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Living Room

What would be a home without a couch? Definitely not the ideal place for a movie marathon with friends or a relaxing night in the company of a good book. By the way, maybe we would need a floor lamp, a furniture for the sound system, and some lush plants. And how do you picture your stay?
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Living Room

The living room is the most important room of the house, where we welcome guests, watch a film with the family and spend pleasant downtime. The furnishing choices reflect differences in taste of those who live in the house itself. Usually, the room is found in the central part of the dwelling. With regards to actual living space, this room makes up a large majority of available space. When we think about style, we think about coatings and furnishings. In a living room there are many elements that will create eccentric colour composition variants. From shelves to totem bookcases, from sofas to lamps: There are many designer solutions for improving life without completely restructuring things. Naturally, when there is more space available and the environment is bright and functional, things are easier. With the right colour choices and a good distribution of space, however, even apartments on the smaller side can be both attractive and practical. Humans by definition need to socialize and compete with their neighbours, hence the evolution of the room for entertaining guests. Today we call it the living room while in the past it had many different names. All in all the purpose has remained the same. In Roman times the living room contained a table and the lectus triclinaris, a wooden bed where the Romans ate lying down.

This was a bad habit that vanished in the Middle Ages when the dinner table came to be. The nobles used to build a sumptuous castle with many rooms to accommodate guests and receptions for official ceremonies. The majesty of the rooms and their décor tended to reflect the power and wealth of the owners. The living room as we know it today came to be in the mid 1700s when homes began to develop additional purposes, including the music or dining room. The sofa made its way west and interior design forever changed. Today the living room is considered a multifunctional environment that contains a kitchenette, living room and even a study. Technology has also led to this room being the primary source of entertainment. Those living alone as well as couples always face furnishing expenses that tend to be challenging. There are tons of low cost solutions to decorate the living room without spending a fortune. Floor lamps, armchairs, all the way to the table. The use of glass, steel and plastic material makes for an attractive design, perfect for a young and lively atmosphere. Furnishing the living room is no easy task, as many elements that come into play need to be selected with care. Naturally, looking through an online catalogue and browsing the different categories allows you to choose between different types of items with different shapes and tastes. If you’re having difficulty deciding, we’ll offer up some suggestions to enhance the area through furniture and accessories. Modern houses generally have limited space, meaning the perfect environment needs a vibrant and youthful appeal. This can come from minimal and essential lines, while lighting defines the interior.

Tables and Chairs

Once you decide where to place the table, you can opt for pendant lamps. Lamps with an hourglass diffuser have a very sophisticated design. The cover can be changed depending on mood and personal preference. These very covers can be removed and stored in a simple, easy way, giving you the constant possibility to always have original lamps able to give off adequate light. Pendant lamps are designed by great design professionals to enhance the interiors of your house. If you find it difficult to adequately hang the lights, you can solve the problem by consulting the variety of lamps offered. Chandeliers in the past were used to brighten rooms but now they play a more important role. They’re designed to surprise and amaze even when turned off. For low ceilings pendant lamps are not advised, but you can opt for circle-shaped wall lamps in LED so that when the lamp is on it creates special lighting effects. Pendant lamps can be paired with other light sources such as spotlights, floor lamps and table lamps. Make the most welcoming environment with light directed at the top and bottom, giving off the perception of a larger room. Also, tables can be enhanced by the presence of a lamp. With different shapes available you can express your creativity in numerous ways. Unleash your imagination with various materials, from plastic to blown glass, from natural wood to steel. You may prefer a style that utilizes high tech trends, or an ethnic style or even classic. If you’re looking to light larger living rooms such as near the sofa, you might want to consider a floor lamp. If you tend to go with modern, colourful atmospheres, there are Pinocchio and cactus-shaped lamps out there, or even cube-shaped ones that can function as the lamp’s base. The floor lamps have the advantage of being displaced and often have a strong decorative value. Spots are usually inserted flush into drywall or architectural elements, such as metal structures made of polished aluminium, but they come in a wide variety. Sometimes if the layout is large, a small study can also be part of the living room. For this, adjustable floor lamps are your best bet. Torsion spring lamps have a flexible arm and the lamp can be in stained glass or metal, making it ideal for reading.

Lamps are not the only pieces to give off heat and energy, as the fireplace is able to create a rather intimate atmosphere. If you want to get rid the hassle of smoke, without giving up the pleasure of warmth that only an open flame can give, look no further than bioethanol fireplaces. The catalogue offers up essential lines with shapes inspired by sheets of paper, pyramids and geometric figures. They’re very decorative and can be placed on the ground or mounted on the wall. Once you've decided where to put your fireplace, you just have to choose the sofa to round out your relaxation. First of all, the sofa should be comfortable, but also attractive. It’s important that choosing a sofa is made without losing sight of the rest of home décor. This means carefully selecting pieces, daring to think outside the box and opting for articles made of beech wood and lined in terrycloth, or a model that has a polyurethane base and colour-coated fabric. If you prefer a refined and modern design for a more welcoming living room, go with a three seat sofa with removable cushions, ample seating and integrated extension. Before choosing a sofa you must consider the space available. If the apartment is an open space, you might go with a sofa bed with adjustable armrests and fluffy pillows. Alternatively, if you want an innovative and modern pull out sofa, you can choose the model with adjustable backrests in three positions favouring different relaxing positions. If the living room is modern yet you need a bed for unexpected guest, opt for the pull out armchair composed of two mattresses of different colour. With two easy steps, the chair turns into a practical and comfortable bed. The mattresses can be placed side-by-side or stacked. The living room includes a TV area and its location, once decided, will rarely be changed.

