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3 Seater Sofas

Comfortable, elegant and stylish, the three-seater sofa is the sofa par excellence. The personality of the house depends very much on the lines and colours of the sofa! Sofas that combine quality, style and design to last in time, do not tire and transform according to your needs: modular, with chaise longue, extra-large... choose the strong piece of home!
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The sofa satisfies our need for comfort, for some relaxation time by ourselves or with the people we love the most, especially if you have a bit of space in your home and you choose to buy a 3 seater sofa. A sofa is a piece of furniture that in our homes, apartments, offices and studios is useful to accommodate occasional guests, friends, clients, and of course our relatives and beloved ones. Therefore, it is very important to choose a sofa that reflects our personality, since it is the first stage of those who attend the rooms of our home or our workplaces. To fulfill these functions of hospitality and representation, the sofa must have certain characteristics: here at LOVEThESIGN we think that it should be comfortable, easy to clean, and of course it must have an unforgettable design. It is time to choose your new 3 seater sofa, to amaze your friends and relatives and to have a piece of furniture that will accompany you for a long time! The sofa can be placed in different rooms and have different shapes depending on the function it has among the ones mentioned above. In any case, beauty, functionality and comfort are essential features for any sofa! To choose the right sofa you must take into account some key elements. First of all, the room where you want to place it: the living room, an open space living area, the kitchen, the bedroom, the waiting room of a workplace, or in the office. Then it is fundamental to consider the space you have available. If you have spacious and airy rooms, you can choose whatever you want, and if you only have a little space do not despair: on LOVEThESIGN you will find comfortable and 3 seater sofas that fit even in a small space. Once established the space available and the perfect spot, take a look to all the shapes and colours available, also considering the rest of the furniture. If you are starting to decorate the room from scratch, the sofa is an excellent starting point: choose the one you like and then match the rest of the furniture. This way, the sofa will become the protagonist of your living room as it deserves. On LOVEThESIGN, you can find 3 seater sofas in many colours. In a relaxing setting, which a light atmosphere (it doesn’t matter if the style is classic or minimal-chic) you should choose a neutral colour (white to light grey, through beige and grey). In this type of location you can also consider to choose a black sofa, especially if it is a professional environment. If the room where you want to place the sofa is more contemporary and has a relaxed vibe, you can choose any colour, even fluorescent. Also consider the internal frame of the sofa, the materials used, and the aesthetics of the support to decide what is the best solution for you. The fundamental characteristics of a sofa also include less visible aspects that nonetheless are very important. Often the frame is made of solid wood, a material that provides an effective work of the spring system. Fir and aspen are the most common wood because of their high mechanical strength and the resistance to mold. But there are many other high-quality woods, or wooden products from used by the manufacturer. Metal structures are also very common, which are even more heavy and solid, for sofas that will certainly resist to the children jumping on them. Then each structure is completed with polyurethane sheets or other padding to avoid damaging the upholstery coating and to cover the joints and the areas subject to the strongest friction. The structure of the sofa can be invisible (like in those completely padded sofas: the feeling will be that of a single and soft piece) or partially visible (one example are the sofas with a suspended seat, that look more modern and light). You also have to consider the type of support provided by the sofa. Some models feature a spring system that provides an elastic support for the back and seat, on which the padding will be placed. Some special elastic belts provide a strong resistance and a support that does not change over time. They are made of rubber and nylon fibers, placed both horizontally and vertically. Also the legs of the sofa are fundamental, which vary depending on the shape and type of sofa. All sofas included in our wide selection have sufficient support points to guarantee comfort and safety over time. Usually there are four wooden or metal legs, one under each corner of the sofa. For very large sofas, additional pins can be placed in the center, while individual modules will be provided their own self-supporting structure, connectable to other modules so as to form a single body. Also the padding must present the right balance between softness and support, in order to resist the pressure. Seats will have a greater resistance since they have to support the weight of people sitting on the sofa, while the backrest will provide a correct support and a greater softness. Sofa manufacturers often make use of the properties of foam, a versatile material available in different levels of compression. First of all, polyurethane foam is an eco-friendly material produced without using chlorofluorocarbons that are harmful for the environment. The internal composition is based on a honeycomb pattern: many small open modules that are breathable, lightweight and non-deformable. The air exchange is guaranteed, preventing the formation of mold and the foam is absolutely non-deformable. Usually the seats of a sofa have a density between 25 and 50 kg per square meter, and you can choose different levels of resistance. If you prefer a soft seat, you can find sofas with a surface layer of natural fibers or feathers, or memory foam. And finally, you need to consider the price and the budget at your disposal! In the living room, the 3 seater sofa is the basic furniture piece for entertainment and conversation. If you love to spend time with your guests talking and enjoying pleasant conversation, place the sofa in a quiet corner of your living room. Put one or more armchairs in front of it, or perhaps even unconventional seats like a beanbag or an original stool. Choose a nice coordinated rug and a coffee table, low, and very useful for placing glasses and coffee cups. Choose a coffee table that is not too small: it will be very useful as a support for snacks or last-minute dinners, or to play your favourite board games without leaving you relaxing spot, perhaps adding some large cushions to improve the comfort. Or you may want to use the sofa as a privileged place for watching television: movies, TV series, the matches of your favorite team or anything else. In this case, we suggest to place the sofa right in front of the TV, putting any other seat in lateral position. At this point, table becomes important to have at and remote controls and snacks to accompany your movie nights! If you have a home theatre system, the sofa can be a good