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Extending Tables

The extendable table won't let you say no to family dinners or repatriation with friends. The possibility of expanding the dining table - and closing it when you don't need it - is the ideal solution not to disrupt the spaces of the house and, at the same time, offer all the comfort possible to your guests.
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Extendibles Tables

When you decide to furnish your house without seeking professional help you have to deal with several problems, the main one being the balance of various styles made possible by matching different elements, ensuring a harmonious effect between the various design choices. It is therefore necessary to read up on the subject before making a decision, especially if it is the first time you try your hand at home décor. In this case, relying on a brand that has been working in this sector for years is a sure way to guarantee good results. The company LoveTheSign assists and advises its clients, both personally and through its customer service, created especially to help out with doubts and questions and to give advice thanks to a long experience. Before purchasing a table you need to know the quality of the products used and choose where you want to place it (kitchen, living room, garden, office). In some cases, when the space available is not great, you can choose to buy extendable tables as these are pieces that work well in their small size yet can become longer when you need a greater surface. By choosing extendable tables rather than traditional ones you are opening the door to dinners with friends and family without sacrificing elegance to comfort. A table is in fact above all an element that unites, a symbol for the family, able to create a warm atmosphere since the beginning of time.

The History of Tables 

The table as furniture was first designed in the Greek and Roman era, when it was used not only in houses but also in trading, in industry, and in places of worship. The height of the table varied according to the culture, as countries where people sit on the floor or on cushions during meals prefer short-legged tables. The oldest type of table apparently come from ancient Greece and featured a rectangular surface with three legs, while in Rome the base started from the middle and was divided into three parts. This table was called ‘mensa delphica’. Tables in ancient times were made in different types of materials – wood, marble, and bronze were the most used – and often had lines and decorations recalling human or animal figures. During the Baroque period, however, the focus was placed on colours and the effect that different paints and materials could give. The lines became rich and imaginative, symbolizing abundance and wealth. Recently, with the influence of Eastern cultures, short tables have also started appearing in Western houses. However, extendable tables were pretty much unknown until the 1970s as sliding techniques were before then considered complex and expensive. Furthermore, if not produced properly, they didn’t last long and required expensive maintenance. Today extendable tables feature the most innovative and modern techniques which, together with the excellence of the materials used, allow the proper functioning of the table to the full use of its features. Gradually, having versatile tables that can change according to your needs has become more and more important, allowing you to organize large events comfortably at home. One of the main elements to take into account is the material. Wood is a favourite as it is the cheapest and sturdiest as well as the most durable. It also looks very elegant and can change in colour and texture according to the processing and finishes used. The building industry uses hard wood, semi-hard wood, and soft wood according to the furniture to create and the intrinsic properties of the material. Often, however, customers choose the type of wood exclusively for its colour rather than for its qualities and characteristics. Light colours are usually preferred for modern furniture while darker types of wood are used for classic furniture or for office due to their elegance which makes them impressive to the viewer. Black and brown wenge are an exception, however: while they are indeed dark in colour they go well with a modern and minimalist chic décor and, if used in pieces with clean lines, they give off a modern vibe without giving up the regal air typical of dark colours. Once you have chosen the material you need to decide where you want or need a table as a piece suitable for a living room will not be the same as that suitable for a kitchen.

Extendable tables are usually placed in living rooms and gardens as these are the places where the main events of everyday life take place. The style of the table also has to match that of the rest of the room, especially in those houses featuring a single style with no design variations. The main styles are: - Modern, characterized by straight and bold lines, often essential but never dull, with simple and well defined colours. - Classic, edging towards baroque, full of soft elements, and rounded lines, out of fashion but still present in old buildings. - Vintage, increasingly popular in recent years thanks to a new love for the past and featuring pieces from a specific past decade or new furniture inspired by past trends. - Shabby-chic, which has become popular recently thanks to its sophisticated flair, featuring pastel colours such as lavender, light blue, and vanilla yellow, and perfect for those who are looking for an elegant home décor. Whatever style you choose, you should never forget important aspects when it comes to extendable tables. The most important of all is the quality of the materials and their ability to last over time. Extendable tables in fact are among the most delicate pieces as opening and closing the table often can, if the materials are not high-quality ones, cause damage and deterioration over time. That is why it is important to look for sturdiness above all else – especially where the table opens and closes – to prevent the objects placed on it to cause excessive pressure on the seals and subsequent damage or breaking. Another important feature to think about is the shape. Some people prefer rectangular tables for its greater surface and the possibility to add more people, while others prefer round tables as they promote conversation among guests albeit at the expense of space. Regardless of personal tastes, it will be your room to ask for a specific table as, for example, some places are not suitable for rectangular tables (small spaces, for example) while round tables are not a good idea for large spaces as they risk ‘disappearing’ in the company of other, more present, pieces of furniture. It is therefore important to choose the most suitable solution considering that the table, whether extended or not, will remain in the same position all the time, acting as a furnishing and decorative element, supporting and not hindering your everyday life. Unlike traditional tables, extendable models must express their features in two versions – extended and not – without losing resistance and beauty as, although they fully come into play only sometimes, they must not undermine the careful design choices made previously; rather, they should enhance them.

