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Sofa Beds

The sofa bed is ideal for guests staying at night or for living micro-spaces. A sofa bed guarantees the design of a sofa and the comfort of a bed: quality and style without compromise. Nordic-inspired wooden structures and top quality upholstered upholstered furniture: find the sofa bed for the loft or the guest room.
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Sofa bed? what a passion!

In all houses, or almost, it is; present this piece of furniture as well; important and versatile. Apparently & egrave; a normal sofa but, when necessary, it becomes a real bed with at least two squares, perfect for welcoming guests and for obtaining an emergency bed for any eventuality. The sofa, on the other hand, is the king of our homes: in most living areas there is a piece of furniture of this type, perfect to indulge in relaxation after a long day at work, to enjoy a well-deserved rest by reading a book or watching a bit of TV or to host friends for a convivial evening.

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The sofa has a thousand possible functionalities; and with the option read these increase further. On the market there is not just one type of sofa bed, designers have indulged in the creation of models that adapt to any style, creating sometimes real design jewels with extraordinary charm. A sofa is inevitable, in whatever form it is considered, because it is represents the backbone in creating a hospitable and family atmosphere in a home. In addition, the sofa beds have the capacity; to create space where there is no: everyone would like to have the possibility; to have an extra bed; in the house where you can accommodate the people who come to visit us, but how many of us have a room available in more? Thanks to the sofa bed, even the living area becomes a bedroom if necessary, because it is spaces, sometimes, you have to know how to invent them.

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History of the sofas When are the sofas born?

Obviously, the sofa beds in their current conception they are a rather recent invention compared to traditional sofas, whose invention can; to be without doubt attributed to the Egyptians. In fact, they were the first to make products that looked like a sofa, of the seats on which they could sit down more; of two people. It is, of course, rudimentary sofas but highly efficient, carefully carved in the wood and then covered with a numerous series of kitchens to improve the comfort of the users. Evidently, the need is good; being able to take advantage of an easy session, on which to relax, was alive already; millennia of years ago, when the furniture was reduced to the bone and was not thought to its comfort; but bens & igrave; to its functionality & agrave ;. The concept of comfort, with all probability, is it has been introduced to the courts of the Pharaohs to guarantee to the maximum earthly office of the State an alternative solution to the throne, where it takes on a less rigid position and more; relaxed. Born for the Pharaoh, the sofas (which in reality were little more than chairs) quickly began to become common even among the priests and after having been exclusively used by the owner of the throne, they were also made for all those who attended the pharaonic court. The concept of aesthetic furnishing is born, as well as the concept, which combines the cult of beauty to the functional side.

Thanks to the Egyptians, therefore, the sofa is a perfect piece of furniture. entered into a stable plan among the furnishing elements of the houses of the pi & ugrave; rich and of the most powerful, constantly evolving based on the style and perception of beauty of each people. The Romans loved the sofa, it was the most decorative piece of furniture; representative of the houses of the pi & ugrave; rich, patrician and was used to consume food. We all know the Roman convivial tradition, where meals of a certain type, of representation we would say today, were consumed inside a richly decorated room where three lecti were arranged which, considered as the only piece of furniture, took the name of triclivio. Today, the lecti would be considered luxury chaise-longues, in which there was only one back in the end of the sofa on which the side was resting, which then declined into a more backrest; low place at the back to give even minimal support to the back of the diner. The position adopted in the triclivio, therefore, was semi-lying, with the legs strictly above the triclivio.

The Romans loved to show off their riches and these elements were true masterpieces of style, with ebony wood structure and gold inserts and cushions covered with the finest oriental silks or fine cotton, excellently worked . If the triclivio is called now gone from our living rooms, there is an element that is; been able to endure over time to reach us: the love of the Romans for aesthetics, which we will now call design, is; he was the proponent of the birth of a decorative element still present in modern classic furniture: the feet of the triclivio, or of the armchairs that already existed; they were made, replaced by supports with leonine shapes, often covered with gold, which today represent one of the distinguishing features of the most; traditional furnishing of the living area.

