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Kitchen Linens

Dress your kitchen just like you dress yourself. In style, with a special eye to details and to the quality of materials. This selection of kitchen linen includes table mats, tea towels, aprons and mitts with irresistible patterns and colours.
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Kitchen Linens

It's time to dress up the kitchen with the same style and the same attention to detail, with which you choose your outfits. Each complement, accessory and textile you choose for your home is a message of style that tells something about your elegant personality. All textile accessories needed to make your kitchen and table more beautiful and stylish are here in our wide selection of tablecloths, table runners, kitchen towels and placemats with irresistible design and patterns. The choice of textiles and linen is a very important moment that comes once we're done with all the basic furnishings.

If you think that furniture is the only thing that gives character and personality to the house, you could not be more wrong. It's time to give to domestic spaces that original touch of style that distinguishes a monotonous, flat room from one that is full of personality. Pay the right attention to the choice of fabrics, colours and how they are combined, and remember that must be harmonious but also and most of all they must be functional. If kitchen textiles are in harmony with the mood of the rest of the furniture, the overall effect will create a very elegant and refined visual impact, creating a pleasant sense of well-being to you that live in it every day, but also to the guests that will come to visit you.

The main fabrics used to produce textile elements for the kitchen are linen or mixed-linen, cotton or cotton satin and finally percale, a smooth fabric that gives a pleasant sensation of freshness to the touch. The choice of how to "dress up" our dining tables is crucial to give character to the home. Design textiles for the kitchen are full of style and graphic patterns, and they are able to turn your meals with friends and family into colourful moments of conviviality.

The Tablecloth

The tablecloth is the true queen of the food area, so it should be chosen according to certain criteria: we have to buy a model that matches the colours used for the whole room and we must follow the style of the setting. In order to feel really at ease in our home, we have to create an environment that reflects us, our character and our personality. Simple and banal objects, as tablecloths of different colours or printed with some eccentric patterns may seem, are actually very important to make your kitchen a warm and cosy place. Stain-resistant tablecloths, plastic coated and waterproof; or tablecloths in soft natural cotton or linen; or table covers to protect a precious piece of furniture; or modern runners for a more contemporary mise-en-place. Make your own kitchen unique by choosing the right textiles, and immediately turning it into an intimate cosy place.

The love for the house can be seen in every detail and in the most luxurious fabrics, such as the Volterra tablecloths by Zanotto Nives, made of precious linen and realized in many trendy shades always fashionable and up-to-date: they give your tables a fresh spirit, young and refined. When textiles are inspired by fashion and commercials they give life to unique, absurd and funny collections, like the design tablecloths decorated with surrealist images of the Toilet Paper collection by Seletti. Portraits that are able to fascinate by mixing disturbing normality and ambiguity in which the unsettling feeling joins a visual delight: these are real artworks.

Placemats and Runners

Not just the typical square or rectangular tablecloths, but also placemats and runners are becoming very popular: strips of decorated or plain cloth that you can roll out both horizontally or vertically on the table. These textiles are perfect for breakfast or for a quick casual dining. You can not cook or clean the food area without always keeping at hand very useful towels or tea towels. Our grandmothers used to recycle the scraps of cloth, perhaps obtained from old ruined sheets, and to use them like practical (and cheap) tea towels to clean their hands. But today we know that the eye wants its part. In an eccentric design kitchen you can’t exhibit recycled rags: the room must be dressed up in the same sophisticated way in every corner. And so kitchen towels become splendid furnishing accessories that give a further touch of personality to our homes. Each furniture style requires a particular choice of linen and textiles; the country style prefers tea towels in linen or raw cotton, while for a home with a minimalist and contemporary mood you need to look for complements with a quirky design.

LOVEThESIGN offers an extensive collection of textiles for the kitchen, perfect details to make it even more elegant and stylish. Thanks to the kitchen towel Hot Dog by Rory Dobner, even the most tedious house works turn into moments of real pleasure, with fantastic textiles for the kitchen made of linen, high-quality textiles decorated with beautiful illustrations.


Even the cooks of the house have their own outfits at the stove, to cook with a certain style: LOVEThESIGN offers a selection of cute aprons, made of the highest quality raw materials, such as those designed by The Linen Works. The long apron Moulin is comfortably worn like a second skin, so that it doesn’t limit the quick movements of the chef on duty; it is knotted at the front and it is made of 100% pre-washed linen, which guarantees its undisputed softness. Available in two different tones of colour, it’s a must-have that can’t miss in your kitchen.


A table can not be defined properly set if there are no napkins matching the tablecloth. Napkins, be them plain-coloured or decorated with bright colours and artistic finishes, are a detail that brings elegance and sophistication to your mise-en-place. And if you want to emphasize how much your guests are important to you, in addition to the care and attention in the choice of textiles for the kitchen you can set the table with the Favourite Guest napkins, decorated with a sweet message that just says "You are our favourite guest". You can find online everything you need for your kitchen textiles, accessories that are elegant and refined, just like you and your home!