Extendibles Modern Tables

The prices of the extendable tables vary depending on not only the quality but also on the processing of the materials used, on the originality of the lines, and on the style. It goes without saying that a hand-carved wooden table will be very expensive, as will be a hand-painted table like the famous Japanese models filled with expensive decorations and inlays. Japanese tables have become popular in the West and especially in Italy following numerous studies on Japanese painting, re-discovered mainly due to the philosophies and the rituals related to it. Nowadays these tables are collection pieces which, although belonging to a completely different style, fit well with different types of décor – minimal chic, vintage, Arte Povera – and are able to stand out as whimsical pieces giving light to a room that would otherwise feel flat and dull. Very popular in southern Italy are instead marble tables, often created with the mosaic technique. These pieces can turn a simple and humble element such as a table into a work of art. However, the type of materials often doesn’t allow a daily use but rather calls for a purely decorative use. The same techniques are used with ceramics, as in the case of the famous ceramics of Caltagirone. Hand-painted and increasingly popular today throughout Italy, this style is used especially in ornamental tables for gardens and kitchens, and features the depiction of fruits and simple elements that create a warm and traditional atmosphere.

They are combined with metallic elements and classic wood. Modern design, on the other hand, prefers materials that are solid but light, compact and yet refined, able to impress without frills, combining both functionality and beauty. Due to its size, a table takes on an important role, which means its selection cannot be left to chance or made quickly as it reflects the idea of ​​the owner as of décor as well as his or her personality. LoveTheSign offers a range of extendable tables featuring artistic and original lines, offering its customers unique pieces that can change the whole atmosphere in the room. The table ""Vario"" for example is a perfect crossover between modernity and simplicity. Made in grained beech wood, it features natural finishes and its lightness and simplicity ensure it fits perfectly with any style. The model ""Costa satinato"" features an innovative aesthetic appearance, simple yet elegant, to which you can add matching chairs. The most popular model is ""Levante"", featuring legs in aluminium that has been anodized or painted with powder coating. It has adjustable feet and its white colour recalls traditional plastic tables, typical of family lunches in the garden. It can be safely placed outdoors as its coating ensures it can withstand all weather conditions while a protective film prevents yellowing or discolouration over time. The table ""Blanc"" is unique when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. Made in solid ash wood with a surface of scratch-resistant tempered glass, it gives a touch of elegance mixed with a rustic yet chic atmosphere.

Then there is the model ""Giunone"" in its two variants of white and wenge brown, classic but at the same time minimal and modern, able to adapt to any environment and any type of furniture. Made of oak wood, it is particularly hard, sturdy and stable yet retains a certain light and elegant appearance. The legs recall the Art Nouveau style, lightening the sobriety of this piece with a little romantic flair. The table ""Parentesi"" is also made in oak wood mixed to walnut and hickory wood. It features a simple design, perfect if you want something simple, yet shows great strength and expressiveness in the choice of materials. The model ""Every"" features a classical style but with a touch of contemporary elegance. Made in tulipwood lacquered in matt white, it is bright and minimal in both lines and colours, perfect for any room of the house, be it a living room, a dining room, or a kitchen. Elegance and sobriety are the bywords for the model ""Miraggio"", square in shape and made in wenge-coloured oak, typical of a minimal chic style. Practical and functional is ""Slice"" which, featuring wheels, allows to move it easily, avoiding scratches on the floors. It is in high-quality solid wood, with a finish rich in knots and visible grains. Surprising and original is ""Kartesio"", a true work of contemporary art. But that doesn’t mean that practicality and functionality are forgotten: rather, they add to the beauty of its lines. If you are looking for something simple then ""Stretch"" and ""Every wenge"" are the models for you. Featuring warm colours and simple lines, they are an example of what happens when tradition meets the future.

The former is in a classic wood colour and made in high-quality solid wood, ensuring sturdiness, while the latter stands out thanks to its bright colours, which alone give light to the room. Available in different colours is the extendable table ""Apex"", durable yet light, useful to obtain space in small corners of the house. All these options open endless possibilities to create a perfect corner and find a table to suit your every need. Most models are also found in their traditional version so you can choose the style of an extendable table in its closed version should your room not be large enough to accommodate a large table. Every model is available in various sizes to satisfy any request. LoveTheSign always gives priority to the quality of its materials and their durability, choosing types of wood with no moisture, solid and perfectly resistant. Offering you the right balance between quality and price means that you will not be happy to save money today and then have to spend it on maintenance or renovations. An expert when it comes to Made in Italy products, the company guarantees an Italian style, the kind that is envied all over the world, competitive in the international market and a symbol of avant-garde and modern design. All the above mentioned pieces can be purchased online, through our e-commerce website, with free shipping and an easy and quick return policy, avoiding tedious and lengthy processes. Choosing your extendable table on LoveTheSign is the answer to all your design needs, whether simple or particular: the wide range of models available ensures that each table is suitable for different rooms and environments. You just have to pick the extendable table of your dreams! "