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Floating Shelves

The shelves are furnishing solutions that cannot be lacking in the home. They allow us to store our objects optimizing the space available, furnishing them vertically. There are endless shapes, materials and colours, so perfect and able to enrich all the rooms of the house: living and study area, bedrooms, kitchen and service areas.
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Shelves are pieces of furniture a house simply cannot go without as they enable you to store your items easily, making the most of the available space. Shelves, for example, can be placed in the kitchen to enhance a wall, placing on them cooking accessories and utensils. But shelves are also perfect in the living area, where you can fill them with your favourite books, carefully placed next to one another, with other small items of various kind or with souvenirs from your past trips to have the memory of your happiest moments right next to you. Shelves can furthermore also be placed in the bedroom, to hold and display objects recalling intimacy and your private life: think of a jewellery box, a memento of your wedding day, or knick-knacks that are either valuable or precious to you for the memories they evoke. Finally, shelves are often used in children's bedrooms too, to tidily store dolls, toys, and the various bits and pieces children love. Your study or home office is another room that can benefit from the presence of shelves, extremely useful to store document binders, folders, and everything bureaucracy calls for as working from home requires great organization. Shelves therefore become a design solution, essential in order to keep your home office tidy and organized. Dresser organizers are another furnishing solutions that are indispensable in most houses. Featuring great versatility, they are suitable as containers for just about anything and are therefore perfect in any corner of the house, fitting into any environment and allowing you to store any kind of object. In fact, in the bedroom they will hold personal items such as jewellery while in the bathroom they can contain items related to personal cleaning and body care like shower gels, shampoos, hairbrush, and body creams.

An indispensable type of dresser organizer for women is that which can contain make-up. Lipstick, mascara, nail polish, eyeliner, powder, pencils, foundation – these are all small items that need a container which allows you to store them but at the same time find them quickly when you need to use them. Organizers of this type are also used in the kitchen where they contain cooking tools and utensils. It is not by chance, therefore, that dresser organizers are sometimes called pocket emptiers; rather, it is because of the fact they can contain just about anything. Even in the children's room the presence of a dresser organizer is useful to store all their trinkets and toys, learning from an early age the importance of organization and tidiness. Dresser organizers are also very popular in the living room, where they can hold your favourite CDs as well as magazines to read in a moment of peace and quiet. For those who work from home, furthermore, these organizers are essential to neatly store everything that has to do with work like paper clips, pencils, pens, staplers, mini calculators, and post-its. Larger organizers can also be placed on a desk or on a shelf to be used as containers for documents. Shelves and dresser organizers have been known since ancient times. Organizers, for example, date back to the ancient Egyptians, and many caskets containing jewellery, fabric, cosmetics, and other items were found in the pharaohs’ tombs.

Floating Shelves Selection

Among the Greeks and Romans, on the other hand, popular organizers were made in wood or bronze and decorated with precious stones. In the Middle Ages organizers became minimal due to the fact that this was a period dominated by the Church and spirituality in general, which identified art with beauty and beauty with sin. With the Baroque era, however, the situation was reversed as the Age called for beauty and outward appearance to prevail on spirituality. Art therefore became lavish, excessive, and eccentric; in organizers, just like in any other artistic and architectural expression, it was clear that the Baroque wanted to be noticed for its eccentricity and uniqueness. With the passage of time the shapes of organizers has evolved as well as the materials used to build them, and today we can purchase dresser organizers in wood, plastic, steel, and stone. The shape is usually square, but the choice of colours is great. Even shelves have evolved over time. In the 1400s shelves were a feature of any kind of house, a simple rectangular wooden plank anchored to the wall. It was poorly decorated and was not seen as a decoration or enhancement but rather as a simple functional tool to support objects.