hiding place for the speakers and a reference to direct them correctly. Of course, the goal of creating a TV area should not exclude the possibility of a conversation, especially in modern homes that are often quite small. You can consider a modular solution, with elements that you can move at will to compose the perfect sofa for your evening, be it a movie night with your friends or spending a few hours reading a book under a soft blanket. In this case you can also consider to purchase a nice floor lamp or a wall light to place near a corner of the sofa. It will be useful to read or to carry out other activities such as sewing or writing on your laptop, creating a real working area. This way, your living room could become an area with multiple functions thanks to these simple precautions in the positioning of your sofa. In addition, a large 3 seater sofa can serve as a room divider in the open space at the center of the room: if you arrange it with its back turned to the kitchen-dining area, you will instantly limit the conversation area. Are you so lucky to have a large kitchen? Then why not to place a sofa against the wall? It will be perfect to enjoy a herbal tea and to organize your recipes. Also in the bedroom you could accommodate a sofa: perhaps in front of the TV, to recreate the luxurious atmosphere of a real suite. There are also comfortable sofas with chaise longue where you can accommodate many people in less space, also providing the opportunity to take advantage of a comfortable chaise longue. On LOVEThESIGN, you will also find modular units of different colours: the ability to customize the sofa according to your needs is at its highest level. If you are considering the purchase of a new sofa, why not choosing a sofa bed? It could be an interesting solution for those who do not have a guest room. On LOVEThESIGN there are several convertible sofas with an incredible design. They have the beauty of a regular sofa but in a few seconds you can turn them into a bed, without giving up on style and comfort. Usually, manufacturers tend to complete their offer with sofa beds, including a number of interlocking systems. The most classic sofa bed is the one with opening seat from which you pull out the bed frame, folded in two and containing both the bedstead and the mattress. The back of the sofa will act as a soft headboard. Another practical solution for opening the sofa bed is the lowering of the backrest that reaches the same level of the seat cushions of the sofa: in an minute the bed is done. In these models, armrests are often removable and can be used as pillows. This way, you will have a 3 seater sofa during the day, while at night you can accommodate the guests who sleep at your place. The sofa beds on LOVEThESIGN have a great quality and resistance, and are able to act as permanent bed small studios, where usually you do not have space enough for both the bed and the sofa. The cover of the cushions and the seat of a sofa is also a very important element. It must be resistant, high-quality and pleasant to the touch. Our selection presents all these features, and many models are completely removable for an easy cleaning. The biggest brands on LOVEThESIGN are subject to strict quality control of their covers. They have to meet international standards, especially the so-called """"Martindale method """": a test that collects data on rub resistance (to guarantee abrasion-proof fabrics), pilling, variations in colour and weight. Looking at the patterns and shapes currently on the market, we can truly say that the history of design has deeply changed this piece of furniture. The sofa, however, has always accompanied the life of all people in many activities. For example, think about the Roman triclinium, famous not only for being comfortable but also because it was used during the banquets celebrated in large halls. In the Ottoman Empire, they used to put long benches covered with cushions in administrative offices. The officials of the empire used to accommodate people on these structures, designed to be comfortable and lightweight. Sitting cross-legged, with the help of rugs, they carried out negotiations and listened to the needs of the population. Usually there were no other chairs and tables, but all took place on these ancient sofas, able to accommodate several people at a time. From the seventeenth century, the word sofa began to be used to indicate what we mean today. Perhaps the first example of modern sofa is the so-called """"Marquise"""", a sort of low, wide seat for two people, especially suitable for confidential interviews. We are in the period following Louis XIV, when the Baroque style triumphs in all kinds of art decoration. A few years later, with the wide-spreading of the neoclassical style at the time of Louis XVI, the first 3 seater sofas made their appearance: large, with rigorous shapes and classic decorations. The style in question is largely used even today, creating luxurious and cozy settings. It is an important stylistic model for all French décor, a true icon of luxury and craftsmanship. A different school is the English one, whose main reference is the """"Chesterfield"""" sofa. We are already in the nineteenth century: the lines have changed creating larger and more comfortable sofas. In particular, this model has introduced in the history design a wide seat, the typical quilting (with buttons), the single line of armrests and seatback. The Earl of Chesterfield, for whom this model was created, gave way to an amazing trend in all countries. In the same years, the great Central Europe dominated by the Austro-Hungarian Empire was knowing and appreciating the """"Biedermeier style"""". Simplicity and robustness are the protagonists of this style, along with the warmth of wood and the quality of the fabrics. Away from the Baroque taste, without any ostentation, a taste for elegance and style, this style was appreciated also thanks to significantly lower cost. The theme of the softly curved backrest will be proposed again by the Art Nouveau. The twentieth century saw the appearance of sofas that are very similar to those we know: design is combined with industrialization and leads to mass production, reducing costs and ensuring at the same time an endless personalization, thanks to new materials and fabrics. The main effort was made to reach the greatest ergonomics, functionality and comfort. On LOVEThESIGN you can find an outstanding selection of 3 seater sofas, quality furniture that will last over time and delight you and your guests for a long time. There are sofas for all budgets, without sacrificing reliability and looking for great Italian and international brands. The products by the best designers of our time come to your house bringing an exclusive touch of style and personality. Stealwood Concept, Karup, Normann Copenhagen, Tacchini, Fishdesignmarket, Driade, Coedition, Menu... these are just a few names of large companies and designers that will bring their style into your house. We believe that every object in your house should say something about you, composing a picture that represents you and shows your guests what kind of person you are. Minimal or excessive, neutral or colourful, chic or super easy: every taste will be satisfied, and every setting will be enhanced by the right item.