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Study and Office

The studio is the place where magic happens: Whether it's the space to devote to your next project or leave the field to creativity, you'll definitely need a spacious desk and a comfortable chair to put your ideas into focus and focus. Of course, then they will also serve a bookcase, shelves, a beautiful lamp ...
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When you find yourself decorating an office from scratch or revamping the décor in the workplace, no single detail can be overlooked. Office furniture is one of the first things noticed by customers upon entry and this is why proper emphasis should go into it. For the workers as well it’s necessary to provide a comfortable and pleasurable environment. In essence, office furnishings, full of various pieces and accessories, is the best image your business can have. The more detail-oriented it is, the more the customer will appreciate such precision and consider the very work being done in the office to be just as precise. So what are the most important pieces of furniture to choose from when arranging office accommodation? Practicality or appearance? Pleasant and welcoming? We’ll try to answer all these questions through in-depth analysis of the different types of furniture you can choose from when dealing with an office. Let's start first of all with the various styles of office furnishings. The first possibility is to keep things classic. Usually those who opt for this type of furniture do so for two reasons.


The first reason may be the simple passion for the traditional decor, one with wooden furniture and/or parquet flooring combined with pastel colours on the walls. The second reason that can push you to opt for this type of furniture is that it you’ve already got a pre-existing style on hand and don’t feel the need to switch things up. An office decorated in a classical style is the perfect setting for a wooden desk. There are some very interesting pieces in the LOVEThESIGN catalogue, meaning you can base your decision on the type and appearance of the cabinets. As a matter of fact, some desks have been made specifically because they fit perfectly in all types of settings, all the while taking up minimal space. If you’re all about wood for both material and colour but you’ve got limited space and you have to make the most, squeezing in desks and other furniture too, the Frame Teak model is right up your alley. It’s a long and narrow desk, large enough to for a laptop or book of medium size. Classic yet modern, the Frame Teak is a timeless piece of furniture that is very simple and still extremely practical. The second type of furniture you can opt is modern, where colourful furniture takes over. Most of these are enamelled with the possibility of also creating interesting shading combos on the room’s walls. This style is actually moving into the mainstream and is much appreciated especially by the younger generations looking for an all-around modern office, from the waiting room to the workstation.

Taking into consideration the latter style, lets have a look at what types of products are available in the LOVEThESIGN catalogue. One of these is undoubtedly the gorgeous Leo wengè desk, with completely see-through glass top and base in solid wenge wood, a rather fashionable material as per current trends that’s in high demand not only for modern offices but also in private homes. Four sliding drawers are featured under the supporting plane of the Leo desk. They can store anything while at the same time maintaining order to the max since the content is clearly visible through the see-through top. If you are looking for something truly original, go with the Multi desk with two legs, acting as a storage container that can also serve as a bookshelf. Strictly white, this desk is a perfect fit for monochrome chairs, preferably black, to create a break in the classic colour scheme. In any study or office that pays attention to detail, bookshelves are a must, whether small or large, depending on the space at hand, always keeping it real with regards to style. The perfect complement for the Multi desk is the Dublin High bookcase. An exceptional product to lean against a wall, it’s also a great partition to split a room. This bookcase in white lacquer fits perfectly in a modern style, flaunting its geometric shapes for a touch of liveliness and movement. Its white colour also stands out when paired with brighter shades. For this reason, if you are planning to buy this bookcase for your office, we advise painting the wall with a very strong colour such as red or green. The final effect will be truly unique and exciting! Earlier on we briefly went whether it is worthwhile to go with practicality over aesthetics when choosing furniture for studios or offices. We’re sure that both aspects are very important, if not fundamental to the overall layout of the space. Therefore neither of them should be overlooked. Easy to assemble yet easy to carry, due to its lightweight features, the Dublin High bookcase allows you to decorate the study or office with elegance. If the wall in question is very long in a large room, try combining it with more another element to create a uniform, solid coloured sequence. After all, professional studios can never have too many bookcases. Storage requirements are different, depending on the type of business in question, but the need to store books, folders, magazines and documents is always important, especially when moving forward in a business’s growth. Having more than one bookcase can therefore be a great help. Everything will be in an orderly manner, in numerical fashion that allows you to easily locate documents. Adding an extra hint of style could also be finding folders with varying colours and alternating them in the bookcase alongside a matching painting, making everything within seem coordinated and down to the last detail. If it’s obvious that an office desk should be functional and comfortable with drawers or shelves for storing objects, accessories and so on, then the aesthetics should undoubtedly be of equal importance. Just think about working everyday in a desk you simply don’t enjoy looking at! If only we all had that level of patience. Aesthetics is therefore crucial not only in the eyes of the customer but also for ourselves and our daily work environment. Practicality is equally as worthwhile. We are indeed talking about furniture where you work and therefore need to fulfil your every need. Some products are designed for specific professions and are in fact equipped with specific accessories that can be of great help to those who carry them out. For architects, engineers, surveyors, designers and artists, for example, the Oscar desk straight out of the