In the Renaissance period but especially in the Baroque era, there was an explosion of artistic and decorative elements, and, in the 1600s, shelves stop being simple planks anchored to the wall and become a famous and popular piece of furniture due to the precious materials used for the inlays and decorations added onto it. In the 1700s, thanks to King Louis XV, shelves take on rounded and sinuous lines, becoming elegant and eccentric. Today, however, shelves in peculiar shapes are not used very much: people prefer to focus on lines that are elegant but also minimalist and essential. Shelves are back to being mere supports anchored to the walls, yet made in sophisticated materials and featuring a modern style and shape. Shelves and organizers are a clear indication of the style of the room you place them in, and must therefore be chosen carefully. These design solutions are sure to meet your every need as they are available in various shapes, makes, and colours. From the most innovative geometric shapes to more classical lines, in plastic, wood, or steel – whatever shelf or organizer you are looking for, your wish will be granted on LoveTheSign. Modern, elegant and essential – these three adjectives perfectly describe the shelves proposed by Woud, a Danish company that is known for the originality of its design and the functionality of its products.


The """"Fold"""" model is a particular shelf in an asymmetrical shape; more specifically, it features two horizontal shelves joined together by another plank placed diagonally. Such a shape recalls the wings of a seagull, and its minimalist style makes it ideal for any room of the house. Fully made in metal, it is 86.2 cm tall and 22.5 cm wide, and available both in white and in black. As mentioned above, the """"Fold"""" shelf is suitable for any environment but it is perfect in the living area, where you can use it to display your favourite books or CDs. However, """"Fold"""" can fit perfectly even in a studio or office, holding all your documents, folders, and anything you need to work from home.


This Danish company also offers other shelf models such as """"Coupè"""", available in a vertical, rectangular, and horizontal version. Whatever option you choose, this shelf is made in steel and features a minimalist style as it consists of smooth shelf space and an empty frame, displaying the metal sides of the same. The vertical version has six shelves and it is 103 cm tall, 37 cm wide and 13.5 cm deep. The rectangular version has three supporting surfaces and it is 56 cm tall, 53 cm wide and 13.5 cm deep. Finally, the horizontal version – the smallest – has only one support surface and it is 21 cm tall, 90 cm wide and 13.5 cm deep. All three versions of """"Coupè"""" are available both in black and in white, and are suitable for any room. In the kitchen or living room, for example, these shelves are perfect to hold frames or small vases with flowers, while in the bathroom they can keep all the necessary items for personal hygiene in perfect order. Those who prefer the elegance and warmth that wooden furniture can transmit cannot but appreciate the shelves by We do Wood, a Danish company specializing in the production of wooden design pieces. Its special feature is the attention to the environment: in fact, We do Wood’s products are all made with sustainable materials like Moso bamboo. This is a type of wood that grows every four years and its fast growth means it doesn’t use up much oxygen.


The shelf """"SJ"""", available in a medium and large version, is modern and refined. It consists of a plank of Moso bamboo anchored to the wall and on which containers in different geometric shapes rest, almost as if they were suspended. The containers are peculiar not just for their shape but for the inside as well, as each one features a different colour. The medium version of """"SJ"""" includes three containers while the large one has four. These shelves can fit into any domestic environment, allowing you to store items but also to display frames and knick-knacks. Interesting are also the shelves by the Italian company Universopositivo, furnishing solutions featuring an original design, both minimal and elegant.

Universal Expert

Anyone working from home cannot help but love the model """"U-shelf"""", available in a small, medium, and large version. This is a shelf in wood and metal, attached to the wall and protected on the sides by two plates, also made in metal, while the back of the shelf is entirely made in oak. Universopositivo offers """"U-Shelf"""" in black, gray and white, perfectly suited for those who work from home and have a personal study. In this case, in fact, you will need storage space for the various folders and documents you need to work. However, """"U-Shelf"""" is not only for your home office! For example, you can place it in your child's bedroom, where it will be useful to tidy up his or her small toys and knick-knacks. In the large version, the shelf is 15 cm tall, 70 cm wide, and 15 cm deep; in the medium version it is 20 cm tall, 55 cm wide, and 20 cm deep; in the small version it is 30 cm tall, 40 cm wide, and 30 cm deep.