To find sofas as we know them today, ie with the integrated padding for seatbacks and seat and not made with cushions, it is necessary to await the arrival on the throne of France of Louis XV, the Beloved: we are in the eighteenth century and for the first time appears the marquise, a double armchair abundantly filled with soft material and covered with precious fabrics, which in fact replaces the benches in wood with seat cushions. Louis XV & egrave; known to be a lover of beauty and modernity; and this innovation, together with the Bergere armchair, which still occupies a prominent role in the living area of ​​most of the houses, is welcomed with great joy at the court, where it becomes inevitable. For almost two centuries the sofa does not undergo major changes, it is always handcrafted in carpentry workshops and then finished by upholsterers but leaves the courts and makes its way even in the homes of ordinary citizens, even if the prohibitive prices remain in fact a product exclusive for the most important classes; rich.

The modern sofa was born only in the twentieth century, when industrial production started in series: the style keeps what you used to appreciate, elegant and refined according to the aesthetic dictates of the era, but the materials of realization were much more; various and the woods and precious fabrics began to join even the less expensive, as well as; to further lower prices making this a product for everyone, or almost. In all this, how are the sofa beds born? It seems clear that their first appearance, in the form in which we conceive it today, do it in the twentieth century with the advent of industrial production and to invent them was an Italian, more & ugrave; precisely a Sicilian emigrant who had gone to look for fortune in America, as it is; as did many young people in the early decades of the twentieth century. Until that time, a sofa meant a sofa with a more comfortable seat; wide of the traditional one, in which a person could be comfortably reclining: born in the eighteenth century but they are very cumbersome and very expensive.

The historical contextualization of the invention of the modern sofa bed is a the Great Depression of 1929, when the United States had to face the collapse of Wall Street and an unprecedented crisis that brought down not only the American economy but, with the domino effect, the whole world system. Bernardo Castro was a young Sicilian full of ideas and invective, which like all Italians of the time had the ability to find the positive side in a situation as well; complicated: to make necessity & agrave; virt & ugrave ;, one of the most popular Italian adagios; famous forever, became his motto in the New York of the early thirties, where he opened up; a furniture store. Sales did not go too well, Americans had little money, in many cases they live in very small apartments and had to sacrifice some of their furniture for space and money.

Most of them could not afford to have both the bed and the sofa and then Bernardo Castro had a brilliant idea: why & ace; do not create a combined piece of furniture that can be exploited in both ways? This insight turned the industry upside down, because it was his product was apparently a traditional sofa, which with a quick-opening extraction system, was transformed into a double bed. The success was extraordinary and since then the sofa beds have become part of everyday life, distorting the concept of functionality. Choosing the sofa bed From that distant 1931 & egrave; almost a century passed and the sofa bed was used; evolved, satisfying the needs of consumers.

Today, although the cost of sofas has dropped significantly, there are still many people who can not own both the bed and the sofa for reasons of space. Houses have less and less space and it is; necessary to optimize that available. The studios, widespread especially among young people, are more and more; and here the sofa beds find their ideal location: by day they are design sofas, comfortable and beautiful to be seen to host friends and to relax while in the evening, in a few minutes, they become practical double beds, very similar in the shapes and in the degree of comfort to a normal bed. It should always be remembered that sofa beds, as a rule, are usually at least three places, even on the market there are some models with two seats dedicated to the most important environments; small, which nevertheless precisely because of their measures; reduced have some note of inconvenience & agrave; in more & ugrave; The first element to be evaluated in the choice of a sofa bed is equal; the clutter: in fact, in this case, not only the size of the closed sofa but also that of the open sofa should be assessed.

There must be the necessary space for its complete use, to prepare the bed and to get up in the morning: as a rule, you should calculate a space at least twice as large as the closed size, assuming an additional space of 20 cm. This is serious; a very general speech, which is reflected again; to more models; classic, but for more homes; small there are also small sofa beds, in which it is; simply remove the back cushions to turn them into comfortable beds in a square, or where the armrests fold over, extending the available space to allow the person to lie down comfortably. Setting the focus on the sofa bed opening system, there are several types: - folding sofa bed: in this case, the sofa seat is folded forward to discover a double mattress. The opening system is guaranteed by two lateral spring brackets, invisible both with the sofa closed and open, which allow you to keep the bed in a relaxed position without risk. This is serious; one of the most demanding systems; space (about 3 times the width of the sofa closed) but it is also one of the most important; comfortable because, thanks to this system, the preparation of the bed is easy; particularly fast. - pull-out sofa bed: this type follows the first sofa beds made by Bernardo Castro.

