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Rectangular Dining Tables

The rectangular table is the one that has always accompanied Italian families: there is no guest that cannot be welcomed as well as there is no lunch that cannot be shared. It is the heart of the house, but it is oriented towards the future: new materials and reinterpretations of its essential shape make the rectangular table perfect for every room.
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Rectangular Dining Tables

Tables are among the most important pieces of furniture, no matter the environment. So how can we choose the right table? On LoveTheSign you will find a very interesting range of rectangular tables, and all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your house and buy it. But let's see some examples of rectangular tables that can be purchased on LoveTheSign. The model ""Metropolis"" by Scab Design is entirely made in Italy but what sets it apart from other models is, without a doubt, the simplicity and elegance of its lines. Another reason to choose this table is the materials it is made of: the surface is in white tempered glass while the legs are in steel, white and shiny, making this table special. Light and handy, this beautiful piece fits perfectly into any kind of environment, whether it is your living room or your office, as the glass used for it gives an added value to the piece, creating eye-catching contrasts with the other furniture. ""Metropolis"" is truly the product of modern design, able to confer prestige and elegance to even the most austere and classic environments, both outdoors and indoors. Furthermore, the materials used to create this object are of the highest quality, making it durable and resistant. Whether you are looking for a table to replace your old one or you are furnishing a room from scratch, ""Metropolis"" is the model for you. Scab is a company that can meet all its customers’ needs and this table is tangible proof of it. Alternatively, you can also choose the chromed version of ""Metropolis"", even more refined than the basic model. Modern but at the same time elegant, the chromed ""Metropolis"" perfectly mixes the characteristics of glass and chrome. This model too can be placed anywhere in the house, in the living room just like in the kitchen. But it’s not only for show – the company has created an object that is not only beautiful but functional as well. Just like for its predecessor, the surface is made of transparent tempered glass, making it minimalist but versatile, and easy to match to other styles and pieces. In fact, the glass surface doesn’t mean this table is not suitable for informal rooms. The legs of the table are in chrome-plated steel and make this piece both unique and striking as well as particularly stable. The glass surface and chrome-plated legs therefore create an interesting contrast.

Elegant and simple, this table is the ideal choice for those who want to give their home or office a touch of elegance, picking something simple yet very functional and versatile. Furthermore, this table is very safe and can be considered child-proof. Yet another option is the rectangular table ""Natural Metropolis"" made of beech wood and also produced by Scab Design. This model features an aesthetically pleasing synergy between very different materials – glass, aluminium and beech wood – combined with a particular skill to create a unique piece. Although by no means small, this table is light and easy to handle as well as suitable for any type of space. What makes it so versatile is the tempered glass surface which allows you to see the underlying structure and legs, giving an added value to the piece. The use of beech and steel for the structure ensure solidity and resistance while the legs are set in an X shape to keep the structure as simple as possible. Undeniably vintage, this table can easily adapt to environments furnished in a different style.

A different piece but still a valuable suggestion from an aesthetic point of view is the model ""Switch Medium"" by Rform. Available in various sizes and colours, this table, in addition to being beautiful, is also very handy as well as environmentally friendly. After the purchase, in fact, it is packaged entirely disassembled in a recyclable cardboard box. And what about putting it back together again? No worries – it is very easy and even those with little DIY skills will manage without any problem. Oil-polished, this table is perfect in every detail. It is oil, in fact, that seals the pores of the wooden structure, making it waterproof and thus very durable, while its simple and classic lines make it an object suitable for any type of environment. Another beautiful piece is the model ""Logico"" by Pedrali, entirely made in painted stainless steel. It is important to point out that this is a very versatile piece, easy to take apart and move. It is easy to see, therefore, that it is a piece you will not easily give up on once you get your hands on it. Apart from being handy, what makes it so special is its sleek design, which will charm you at first sight. Innovation and experience – these are the elements that Pedrali, known to create furniture that is both functional and stylish, has put into the creation of this piece. The table ""My table"" by Normann Copenhagen has nothing to envy to the previously mentioned rectangular tables. Indeed, it can be said that it is a very cool and versatile piece which can be made perfect simply by pairing it with ""My chair"", part of the same collection. The design of this table is classic, elegant and innovative, the corners are rounded, and the structure is sinuous and soft.