A must in your kitchen is the shelf """"Universal"""" by Universal Expert. Available in a large and small version, this design solution fits perfectly in a kitchen as it consists of a steel shelf to be anchored to the wall and an underlying rod in the same material. This kind of structure gives it a double role: you can in fact place the jars and bottles of various common ingredients such as salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar on the top shelf while you can hang your dishcloths from the rod, or even cutlery and ladles. Another good idea is to hang breakfast mugs on the rod, perhaps colourful ones to create a cheerful effect.

The small """"Universal"""" model is 16 cm tall, 41 cm wide, and 11 cm deep while the large version is 16 cm tall, 61 cm wide, and 11 cm deep. It is available in white. Useful in the kitchen is also the shelf """"Universal per calici"""", also proposed by Universal Expert. It is a shelf made in steel and painted white on which to lay your bottles or any other kitchen item. The particularity lies in the steel support which is located below the shelf and which can hold six goblets. It measures 16 cm in height, 61 cm in width, and 11.5 cm in depth. Comfortable and practical is """"Mensola Appendiabiti"""", another product by Universal Expert. Consisting of a white-coloured steel shelf, its peculiarity is the presence of six beech knobs, making it perfect for an entrance hall. The knobs are in fact useful to hang your and your guests’ coats, while the top part of the shelf can accommodate books or other items. However, this shelf is also perfect in the kitchen, where the knobs can be used to hang cooking aprons and dishcloths.

Interactive Storage

Perfect for storing document files in your office is instead the shelf """"Interactive Stage"""" by Spell. Made in solid wood, rubber and steel, it is a beautiful piece of furniture to look at but at the same time it is sturdy and functional. In fact, it is equipped with five sockets, useful to charge or hook up your electronic devices both during work sessions and during moments of peace. But many more shelving options are sold on LoveTheSign. As for organizers, the variety of designs, materials, and colours is astounding and will satisfy your every need. For example a very original model is """"Sasso"""" by Pietre di Monitillo, a piece that will bring an extravagant touch to any home. It is a marble organizer featuring soft and rounded lines, 9 cm in height and 25.5 cm in diameter, divided in its interior into three compartments, useful for storing any kind of object. """"Sasso"""" is equipped with a comfortable wooden lid to ensure privacy. Perfect for the bathroom is the organizer """"Toto Tall"""" by Umbra. This is a handy container made in ash wood with two inside compartments and a metal drawer. It is ideal to store make-up, but also stationery for those that work from home. An organizer that no bedroom should do without is """"Vitis"""", produced by Filomen.

A design piece that brings a touch of elegance and style any room it is placed in, """"Vitis"""" is made in solid beech wood and consists of a 30 cm-tall screw with 7 branches on which you can hang your jewellery. The base has also a secret container to store items away from prying eyes. Modern and refined is """"Afteroom"""" by Menu. This is an organizer featuring a rectangular shape but also rounded corners and with soft lines. Equipped with a lid to keep the items stored therein secret, """"Afteroom"""" is entirely made of stone. 12 cm tall, 4 cm wide, and 12.5 cm deep, this organizer is available in three colours: clay, stone, and sand. A piece of furniture like this is perfect to give a touch of style and elegance to any house. Universopositivo has instead created a wall organizer that is both handy and fun – the """"Pin Box"""" model, available in a small, medium and large version. This is a handy rectangular container made in metal and oak, suitable for any use.

For instance, it is perfect in the entrance hall or in the kitchen, to hide the junk you don’t want to see around but also to store magazines or house keys, while it can become a good storage unit for your documents and files if placed in your office or studio. Whatever your need is, """"Pin Box"""" will fulfil it. The large version is 16 cm tall, 35 cm wide, and 8.5 cm deep; the medium version is 16 cm tall, 18 cm wide, and 8.5 cm deep; the small version is 16 cm tall, 12 cm wide, and 8.5 cm deep. """"Pin Box"""" is available in yellow, olive, black, and white, and the different colours make this shelf suitable to any style or décor. Whatever shelf or organizer you need to furnish your home, you will definitely find what you are looking for in the wide range of products offered by LoveTheSign