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Bed linen is like a second skin. Made from soft cotton or crisp linen, our luxury sheets will be your shortcut to restful night's sleep. Our selection includes only the best materials and finest finishes. Because you deserve only the best.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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Left the house in a hurry, with the needs of a family to coordinate, children and husband, and you, with the head office neurotic problems at the desk and the ceaseless prodding of an unmade bed waiting for you at home. First thing you need to manage right after dinner, and sometimes you cannot do it and you are forced to sleep in a depressing unmade bed. 

LOVEThESIGN succeeded to reconcile the neurosis of modern times messed up in crisis with textile that allow you to have a modern bedroom, nice and easy to keep in order, with a conscious attention to product quality and environment without neglecting the natural materials. LOVEThESIGN breaks the tension and gives you a reassuring breath of tranquility.

The Trendy Designs

The trendy designs selected and chosen for any room, give the security of not being embarrassing or tacky in an environment that must always bring to mind a place of relaxation where you can combine rest and self-discovery. Shy kittens or sugary pink cupcake, can leave your partner uncomfortable, better to indulge in a straightforward fantasy, soft and modern, or decisive monochrome, the undeniable comfort and the fabric of linen or cotton, which recall the freshness on your skin. It is also nice let go and be pampered from natural fibers, which can throw you in a safe sleep, full of dreams. Dreams but, as they say, if you leave them in the drawer will mold.

LOVEThESIGN will take you to a safe place of winning choices for your life and your future, helping your mind to stay clear of problems and thoughts during your rest. Open your eyes with an innate determination. Determination is due to the wonderful sleep that will not allow fatigue, speak or act on your behalf. You will be successful, because the winners will be chosen from a rested mind, a pampered body by textiles - Lovethesign. Bad thoughts, bad decisions will not be your problem.

Sleep with serenity, get up in a flash and the bed will be made. No problem of embarrassment to go home. Never go to sleep in an unmade bed and a strong commitment in addressing the aftermath, a new day without fatigue and thinking "My God, it's already morning."LOVEThESIGN with its duvet covers of honeycomb cotton, will dare you for strong colors of red or orange, to get to the office every day as soon as you get up since the bed, with two gestures will be back in order. It will be a fresh rest after a stressful day or, if you love to spend the night with your dog in your arms, the fabric is so resistant to withstand even the claws of Neapolitan Mastiffs in circulation!!

If instead you are a lover of an unconditional deaf ron-ron cat, that will really allow you to share the bed with him, taking care to leave enough comfortable free space. Love rolling on honeycomb cotton, easy to wash, dry and put it back on the bed, ready to be perfumed and yet again the true cradle of your dreams, hopes, rest and love.

LOVEThESIGN was created to pamper and serve you in every moment of your life, the happiest and the more difficult. We will always stands beside you, with the now linens that have become yours. By studying what can make your daily life, easier and special, touching the strings of your sensitive soul, foreseeing and facilitating all your needs or desires that are just waiting to be fulfilled. LOVEThESIGN is your personal assistant, you who manages yourself, who want speed in order to maintain your room, for you who want an easy and relaxed life, when you come into your kingdom which should not only be useful, but treat you like a queen. Facts embrace the quality and refinement of textiles LOVEThESIGN.