An equipped wall composed of shelves and containers is necessary for the support base. It starts with an elegant sideboard with two solid oak doors, finally deciding upon a TV in circular chromed steel, also offering some side compartments to hold DVDs, CDs or the remote control. Another viable options is the stand on wheels in ABS plastic with modern, linear lines. There are many elements that give a personal touch to the living room. One that should not be overlooked is the presence of a carpet that serves as a link between the couch and the wall where the television can be placed between the couch and the fireplace. The choice of carpet should not be random. If you live in an open space, the carpet should be tucked under the table or near the sofa in order to define the contours and already divided spaces. 

Lighting and Complements

The living room carpet is one of the most important furnishing complements, making for comfortable and elegant environments. Besides having important decorative features, it makes barefoot walking or sitting very pleasurable. Matching the living room carpet with the colours and furniture style is a must. If you’ve got a classical style, the Persian rug is a must. Attention to detail, precious fabrics and their designs make them unique. Modern environments give way to bright coloured carpets or geometric designs, whereas if the living room’s décor is more on the ethnic side then vegetable fibres and warm reddish, brown, orange and yellow hues are your best bet. The greatest results come from combining different styles. When it comes to living rooms, you have to think about books, because in this room, sitting on the couch, with a bioethanol fireplace blaring in the corner, you can spend hours on end reading, so these books need to be within reach. A modular library can be placed alone on a free wall or together with other elements of the same kind in a broader space to accommodate a larger number of texts. Another alternative is the steel column whose structure gradually disappears as books fill in the crevices. The table is without a doubt necessary in the living room. A round table has many perks: it has no sharp edges and is easy to stow away in rugged environments. Before buying a table you need to know how much you’ll use it, how many people it will serve and where it’ll be placed. Then you choose the material, considering how wood conveys warmth, glass is the most versatile and plastic the most practical. White tables work everywhere. They go well with matching chairs and give a helping hand to other furniture and accessories. But if you think that white is a bit too common, go with a black steel structure. Pay attention to the base because support can affect the entire layout of chairs around the table. The central support accommodates chairs, while the four legs keep the chairs in line. Glass tables are aesthetically strong, creating an elegant and refined atmosphere when paired with steel and aluminium support. An extending table is a good choice, but you need to make sure you have space to support its largest position. Tables made of tempered glass and beech wood give a classic furnishing touch. If you’re unable to match the table with the ceiling light, a good solution for lighting the dining area is a floor lamp: arched models ensure adequate lighting. When choosing a chandelier with a very decorative presence, the table must be able to keep up with such style. If you’re into original appearances you can opt for the table made in solid American walnut wood with steel legs painted in different colours and varying geometric shapes. While the table may be the main element in the living room, coffee tables really add an original, practical touch to the layout. The coffee table is usually placed near the sofa and, much like the dinner table, the selection is wide, with tons of options in our catalogue. If you want to create a dynamic and lively environment, polyethylene tables in a plethora of colours are you best bet, featuring an innovative shape capable of inventing a new style of furniture. Alternatively, there are tables with compartments with witty, colourful and sometimes bold designs. If you keep magazines, remote controls and glasses on them, then you should choose multi-function tables with a broad support base and lower compartments for storing your things. A great option is made of pine wood and available in natural wood and white discoloration, suitable for any type of décor, style, or detail-oriented design, making these tables genuine works of art to show off to guests. To perfectly decorate the living room, solutions are endless, even for those on a tight budget. You can furnish it in an optical, contemporary or ethnic style, even deciding to break the mould by combining more styles for an eclectic, unique décor. In a living room, however, pillows tack on a stylish touch. Colourful, imaginative approaches mean spurring the pillows all over in a disorderly fashion, gracing sofas, armchairs and chairs. Vases can also add a winning touch in the living room. They can be placed at the centre of the table as containers for plants and umbrellas. Colour choices can also really define the layout. Let your imagination run free with mixes of colours in multicolour compositions. The same applies to the choice of the furnishings, which change the appearance of the wall using modules that are assembled in a free manner. Different structures of various elements and accessories allow you to personalize your living room through perfection and functionality. An example of a well-rounded, impeccable living room: a square-shaped sofa with wide seats and cushions scattered on the back, two side chairs without arms, an ottoman and a bridge coffee table to maximize space. On the wall behind the sofa stands a bookcase with modular shelves. Last but not least, covering any final open space is the bio fireplace that is both chimney and smoke-free. ""