The bed is made up by extracting a drawer from the lower part of the sofa, where the mattress and the net with the openable legs are closed . This sofa bed has two main advantages: the mattress and the net of the removable and the fixed part are completely comparable to those of a normal bed and, moreover, there is no; the need & agrave; to redo the bed just before using it because it is can memorize options be stored in the appropriate housing; ready for later use. Once the two parts have been joined together, a double bed of a larger size is created; or less equal to those of a traditional bed. In some of these models the two modules are completely independent from each other: what does this mean? It means that in addition to a double bed it is possible to have two single beds, because the pull-out bed is not; in no way anchored to the sofa but has a wheel system that allows it to be placed anywhere in the house.

This type of sofa is also used in bedrooms, especially in children's rooms: when the sofa is used; closed, eliminating any back cushions, it is a normal single bed that does not need any maneuver to be used but thanks to the pull-out bed you quickly recover the space for a friend who stops to sleep. - sofa bed with folding back: this is the type of opening that is becoming more and more important; wide between design models because it is to practicality of opening combines a line usually minimal, capable for & ograve; to offer great comfort. In this model, the backrest which in normal position has an inclination of about 90 ° or little, more it is opened at 180 & deg; and then goes to form a double bed or a middle square with the seat. In these models, very often the armrests are also collapsible, in the same way as the backrest, to recover more space in length, allowing to create a bed in a few minutes and without necessity; great maneuvers or large spaces. This same sofa, by breaking down only the armrests, can be used; have a single sofa bed that requires even less space.

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The style of sofa beds

Following the fashions and styles of the moment, the sofa beds are present on the market and in the catalogs of the producers in various models. The modern style is one of the most widespread for this kind of sofas, because they are it lends itself perfectly to the opening and closing mechanisms: sober lines, a few frills and removable covers that can be easily replaced and washed represent the best consumers ask for their ideal sofa bed. Wood is used in these sofas. often replaced by structures in resistant steel, often in sight, which are perfectly integrated with the concept of minimal and smart furniture that unites all the elements of modern furniture. An example of a modern design sofa bed is the Debonair model produced by Innovation, a leader in the sector. This model is the quintessence of functionality: comfortable in the seat thanks to the soft padding, yet able to perfectly support the weight of the body during rest thanks to the pocket spring system. The backrest flap immediate, very simple to carry out in a few seconds and the absence of fixed armrests is necessary; ideal for guaranteeing the maximum possible space for the guest.

Very common in the last years & egrave; also the Scandinavian style, which has conquered the fantasies of modern designers. Elegant lines, minimal and natural materials, with the predominance of wooden structures are the elements that characterize this current modern style. Scandinavian style sofa beds have light solid wood structures, often pine or fir, particularly resistant woods left in most cases natural. An example of a Scandinavian style sofa bed. the Indie model created by Karup. The structure is entirely made of pine wood. able to merge functionality & agrave; in a modern but traditional style. Originality & agrave; the structure is perceived from the first glance, with the characteristic inclination that facilitates the sitting upright position, once the backrest is overturned, the other two feet are extracted from the structure that allow you to create a 180 ° bed; very large.

The cushion padding is foam and adapts perfectly to the shape of the body while the coating is easily washable or cleaned with a hard brush. One of the greatest expressions of sofa bed design, for & ograve;, draws heavily on the most important past; remote and proposes a reinterpretation of the triclivio. the idea always comes from the Karupp design team, always using the Scandinavian style to create an alternative sofa bed. Just slip the cushion from the armrest to get a bed ready for use for the impromptu guest or to relax in the company of a good book. The Soul model is the maximum expression of functionality; modern smart applied to sofa beds and it is the best choice for those who do not have large spaces but do not want to give up a design element, comfortable and practical.