are made of lacquered MDF while the base on which to insert them is left its natural walnut colour. The measurements this bookcase can reach are 185 cm in height, 44 cm in width, and 36 cm in depth. Do you need to use all the space available to feel you are truly using your furniture? This bookcase is exactly for you, then, since it is made up of various shelves that can be inserted as you see fit and allow you full use of the structure. The basic structure consists of 5 shelves spaced 26 cm from one another and other 4 smaller shelves at a distance of only 13 centimetres. The special feature of this modular bookcase is that it has not been developed to be placed against the wall but rather to occupy a more central role, ensuring that all four sides are used to their fullest extent. A more original and dynamic touch will be given to your home if you choose to add this piece of furniture to it, unique and fun in its simplicity. The design, in fact, although accurate in every detail, is quite minimal, with very clean lines. It can thus be easily placed anywhere in the house: the living room, the study, the bedroom, the hallway... Its main feature is, in fact, its revolving shelves, which allow for greater manoeuvrability of the structure and ease in finding the books that you are looking for. Extremely functional as well as very beautiful and versatile, once you get this modular bookcase in your apartment, you will never want to get it out. 197 cm tall, 52 cm wide and 52 cm deep, it is made of metal, which gives the bookcase itself a really high durability over time. Do you like to be original and usually look for peculiar shapes and lines? Choose one of these modular bookcases, allowing you to get a really well-designed and decorated piece of furniture, very versatile and suitable for different rooms. This bookcase allows you to create a very striking visual play with a structure reminiscent in part of a tree that rises to the sky: a rectangular base of 49.5 x 30 cm allows you to stack shelves that rise in a zigzag manner up to a height of 143.6 cm. This feeling of nature and freedom will donate a truly unique spirit to all your décor, creating a special and very pleasant atmosphere. The colours available are varied, from traditional white and gloss black to rust, original and unique in such a structure, so you can choose the colour that best suits the room you plan on putting the bookcase, according to whether you want a more sober effect or a more peculiar and sophisticated one. As we are talking of modular bookcases, you can decide to line up several basic structures to recreate a forest of books in your home, able of giving oxygen to your mind and making you travel to distant and unexplored lands. Finally, if you love experiments and classical lines are boring to you, then you must try this bookcase that allows you to match several basic modules to create a very special structure and one of unique design. Inspired by nature, the base piece wants to imitate the cells bees make in their hives, with different-sized spaces accommodating books, ornaments and other objects. Choose the silver version if you want to give a special touch to your home, a more modern and minimal chic look greatly appreciated by all. The bookcase is entirely made of recyclable expanded polypropylene which gives it great sturdiness yet leaves the structure extremely light and easy to carry. Each block is 100 cm tall and 35 cm wide in order for you to create a structure with the size that you prefer. You can match various patterns and colours to create a special effect, or you can choose to use these modules to create a partition wall between two rooms and carve out a corner for yourself, to read in privacy and tranquillity."