The selection of LOVEThESIGN 

As for materials, the table top is in laminate while the structure is made in steel. At a closer look you will see that many details make this piece special, but one aspect not to underestimate is that no standardized elements have been used for the realization of this table. On the contrary, all parts of the table have been custom made and are, therefore, truly unique and unrepeatable. Suitable both for a house or an office, this table is very easy to assemble just by reading the instruction manual. Finally, bear in mind that despite being very modern this table will fit perfectly into any environments including those decorated in industrial style. The model ""Woody"" by Modà is also a truly exceptional piece, entirely made of natural materials of the highest quality. Buying this item is therefore a way of adding a touch of class to every room, as guaranteed by Modà, a company that has been creating handcrafted quality articles, both original and functional, for years. You guests will not help being amazed in front of this table: seating up to 12 people, ""Woody"" is basic and functional, yet valuable thanks to the fact it is entirely made by hand. Worthy of note are its legs are made with industrial iron as their shape is nothing short particular: they resemble tripods and bring to mind the working table of painters and artists. The surface, on the other hand, is in natural durmast embellished by a saw cut which makes its lines imperfect and emphasizes its vintage look. Something to take into account when buying it is that all materials are eco-friendly: the metal, for example, is finished with water-based paints, completely non-toxic. In this piece wood and metal create a very particular synergy, able to transform an ordinary rectangular table in a piece of furniture that can enrich any environment. Ideal for both the living room and the study – or even the children's bedroom – this table is the ideal solution for all those who want to make their home or office special.

A very beautiful and functional table is also ""First"", produced by Miniforms. A difficult item to give up, this table gives you the chance of furnishing your house – or your office, if so you choose – in an innovative and original way. In addition to its beautiful lines, you should keep in mind that this table, one of Miniforms’s best pieces, is also incredibly functional and practical. Made of pressed steel, first bent and later painted, the structure of this table is linear and essential yet at the same time elegant and classy with a touch of originality. And it is precisely for its originality that ""First"" can be used even in the kitchen. Perfect for open spaces, this modern and cool item is able to bring a real breath of fresh air in any room, from formal to austere and classic. Another thing not to be underestimated is the fact that the table can be extended, becoming a very versatile piece of furniture that takes up little space. The legs are very sturdy and can withstand even heavy weights, and a spin-off model with a fixed structure is available as well. However, the classic version features a wide range of colours including red, black, yellow, and powder gray (which the spin-off model does not have) and the colour of the structure matches the rest. Thanks to this wide range of colours and its clean lines, matching this table with your existing décor will not be a problem. Special as well as original is the model ""Low Link"" by Metalmobil. The surface of this table is made in paper cellulose fibres while the legs are in birch wood. As you can imagine, it is a piece of furniture that, as well as being environmentally friendly, is also multi-functional as it can be used as a coat hanger or bag hanger thanks to its hooks or as a surface to rest your various mobile devices while charging. Furthermore, this table is suitable both for outdoors and indoors. Light and not too bulky, this model is characterized by clean lines that make it visually light. The legs are made with fixed trestles laminated in green or, alternatively, in white while the hooks are made in metal and located at the far ends of the table surface. In addition to being of high quality and eco-friendly, the materials used are all of the non-toxic and recyclable. Metalmobil is, in fact, a company renowned for its innovative furniture, and the search for designs that can be integrated seamlessly in various environment makes it a leading company able to meet the needs of any kind of customer.

The table ""Low Link"" was designed by Giorgio di Tullo, a designer with the sole aim of creating an item that would be functional, beautiful, and above all very versatile. The neutral colours used in combination with the bright green of the legs gives way to a particularly pleasant play of light that won’t fail to fascinate young and old alike. Obviously, this beautiful table is perfect even for children who can use it as a shelf or as a desk to study on. Being very sturdy, in fact, it can be used daily without any kind of problem. With a very different style but still original is the table ""Hegoa"" by Matiere Grise, which seems to be about to break the rules and charm everyone. The exposed bolts positioned on the corners make it minimal but, at the same time, out of the ordinary. Rest assured, though: if you are among those who like classic furnishings, this table is perfect for you too as it can be matched to any type of furniture. Ideal both as a kitchen table and as a desk, or table for the bedroom, ""Hegoa"" can also be used outdoors as the special paints used make it resistant to any type of weather condition. Finally, we suggest you have a look at the beautiful model ""Achille"" by L'Abbate. This is not a common table: rather, it is a piece that can make any room warm and welcoming. The materials are all high-quality: the solid wood structure, in addition to providing strength and stability, turns it into an object that can bring a touch of elegance in any context, formal or informal living room, while the surface in white wood is particularly resistant as well as really beautiful. You can therefore place this item anywhere you want, be it a working environment or your own home. When it comes to rectangular tables, LoveTheSign leaves you spoiled for choice. All you need to do is decide what you want and buy the table that perfectly fits your home or office. LoveTheSign will take care of the rest