The LOVEThESIGN catalogue features various proposals along these lines. A very interesting choice for those focused on modern style is the Futura desk chair with its white colour and black steel frame. A combination of very interesting colours for a piece of furniture with an extremely design. It is an ergonomic chair, supporting the back as you sit in the office for a full day. The materials are high-end making for an astonishing product life expectancy, making for a piece of furniture that’s sure to blow you away. The Futura chair is a prime example of modern design, while classic design enthusiasts will love the Stilo, a traditional chair in black and designed specifically for studios and offices. It flaunts a soft and comfortable padded structure with practical armrests that help maintain the correct position when writing or working at the computer. Initially we also considered including furnishing accessories in studios or office and if so what types would be preferred. When you decorate the office, it is important to keep in mind some sort of general plan, so as to place all the elements in the right place and not get misdirected. If you plan on forgoing an interior decorator – a highly recommended collaborator to get a better result and that professional touch - you can figure out what you want on your own by drawing up a quick sketch, even by hand, deciding what will be the arrangement of the furniture. Think about the desk, bookcase, chairs and, most of all, how and where the waiting room will be. It’s in this very moment that accessories play a vital role in rounding out the scene and ensuring that guests and clients are at ease. Getting comfortable seats will certainly be a first step. There are different steps that you can take to come out with a comfortable waiting room that’s also clean-cut. You may decide to buy armchairs, a long bench or ottomans, which could turn out to be quite original. It would undoubtedly be appreciated by customers.

Sofas & Chaise Longue

LOVEThESIGN offers many different models in its catalogue of both futons and ottomans, available in varying colours and sometimes even modular, with two or three elements and a base and back that can create a new-age couch. An example? The Rodolfo ottoman is also removable and therefore can be washed a prerequisite for a waiting room sofa. The waiting room must then be equipped with a coat rack and the LOVEThESIGN collection flaunts numerous shapes and colours. The adorable Botticelli container, available in different sizes, adapts to its spaces and helps clear clutter. A solid 9 colours are available, as this container is perfect for the waiting room of an office. Also convenient to lift and move, it sports two handles so that the Botticelli container can be placed directly on the floor or on a table. It can hold various types of magazines, catering to all sorts of tastes. And if just one can’t do the trick, add on a second for children’s magazines and create a kid’s corner, distracting them from their wait times. As a matter of fact, creating a space dedicated to kids is a great office idea. Parents would have less trouble dragging them along and this could be a plus for your business. Chairs and magazines also call for a coat rack, which will be especially useful in winter. Our tip once again is unleash your imagination and go with a simple and classic wooden coat rack, or even upright and metal. On the other hand, you could opt for a wall rack, allowing you not only to save space but also fill a portion of the wall with hooks in original and unusual ways! With regards to a modern office, where you want to still maintain an elegant and simple décor, the Dropit wall rack is an excellent choice. In the shape of drops, these hooks are sold in pairs and, despite being made of wood, are painted in black, white, red or blue. This way they are able to adapt to any type of wall, giving the office waiting room a touch of originality. For extravagant shape enthusiasts, the Matisse coat rack is a great choice. Its wavy pattern gives a sense of movement to the entire wall. Its shape is a sort of stylish M, the very initial of Matisse, to be precise. Hang jackets, bags and even umbrellas, so that the room remains in order and there are no loose items anywhere on the floor or chairs. Even with the Matisse, just like the Dropit, your imagination takes the driver’s seat. You can display multiple items, creating original designs on the wall. In short, this coatrack is another interesting example of an accessory that finds perfect unison between aesthetics and practicality. "