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Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are certainly useful in small houses, because when they are not used they close on themselves, making them empty of space. But the most frequent use is perhaps that of "wildcard"chairs, ready to be added if necessary. Many designers have appreciated this type of seating, having fun experimenting with new forms and mechanisms.
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Folding Chairs: the story

The chair is an accessory with a very ancient history, dating back to the past; at the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, where the throne and the seats for the nobles began to differentiate from the classic low stools, used by the commoners. Folding chairs are variants of the common seats with backs and armrests, most likely originated between the nomadic populations of Asia and Europe. During the trips it was much more; simple transport of seats that could be closed in a simple way. & nbsp;
The use of folding chairs had further developments in Roman times and also during the Italian Renaissance. In the modern world, surely, the folding chair that has met with greater success has been achieved; the so-called "director", with back and seat in fabric, very light and easy to close. Today the folding variant of the chairs is; particularly appreciated, as it allows you to keep some seats placed in a contained space, such as a closet for example, always ready to be used when an unexpected guest arrives.

Folding chairs are particularly useful in homes of modest size, because & eacute; during the day they can be closed again, without cluttering the space in the middle of the room. The contemporary design particularly appreciates this type of chairs, above all for their modernity: they are not only comfortable, but also useful objects. In fact, there are many designers who are dedicated to the design of demandable chairs, some of which are so successful that they can also be hidden behind a wall, or in a tiny space.

Surely, a broad impulse to production folding chairs were made at the beginning of the industrial era, with the spread of the use of stopping in bars and bistros; citizens. In this regard, one of the most successful productions of the late nineteenth century; certainly the model Metal Bistr & ograve ;, still produced today by Fermob, and copied in different versions and models. It is a comfortable and practical session, once used by the Parisian kiosks: at the opening of the bar it was very easy to set up small tables with chairs in the space in front of the entrance. These chairs were a sort of revolution in the field of bar furniture, also because, after closing, they could be stacked in a corner of the room, without taking up too much space.
The folding chairs of the Fermob bistro collection they are completely identical to the original version, dated 1889; the product proposed by Ethimo is very similar, with the Flower chairs. These are chairs that are closed with a single gesture, built by approaching thin strips of metal; also the structure & egrave; totally in metal, painted with special resins, which make it unassailable by rust. The bistro chairs on the market today differ from their older sisters for a peculiar characteristic: color. Once these seats were produced in very few colors, typically black, gray and bottle green.

Those who love this type of furnishing accessories can nowadays; use also for a touch of original color, since they are available in practically all the shades; rainbow. Just like the old version, they are perfectly resistant to outdoor living, therefore ideal for the garden or the terrace. You can also find on the market tables and worktops made of the same material and following the same principle: thin strips of metal and folding structure, a perfect match.
This type of seats were once used only for use in public places, while in homes static chairs were preferred, also because they were the habit of receiving guests and occupying the days with large banquets was almost entirely the prerogative of the upper classes; rich, who could enjoy very large houses, where the chairs were sufficient for many people.