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Kids Bedroom

The children's room is not just a resting place: it's the perfect place for their adventures, the organized space in which to study quietly and where to put all the games. Keep in mind their needs while creating the perfect environment where to grow them - and that is also fun for you.
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Children's Room Furniture

The bedroom, in a house, is usually the place where the boys sleep, whether they are single children or pairs of brothers. Furnishing a bedroom is not; never simple, because & eacute; we must intercept the taste of children who will then become teenagers and boys, and create an environment that does not easily go out of fashion, but that can follow them in growth and always remain faithful to the style of its tenants and the whole house. Another question arises, however, if the bedroom of a house is equal; used as a guest bedroom. In that case we can; even thinking of giving more connotation; formal to the question, inserting a bed to a square and a half or double, and creating a kind of small private suite, almost a d & eacute; pendance of the master bedroom. What if this room is used as a study? What to do to give it the double connotation of day and night room? How to perfectly furnish a bedroom? Let's see the various furnishing accessories necessary to make it a unique environment.

Beds and beds for dorm rooms

As we said, the choice and arrangement of the bed or beds depend a lot on how many are the occupants of the bedroom, and what type they represent. In the case of an only child, we can; think of the solution of inserting a single bed from the earliest childhood years, to create a piece of furniture that can grow with the boy. In fact, especially in the case of male children, the rapid growth in height could force parents to change often, while instead providing a solid and beautiful single bed can be used; help to create a skeleton of bedroom that remains the same, at least in its fundamental components, for many years to come.

If you want a single bed but you want to prevent the eventuality; that some friend or friend of your children stops to sleep, & egrave; ideal solution like the Twice stackable single bed with slats and beech net. The basic structure has only one bed, but the body is created specifically to insert a second bed underneath, thus raising the floor of the main bed to allow you to insert another mattress underneath. The mesh and the slats are made of beech, a sturdy yet flexible wood, which collects all the weight of the body and distributes it so as to facilitate rest.

In case you want to think of a single bed with a soft and padded structure, perhaps more; loved by girls, you can; think about furnishing a bedroom with the model Dream Romantic < / a>, which has two advantages. Meanwhile, the white padding is used; adaptable to any type of surrounding furniture, so it will be; really difficult to go off the subject with a bed like that. In addition, a strongly padded bed can be used. be bought very soon in terms of age, because it is it mitigates any impact and limits the dangers to which children, especially the children, very much; vivacious, they expose themselves continuously. Dream Romantic becomes cos & igrave; the bed with which you can; grow and dream (as the same name testifies), with the certainty of a restful rest and a beautiful and refined structure.

Desk for the nursery

The desk is one of the most popular places; important in a room, especially in the case of rooms divided between several rooms; brothers. For a boy or girl who sleep alone but need their own little corner to study or relax, a desk such as Seaside by Oliver Furniture & egrave; perfect, as it reconciles a large countertop with four drawers to store all your belongings. The desk, in fact, & egrave; a small microcosm aside, where you can find books, photos, maybe a computer or a TV, and many other things. Having four drawers available allows, therefore, to have space to make order but also to hide their most important matters; secret from the prying eyes of the great. If yes it is; in the presence of two brothers who need to be at the desk at the same time and who may want to sit facing each other, then we need to think about a type of table more than one; wide to be placed perhaps in the middle of the room.