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Dining Room

The healthiest food is that consumed in company. Certainly, a tastefully furnished dining room and a full-service meal will make their way. Try thinking where you would like to dine every day: in an elegant, retro or modern and industrial restaurant? Find the ideal solution for your space and enhance your style.
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The home is an important place for family, so it should be cosy while at the same time satisfy the needs of each individual member. Every environment should be balanced, well furnished and perfect for both family and guests. A home should have functionality and elegance, comfort and intricacies, design and innovation. All this is made possible by a careful selection of the various products offered by Lovethesign. Every single room, from the kitchen to the dining room, from the bathroom to the bedroom, is unique and essential for everyday living and enjoyment. Keeping in mind the decor of the dining room, it’s n environment where the whole family gathers at mealtime and where family bonding is most likely to occur, so furnishing it optimally with tables, chairs and other pieces as well as creating an ideal reference point for the family is a must. The dining room consists of a large table, chairs and furniture for the storage of cutlery, glasses and plates. Additionally, you’ll need lighting, shelves, carpets and other textiles (tablecloths, pillows etc.) along with other small furnishings in order to tack on a greater touch of originality and stylistic refinement. Starting from the most basic element, the table, Lovethesign offers many different models (sizes and styles). Among them is the Vintme table by Al2. This company is all about certified quality products, reworking traditional elements to make them aesthetically innovative and more practical, most of all regarding their use. All this takes place while also keeping an eye out for the environment. The Vintme table has a very special appearance with a square shape, a top with sharp lines, and an area (on the top) featuring small compartments where you can store bottles of wine while also playing on light and dark wooden tones. The counter has a rectangular shape, brown on one part and black on another. The table is very solid, impact-resistant and its form and shape allows it to be widely versatile. Its dimensions (77x240x110) mean it can be installed in the dining room but also in the kitchen or office. This feature means it’s sure to headline any room it appears in. An element with strong, original, exuberant yet practical personality, it’s sure to steal the show. The table is very resistant and made with the highest quality wood around. Stylistically a simple product, minimalist lines and basic design shine bright on the Apez table, designed and built by Temahome. This article, created by Portuguese designer Delio Vicente for Temahome, took on simple and traditional tables, making them more functional and practical designer elements. The shapes are simple and the size (76x200x100) also allows for this table to fit in the smallest of rooms. This piece of art has a rectangular shape while the base is made up of four legs that bring to mind legs used for tables of yesteryear. In summary, we’re talking about a functional, practical, versatile, stable and durable piece that, despite its simplicity, can still play a leading role in all the rooms of the house. Chairs, on the other hand, are indispensible elements that you need quite a few of. Choosing the right model means taking into account convenience, aesthetics, design, versatility and comfort. When considering a modern, original and ergonomic model, look no further than Fritz Hansen’s monochrome Series 7. With a height of 80.5 cm, depth of 31.07 cm and length of 46.5 cm, the chair is made entirely of wood and very high-quality steel, as designed by Arne Jacobsen. An extremely original chair, it’s versatile, functional and timeless, pairing perfectly well with all styles and layouts. This chair and many other pieces of furniture came about from the collaboration between the designer and brand Jacobsen Fritz Hansen, all starting in 1934. The Series 7 chair has an aluminium base in tubes and a seat made of curved plywood so as to give greater ergonomics and comfort. It is offered in the following colours: white, orange, black and pastel blue. Vintage and classical design enthusiasts can opt for the Ironic Natural chair designed and manufactured by Ton. This company was founded in 1861 by Michael Thonet in the Czech Republic. Since day one the company focused on traditional woodworking through innovative details and high-quality material. The Ironica chair is entirely made of beech wood and has a total height of 84.5 cm, while the seat has a height of 45 cm, width of 40 cm and a depth of 41 cm. The chair back consists of 7 vertical bars smoothed and positioned by hand as well as a horizontal bar arranged so as to hold up the entire wooden structure. A product reflecting the simplicity and retro style of the company behind it, it’s offered in a wide range of colours and can be placed in dining rooms feature different styles and designs, while at the same time adapting to the kitchen, office and bedroom. The rather special chair adapts to its environments and revitalizes them. The chair is made by brand Essence Wood, designed and built by Arredamenti Bortolato. This piece reflects all the principles and stylistic choices made by its manufacturer, including bringing wood to life while creating designer items with a strong and impressive visual impact. The company, now in business for over 45 years, operates primarily with wood and is characterized by professionalism, quality and experience. With carefully selected wood that goes into making tables, chairs, furniture and other furnishings for the house, they create top-notch home goods. Finding substance in trunk-shaped wood, they remove the bark and polish it carefully so as to bring out the peculiarities of wood and enhance the signs of aging. The chair is versatile and suitable for all kinds of environments, in no way ruling out the dining room. It’s also made entirely of white lacquered oak, with a height of 45 cm, a diameter of 30 cm and a total weight of about 30 kg. Another item that’s a must for the dining room, especially if you have enough space, is the small Niche cupboard with feet. Temahome is the name of the brand responsible for creating cutting-edge products with a purely contemporary style. Additionally, there are a ton of decorative accessories out there characterized by modern lines and original design alternatives. The company has always tried to pay close attention to detail, as this has resulted in the birth of timeless products that can be placed in many different contexts. Back to the Niche cupboard, it flaunts