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Londji's motto reads - Original toys for kids from 3 to 103 years old. It claims the right for everyone to be kids without being discriminated for age reasons. The ingredients to its recipe: a base of enthusiasm in making honest products, good doses of imagination and some drops of innovation.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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We offer a reliable delivery service and the shipping is on us for orders over €200*. If you aren't satisfied, returns are easy. *conditions may apply, please read the FAQs for more information.
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In the world Londji there is a throwback to the toys of yesteryear: theaters, spinning tops, kaleidoscopes, puzzle games, traditional wood and recycled cardboard.Londji is a company based in Catalonia, Spain, and is named after a beautiful fishing village in Cameroon. Since 2004 it produces toys for children of all ages, as they say from 3 to 103. Over the years they have always looked for toys that have been lost or abandoned, such as puzzles or memories, dominoes or paper dolls to dress.

The result is a whole collection of particular toys, suitable for all ages, which tend to improve concentration and imagination. The decorations of the Lindji games and toys are inspired by the past, bringing back acrobats or dancers, with a taste for decoration in a retro style. In addition to the attempt to revive games and toys, which are now lost, such as spins of wood, most of the products Londji are made with natural, non-toxic and recycled materials. So all the parts are produced using recycled paper or cardboard material; the colors are always non-toxic, child-friendly and free of harmful solvents. The wood of the yo-yo and spinners, in the form of fruits and vegetables come from sustainable cultivation. The colors are made from vegetable dyes, which are not harmful. So, Londji is not only toys and games, but also an ecological conscience, which tends to propagate its spirit even to customers. Londji has also been able to create an image, a style, which you will quickly notice at a glance, always present throughout its production. We are therefore talking about a certain taste, which is very special and is presented to the customer, attracting them through the colors and the choice of the figures, such as to verge on a certain art form. Art expressed through toys. Londji does not only produce toys, but also an idea of ​​progress, which also passes through the rediscovery of things we had thought were lost. The Londji line of toys and games is never trivial and caters to children from toddlers up to teenagers. We can find small secret notebooks, games of skill as the famous colorful mazes, theaters and small musical instruments made of recycled objects. A complete line, evolving from a mix of art and play, suitable for a small gift Ato some great baby.