a height of 127 cm, a length of 128 cm and a depth of 45 cm. It is very practical due to the arrangement of the interior compartments, allowing you to neatly store your belongings (plates, cups, glasses, tableware sets and much more). Once the compartment doors are closed, the piece displays a fantastic decoration with streaks of dark colours and its slanted structure that makes it stand in contrast with the rest of the white background as well as the brown four legs supporting the structure. The structure for the doors is made entirely of honeycomb fibres, getting their name from the resemblance to a beehive. The cupboard has 5 closed and 3 open compartments to store knick-knacks or other items useful in creating character for furnishings. When positioning the wooden structure on the ground, the cupboard must be kept away from sources of moisture and water. The piece should be cleaned exclusively with a dry cloth. Given its predisposition to the ground, it cannot be positioned on the wall with tenon nor may it be combined in columns of furniture given that it’s lacking a structure with enough resistance to hold it. This cupboard, given its versatility and truly unique design, can be placed in any environment or house style, even in small rooms. As a matter of fact, it’s got a height of 127 cm, a width of 128 cm and a depth 45 cm. Having a well-heated home is crucial in maintaining balanced well-being for the entire family. Choosing the right fireplace in order to match the style and design of other layouts of the house is also fundamental. A certain guarantee should then be purchased, made of quality materials that meet applicable standards for safety. All these features describe the Spyro eco-fireplace by Altrofuoco. The company has been operating for years in making modern fireplaces, completely turning traditional products on their sides. It is based on the fundamental principle that even heat can be a designer item. And what we get from this is strong visual impact and original, cutting-edge, versatile and truly functional design. Such design accessories really improve and enrich designer spaces. These fireplaces all connect to 100% natural and ecological power, like bioethanol. Back to the Spyro eco-fireplace, it is designed and built to meet both safety and environmental protection standards. It allows you to create a warm, cosy atmosphere from a flame in any room in your house, both in a safe and ecological manner. The eco-fireplace is made of lava stone and features high-quality metal laser cut. This type of frame means it can be installed inside or outside the house without getting damaged. It can be placed in the dining room, kitchen, bathroom or in other environments around the house. The entire operation is rather simple: the ecological flame is produced from the combustion of bioethanol without producing fumes or waste of any kind. Bioethanol is the result of processing and distillation of plant products, which is why it is totally environmentally friendly and produces no waste, ash or typical burning smells. Even its use is very simple and intuitive: Simply pour bioethanol inside the fireplace tank with a capacity of roughly one litre, then turn on the burner and wait for flame ignition. It lasts about 5 hours and heat production output is around 2 kWh. A real designer element, it combines functionality and aesthetics with modern style and typical features of a traditional fireplace, all packed into 50 cm of height, 50 cm of length, 40 cm of depth and a total weight of about 13.5 kilograms. In addition to tables, chairs, fireplaces and sideboards, dining rooms need the necessary textiles, both useful and practical for the everyday table setting. Among the many products featured on Lovethesign, a great textile element worthy of your time is the Volterra rectangular tablecloth from the Zanotto Nives collection. The products in this collection have an on-trend chromatic scale that’s lively and adds personality to any layout. Its jacquard fabric and perfect finish give the product greater softness, elegance and refinement. The Volterra tablecloth will immediately give off a young and sophisticated vibe. It has a width of 175 cm and a length of 270 cm, so as to adapt to large tables. It is offered in variants of teal, silver, burgundy, white, gold and black. The tablecloth is durable, easy to wash (even at 40 °C) and adds a touch of originality to the table, typical of products by Zanotto Nives. Lastly, a dining room is not complete until you select the right chandelier to match the current layout of all the rooms of the house. The wide range on the market comes in various designs, styles, forms, levels of practicality, colours, and materials. Among the many models, you definitely have to mention the one-of-a-kind Pure pendant lamp with 3 colourful covers by brand Authentics. Available in different colour combinations (white, mango, blue or red, purple, black or white, blue and red), the lamp is made entirely of high quality glass and colourful polypropylene. It’s quite unique, flaunting an original, intense design that serves as a wonderful addition to the layout while at the same time provides for a very hot and precise light (due to the colourful covers). It can be installed in rooms of different style and design, but can also work perfectly in other parts of the house in order to add a hint of sophistication, irony and fun. The hourglass shape of the structure is very modern and has extremely simple, minimalist and soft lines. The cover can be easily replaced with other colours, giving you the ability to surround yourself with a constantly changing light. As you can see, furnishing the dining room and the rest of the house requires a careful selection of styles, designs and results waiting to happen. You have the opportunity to match every single piece of furniture (tables, sideboards, lighting elements, textiles, cushions, sofas, chairs, armchairs, curtains and much more) in order to create a unique style inside and outside of your humble abode. In this way you’re able to get a chromatic and stylistic balance through elements that create a harmonious home. However, it’s necessary to keep in mind a number of factors when filling out these rooms, such as safety, environment and quality. Safety comes about when purchasing safe products and objects manufactured according to health and safety regulations. Respect for the environment is what you show when you buy green, eco-friendly products and ones made of wood or other non-toxic, certified materials. The last topic of interest is quality, an essential part of home goods that’s synonymous with beauty and durability. Buying a quality product means adding a durable, long-lasting piece to your home that’s made with soft raw materials. The perfect mix of all of these elements will make for a harmonious abode that’s both balanced, chic and unique.